Interactive Gloves Turn Gestures into Music

[Imogen Heap] is a UK-based musician who is trying to change the way we think about making music. She™s been working on a pair of gloves called the Mi.Mu, and they™re getting close to production.

In the included interview she explains that while computers and technology have brought many new advances to music, twiddling dials and pushing random buttons śis not very exciting for me, or the audienceť. With these gloves, the artist becomes one with the music and interaction.

The current iteration of gloves use flex sensors along each finger to determine the movement (along with motion sensors ¦ Read the rest

Raspberry Pi Remote Audio Link


In broadcast, lots of people are still using dedicated analog lines to connect remote sites. These operate like old telephone systems: you call up the operator and request to be patched through to a specific site. They™re also rather expensive.

For a hospital radio station, [Marc] wanted to replace the old system with something less costly. The result is his Raspberry Pi STL in a Box. Inside the box is a Raspberry Pi, PiFace display, a pair of meters, and some analog hardware for the audio.

On the software side, the system uses LiquidSoap to manage the stream. ¦ Read the rest

Sniffing Vending Machine Buses


We™ve talked about a variety of protocols and how to deal with them in the past. Today, [Dan] is working on sniffing vending machine Multidrop Bus. The Multidrop Bus (MDB) protocol is a standard used in vending machines to connect devices such as currency collectors to the host controller.

To connect to the bus, interface hardware is required. [Dan] worked out compliant hardware and connected it to an Arduino. With the device on the bus, [Dan] got to work on an Arduino sketch to parse the MDB data into a human-readable format. With that working, the bus can ¦ Read the rest

LEGO Bookreader: Digitize books with mindstorms and Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

MAKE has posted this fantastic project with a full tutorial. View it here. Using Lego motors and blocks, the Raspberry Pi, and a BrickPi, we built our own digital book reader out of Legos that can digitize real paper books. We wanted to develop a book digitizer that could read books aloud. We were fascinated [¦]

Automatic chessboard using Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Automatic chessboard using @Raspberry_Pi . Need to plug it with #lichess /cc @ornicar ” Paul Dijou (@paul_dijou) April 17, 2014 Read More.

Kolibre Vadelma: An Open Source Talking Book Player Built using a Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi

Kolibre Vadelma is an open source talking book player powered by a raspberry pi. Check out how to build it here! via Kolibre Vadelma Kolibre Vadelma exemplifies the possibilities that exist with the open source software published by Kolibre. A talking book player can be built on various existing hardware platforms, including a Raspberry [¦]

Learn to program the ATtiny85 from your Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

instructables user prb3333 posted this useful tutorial on programming the ATtiny85 with your Pi. These instructions tell you how to setup and program the ATtiny85 microcontroller from a Raspberry Pi via the SPI interface. Lots of people use the Ardiuno to do this (then you can use the Arduino IDE and simplified C commands), or [¦]

Control 4 servos with a PS3 controller and Raspberry Pi! #piday #raspberrypi @raspberry_pi

Check out this fun video from mechnable on controlling 4 servos with a PS3 controller and a pi. Controlling 4 continuous rotation servos with a PS3 controller on a raspberry pi. Using Adafruit 16 Servo Driver to run the motors with a 4X AA battery pack. Bluetooth control to the PS3 controller. The motors are [¦]

IR Power Finger

Hello, my enthusiastic friends this is my first tutorial on instructables and today I'm here to take your pain away remember the moment which you have experienced or are right now when you lose your TV remote and then start going around the living room like a lost puppy or are just bored to move y...By: robo10302Continue Reading »

ATtiny2313 Development using Arduino

This is my first instructable, so bear with me. In this instructable, I combined all the resources to burn an ATtiny2313 IC with an Arduino Board. Follow the steps to get into this awesome tinyland. Requirements ATtiny2313 (You can buy from or any local electronic shop at around Rs....By: ranvirdesaiContinue Reading »

3D Vector Graphics on a WWII Radar Tube with Arduino

Google engineer Eric Schaepler has a passion for antique display technologies.

Read more on MAKE

Microcontrollers: Polling vs. Interrupts

This week we™ll turn to take a look at a very important concept of Polling vs. Interrupts in our new course: An Introduction To Microcontrollers. Here™s an overview of the lesson: "In order to interface to the analog world, microcontrollers often have an internal analog-to-digital converter. In this lesson, we will test the converter to [¦]

Introduction to eletricity

This breadboard is designed to introduce 11-12 year old students to most elementary laws of electricity (such as, e.g., the simple electrical circuit, simple switches, electrical loads, series and parallel circuits of electrical loads and batteries) by the means of simple experiments. See the dat...By: peer designContinue Reading »

Prototyping Circuit Boards with DrawingBoard Pro

DrawingBoard Pro is a free windows 8.1 app for prototyping and archiving circuits on stripboard, perfboard, breadboard or PCBs. It is aimed primarily at hobbyists wanting to quickly sketch down and save their circuit ideas.The image above shows the main design screen of the app annotated with the ...By: agauntContinue Reading »

FTDI USB To Serial Converter Guide

A Serial to USB converter is one of the most useful parts you can have in your box of electronics. It can be used for debugging, programming, and all sort of reverse engineering projects. In this tutorial we will show you how to assemble your FTDI Converter board. We will also show you how to conver...By: JayconSystemsContinue Reading »

Using Non-Crappy Software With The Da Vinci Printer

The Da Vinci printer from XYZprinting is turning out to be one of the best buys in the world of cheap, consumer printers. Sure, it uses chipped filament, but that™s an easy fix for anyone who knows what a .hex file is. And yes, the Da Vinci host software is a mess of proprietary garbage with limited functionality, but [Mark] has figured out a way around that.

When [Mark] received his Da Vinci, he immediately started snooping around inside the printer™s guts, like any good tinkerer should. He found an SD card holding all the sample prints that ship ¦ Read the rest

Interactive 3D Projection is Foggy At Best

Have a projector and a smoke machine handy? You might want to give this fog projection thing a shot! It™s called the MisTable and it™s a three-dimensional playground for interactive manipulation of images.

It™s a project by Bristol Interaction and Graphics group of the University of Bristol, and it™s an interesting twist on 3D projection. They™ve created what they call the MisTable which features a smoke machine, śsmoke screensť, and three projectors. What it results in is an interactive table for two people. The tabletop surface is a display, as is the see through fog in front of each person ¦ Read the rest

The Persistence of Jumping Rope

[Antonio Ospite] recently took up jump rope to increase his cardio, and also being a hacker decided to have some extra fun with it. He™s created the JMP-Rope ” the Programmable Jump Rope.

He™s using the same principle as a normal POV (Persistence of Vision) display, but with a cool twist. He™s managed to put the microcontroller (a Trinket) and battery into the handle of the jump rope. Using a slip ring system, the RGB signal gets passed to the rope, which contains the LEDs. It™s a pretty slick setup, and he™s written another post all about how he ¦ Read the rest

3D Printer Builds Ten Affordable Homes in 24 Hours #3DxArchitecture #3DThursday #3DPrinting

3D Printer Builds Ten Affordable Homes in 24 Hours: ¦in Shanghai, WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. has been using a monstrous printing device to build homes at a breakneck pace ” 10 homes in 24 hours. Measuring out at roughly 105 feet long, 33 feet wide, and 21 feet tall, this clearly isn™t your average retail [¦]

NEW PRODUCT – Small Enclosed Piezo w/ Wires

NEW PRODUCT “ Small Enclosed Piezo w/ Wires: This small (14mm diameter) piezo element is nicely enclosed so you can attach easily. Piezo elements convert vibration to voltage or voltage to vibration. That means you can use this as a buzzer for making beeps, tones and alerts AND you can use it as a sensor, [¦]

A Viral Marketing Gag Uses 3-D Printers and Rubber Chickens #3DxMarketing #3DThursday #3DPrinting

A Viral Marketing Gag Uses 3-D Printers and Rubber Chickens. From Wired: When was the last time you talked about your favorite cracker on Twitter? It™s a dry subject and the marketing team responsible for promoting Nabisco™s new Belvita brand crackers knew that their key selling point, śNutritious sustained energy all morning,ť wasn™t going to [¦]

3D Printed Frog Dissection Kit – Printed Curriculum Unit #3DxEducation #3DThursday #3DPrinting

After the MakerBot Frog Dissection Kit launched on Thingiverse in early March, a number of variants were produced by the community including the Flexy-Frog (video above) printed by Gyrobot. It was printed at 80% scale in 1.75mm using Filaflex from Recreus. śAdds that extra bit of flexible realism.ť Check out details from the original kit [¦]

60 NeoPixel Ring Camera Mount

You can build this massive camera light with our 60 NeoPixel ring. This camera ring update works with ANY DLSR and ANY lens. Perfect for macro photography, this light gives a signature ring around your eyes, making an awesome lighting effect. A 3d printed light ring adapter holds the electronics and mounts to any dslr [¦]

Updates – Alternatives to ULINE shipping supplies – shipping boxes, packing materials and mailing supplies #makerbusiness #manufacturing @uline

Some maker biz folks sent some suggestions for ULINE packaging alternatives, here are some more resources! Alternatives to ULINE shipping supplies “ shipping boxes, packing materials and mailing supplies. Shipping Supplies Cheaper than Uline. Shipping supply alternatives to Uline? FIRST PACKAGING OF CHICAGO. Here are our reps for the companies we use. Cornell-Robbins Paper and [¦]

What happens if you expose a Peep to vacuum?

And now you know

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