Real-time Arduino Spectrum Analyzer (8-bit FFT)

"A real-time Spectrum Analyzer, with due credit to ˜deif™ on the Arduino forum for making Tom Roberts™ simple 8-bit FFT implementation available. On the above display you can see a typical ˜power spectrum™, with one dominant frequency plus harmonics at fixed intervals."

Brazier In Minecraft

Place Two Cobblestones null Put A Netherack On Top null Place Trap Doors Around It null Put Fire On Top null By: ZiggzaggZebraContinue Reading »

Adding Bluetooth support to your car

I just bought a used Toyota Matrix 2011 and it has an AUX port to plug your phone or MP3 player so it plays on the car radio. It's a great feature and I've been using it but the audio wire is annoying and is always in the way. I have decided to add a Bluetooth audio receiver to the car while makin...By: aka.gufContinue Reading »

Add CNC to your¦Propane Tank??!?


It™s starting to be that time of year again; the Halloween-themed hacks are rolling in.

[John Lauer] needed a propane-powered flame effect for his backyard ICBM œcrash site. Rather than pony up for an expensive, electronically-controlled propane valve, he made a custom bracket to connect a stepper motor to the propane burner™s existing valve.

With the stepper motor connected up, a TinyG stepper motor controller and [John's] own graphical interface, ChiliPeppr, take care of the rest.

The hack is almost certainly a case of œeverything looks like a nail when you have a hammer but you have ¦ Read the rest

Pain Machine Brings Pleasure, Too

Pain is a good thing. It tell us to pull our hand away from the stove and to stay off a turned ankle. But we all have different experiences of pain, and chronic pain degrades our quality of life. A person™s reports of pain will vary from one day to the next based on many factors, so the 1-10 scale isn™t universally effective in determining a person™s pain level. [Scott]˜s entry into The Hackaday Prize is based on the classic cold pressor testing device, which measures changes in heart rate and blood pressure in a patient while their hand is ¦ Read the rest

The Chibi-Mikuvan, or a Power Wheels with a Ford Fusion Battery

At all the big Maker Faires, the Power Racing Series makes an appearance, turning old Power Wheels into race cars that whip around the track at dozens of miles an hour. [Charles] is somewhat famous in the scene “ there™s even a clause in the official rules named after him “ so of course anything he brings to race day will be amazing. It was. It used a battery pack from a Ford Fusion plugin hybrid, a custom body, and a water cooling unit from a dead Mac G5.

A few months ago, we saw [Charles] tear into the ¦ Read the rest

NEW PRODUCTS – Dual Alphanumeric Displays – 0.54″ Digit Heights – Packs of 2 – White / Yellow / Yellow-Green / Pure Green | Quad Alphanumeric Displays – 0.54″ Digits w/ I2C Backpacks – White / Yellow / Yellow-Green / Pure Green

NEW PRODUCTS “ Dual Alphanumeric Displays “ 0.54³ Digit Heights “ Packs of 2 “ White / Yellow / Yellow-Green / Pure Green Quad Alphanumeric Displays “ 0.54³ Digits w/ I2C Backpacks “ White / Yellow / Yellow-Green / Pure Green Dual Alphanumeric Displays “ 0.54³ Digit Heights “ Packs of 2 “ White [¦]

Interactive Synapse dress by Anouk Wipprecht reveals wearer’s mental status #WearableWednesday

Via fashioning tech. Created by Dutch FashionTech Designer Anouk Wipprecht, modeled in collaboration with Italian Architect Niccolo Casas, 3D printed at Materialise, and the awaited Intel Edison (announced at this years CES in Las Vegas) was incorporated into this garment to make it the smartest yet! Anouk™s work tries to imagine how new high tech [¦]

It’s That Time Again¦ Electronic Halloween at Adafruit! #ElectronicHalloween

Halloween, every maker™s favorite holiday, is only one month away! Throughout the month of October, we™ll be posting new #ElectronicHalloween guides we™ve been working on at here at Adafruit! We™ll also be featuring spooky and sparkly projects from our community. We encourage you to send us your ghoulish and glowing gear tutorials, creepy costumes, and [¦]

Follow That Compass Hat #WearableWednesday

I ran into some great Adafruit fans while at Maker Faire NY. Meet Evan, a fun loving automation/robotics engineer. When not busy with large mechanical armitron type devices, he likes to mess around with fun wearables. Check out his compass hat that would be ideal for any scout on a camping trip. The LED strip illuminates [¦]

Airbus patents in-flight helmet for tuning out other passengers #WearableWednesday

Via gdtsbuzz on youtube. In an effort to make long flights a more pleasant experience, Airbus has filed a patent for a helmet offering virtual reality sensory isolation. Air travel isn™t always pleasant, between cramped seats and little legroom it™s hard to bear flights lasting longer than an hour or two. In order to alleviate [¦]

Arduino Mains Failure Battery Backup Circuit

The article explains a simple mains failure backup circuit for providing Arduino boards an uninterruptible supply during such situations. The idea was requested by Mr. Fredrik. The Design The simplest way to implement the proposed application is by using two diodes as shown in the above diagram...By: Mayur jethwaniContinue Reading »

Voice Recognition made easy - Speak to your Arduino Serial Cable

Why using voice recognition shield while you have this feature from your smartphone (Android). In this tutorial you will know how easy to use Voice Recognition to Send Voice commands to your Arduino using BlueAct app .You may have used the voice commands before.However,the app provide other advantag...By: ram mereContinue Reading »

Drones Doing Good

Check out the winners of the Drone Social Innovation Award, and a few interesting runners-up. The Drone User Group Network established this prize to promote use of drones for the public good.

Read more on MAKE

Atmel and Arduino Announce Wi-Fi Shield 101 at World Maker Faire

Atmel and Arduino teamed up at World Maker Faire to introduce the Wi-Fi shield 101. [Gary] from Atmel gave us the lowdown on this new shield and its components. The shield is a rather spartan affair, carrying only devices of note: an Atmel WINC1500 WiFi module, and an ATECC108 crypto chip.

The WINC1500 is a nifty little WiFi module in its own right. WINC handles IEEE 802.11 b/g/n at up to 72 Mbps. 72Mbps may not sound like much by today™s standards, but it™s plenty fast for most embedded applications. WINC handles all the heavy lifting of the wireless ¦ Read the rest

Retrotechtacular: The First Atlas Launch

As the Cold War conflict expanded in the 1950s, the Soviet Union dry-tested a hydrogen bomb and defense tactics became a top priority for the United States. Seeking to create a long-range nuclear missile option, the Air Force contracted Convair Astronautics to deliver SM-65 Atlas, the first in series of ICBMs. In the spotlight this week is a sort of video progress report which shows the first launch from Cape Canaveral™s LC-14 on June 11, 1957.

After the angle of attack probe is unsheathed, everyone moves out of the way. The launch is being monitored by base central control, but ¦ Read the rest

The Teensy Audio Library

There are a few ways of playing .WAV files with a microcontroller, but other than that, doing any sort of serious audio processing has required a significantly beefier processor. This isn™t the case anymore: [Paul Stoffregen] has just released his Teensy Audio Library, a library for the ARM Cortex M4 found in the Teensy 3 that does WAV playback and recording, synthesis, analysis, effects, filtering, mixing, and internal signal routing in CD quality audio.

This is an impressive bit of code, made possible only because of the ARM Cortex M4 DSP instructions found in the Teensy 3.1. It won™t ¦ Read the rest

Animated Life: Seeing the Invisible #makereducation

This short film on microbiologist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek is part of a new animated series on important moments of discovery throughout history! from NYTimes: In 1674, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek looked at a drop of lake water through his homemade microscope and discovered an invisible world that no one knew existed. He was an unlikely pioneer [¦]

DIY Ghostbusters Proton Pack

You™re probably not afraid of any ghosts, but if you™re planning to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween you should be prepared to capture them. You™ll need a proton pack, and while it would be wonderful to create a screen accurate replica of the backpack, you can get close with an old backpack, foam, and a [¦]

Forum maintenance – will update when it returns! UPDATE: We’re back

Forum maintenance “ will update when it returns! UPDATE: We™re back, all good.

Ada Sculpture (video) #ArtTuesday

The Ada sculpture is a reference to how Ada Lovelace wrote a series of notes to Charles Babbage about his idea for an œanalytical engine. The Ada “ analog interactive installation is a transparent helium balloon about three feet in diameter with 300 charcoal sticks stuck on the balloon, each about 10 inches apart, using [¦]

PourSteady, The BeagleBone Barista #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg

Coffee and robotics lovers will love PourSteady, which is a robot barista running on the BeagleBone Black. Baristas may soon have another handy coffee creator by their side in the form of the PourSteady “ a robot that makes five cups of pour-over coffee in parallel by carefully pouring a measured amount of precisely heated [¦]

Open Hardware Summit Afternoon Sessions #OHSummit @OHSummit #RIW

Open Hardware Summit 2014 has continued in the afternoon here in Rome. Here are some more photos from the afternoon sessions! Above, Simone Cicero introduces a speaker. More photos in my Flickr set The Future of Storytelling: A Culture of Co-Creation with Your Audience by Yasmin Elayat Giving manufacturing a new life by Adrian BowyerThe [¦]

Wanted: Long-Term Thinking about Technology and Education #makereducation

This new piece from Scientific American discusses the pacing problems facing educators who are integrating education and technology: The rampant spread of technology-mediated learning has set off fits of hype and hand-wringing”yet the U.S.™s traditional centers of higher education have mostly failed to confront the pace of change and the implications for students. There is [¦]

Ai WeiWei uses 1.2 million LEGO bricks to portray 176 political prisoners and exiles #ArtTuesday

Via inhabitat. Once an infamous prison, Alcatraz is now a national park that attracts 1.5 million visitors each year “ and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei just teamed up with the FOR-SITE Foundation to unveil a series of 7 provocative installations that engage with the island™s history while exploring the issues of human rights and freedom [¦]

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  1. Voice Recognition made easy - Speak to your Arduino Serial Cable
  2. Arduino Mains Failure Battery Backup Circuit
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  4. Follow That Compass Hat #WearableWednesday
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  6. Interactive Synapse dress by Anouk Wipprecht reveals wearer’s mental status #WearableWednesday
  7. NEW PRODUCTS – Dual Alphanumeric Displays – 0.54″ Digit Heights – Packs of 2 – White / Yellow / Yellow-Green / Pure Green | Quad Alphanumeric Displays – 0.54″ Digits w/ I2C Backpacks – White / Yellow / Yellow-Green / Pure Green
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