How-To: Make Your Own RockChair

After the success of his previous endeavor to create chairs out of tree stumps, industrial designer Colby Unger decided to take his furniture design to "the next level" with a new project called Rock Chair.

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National Women In Engineering Day

Today, June 23, is National Women In Engineering Day as announced by the Women’s Engineering Society. This announcement coincides with the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Engineering Society. The aim is to celebrate the work that women do in engineering, and to showcase the great engineering careers […]

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Summer Prints in the Maker Shed!

With a host of new 3D printers in the Maker Shed, we thought we’d share some cool ideas for things YOU can 3D print to make your summer the best ever! We love the cutting-edge Felix 3.0, affordable and reworked Printrbot Simple Metal (check out our blog post on it […]

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CreoPop: The 3D Printing Pen That Uses Resin Instead Of Filament

You’re likely already familiar with the concept of a 3D printing pen. The most famous is the 3Doodler, which is the extruder from a 3D printer made handheld, or like a high precision hot glue gun that uses the same filament as a typical 3d printer. The 3Doodler has been […]

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Soldering a Connection ” The Start of a Mentoring Relationship

"Having to explain the principles of soldering forced me to reassess my methods and ultimately made me much better at soldering," says roboticist Annika O'Brien, on the mutually beneficial effects of teaching your skills to others.

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Are Little Free Libraries Illegal?

You may have seen these little structures, slightly larger and more decorative than a birdhouse or mailbox, standing in people’s front yards near you. If you’ve gotten up close, you’ve noticed that they’re full of books and usually sport a sign that says “Take a book, Return a book”. These […]

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Call for Projects: Sports!

Enter a project to win a $200 gift certificate

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Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Receiver for your Car Stereo

The ability to play music in your car over a Bluetooth connection is very handy. You can typically just leave your phone™s Bluetooth module turned on and it will automatically pair to your car. Then all you have to do is load up a music player app and press play. You don™t have to worry about physically tethering your phone to the car every time you get in and out of the vehicle. Unfortunately Bluetooth is not a standard option in many cars, and it can be expensive to buy an aftermarket adapter.

[parkerlreed] built his own solution to this ¦ Read the rest

THP Entry: A Wireless Bootloaders And Linux Build Systems

With The Hackaday Prize, you™re not just limited to one entry. Of course it would be better to devote your time and efforts to only one project if you™re competing for a trip to space, but if you™re [Necromant], you might be working on two highly related project that are both good enough for The Hackaday Prize

[Necromant]˜s first project is rf24boot, an over-the-air bootloader using the very cheap and very popular NRF24L01 2.4GHz wireless module. There have been many, many projects that add wireless bootloading to microcontrollers using XBees and the NRF24, but [Necromant] is doing something different ¦ Read the rest

Multitasking on the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad

What exactly is multitasking, scheduling, and context switching? This is a great question for those interested in understanding how operating systems work, even small real-time operating systems (RTOS). [Jeffrey] had the same question, so he built a multitasking scheduler for the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad.

These topics are some of the most difficult to wrap your head around in the embedded world. Choosing a project that helps you understand tough topics is a great way to learn, plus it can be very rewarding. In his post, [Jeffrey] goes over the basics of how all of these things work, and how they ¦ Read the rest

Making MakeyMakey instruments designed and prototyped by students #makeymakey #makeymakeymonday

Giles Booth lead a class where his students designed and prototyped a few striking MaKey MaKey instruments! Today, in groups of 6 they had to vote for the best design to go forward to the prototyping stage. We made mock-ups so children could experiment with different materials and get a grasp on the need to [¦]

These Custom Engraved Rolling Pins Imprint Designs into Dough

Zuzia Kozerska, a Polish designer, created these ingenious rolling pins that imprint designs into dough! From laughingsquid: Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska uses a laser engraver to engrave custom designs into wooden rolling pins. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, the engravings will imprint custom patterns into dough for patterned cookies, pastries, and other [¦]

How to make a mini lathe using a power drill #DIY

Check out this great instructive video from YouTube user Jack Houweling on how to make a mini lathe out of a power drill. Via Hackaday. I show step by step how to make a mini lathe using a power drill. I turn a few pieces and then make a small tool handle. Read more.

Beyond Unboxing: The Great Cambridge Chainsaw Massacre; Ryobi RY40511 Cordless Chainsaw

Beyond Unboxing: The Great Cambridge Chainsaw Massacre; Ryobi RY40511 Cordless Chainsaw @ equals zero. So what do we have here? The Ryobi 40V cordless chain saw is: A 300 rpm/V, 14 pole, 63xx class, 29 milliohm brushless motor with a 12mm flatted shaft and beefy aluminum mount A controller with Hall sensors, a free plunger [¦]

From the Forums: Lighting My University’s Emblem with Adafruit NEOPixels #NeoPixels

productionJunky shared a great project on the Adafruit Forums: Lighting My University™s Emblem with Adafruit NeoPixels. Here are some pictures from the NeoPixel installation that i recently partook in at my university. The task was to light up the 19 foot round emblem, hanging in the student center. To help you get an idea of [¦]

RadioShack falls below $1: It’s now a penny stock…

RadioShack falls below $1: It™s now a penny stock.. The future has looked dire for RadioShack for a while. Technology moves fast, and shoppers long ago began looking elsewhere to satisfy their electronic needs. Earlier this month, RadioShack issued a truly ugly earnings report in which it posted a $98.3 million loss and said sales [¦]

Quirky to Create a Smart-Home Products Company – Wink

Quirky to Create a Smart-Home Products Company @ The company will lead an ambitious effort, beginning next month, to accelerate the adoption of smart-home products. It is setting up a separate company, Wink, whose main technology is software intended to be the equivalent of an open operating system, helping to seamlessly connect all kinds [¦]

DIY Recharging Stand for PlayStation Wireless Headset

Frank built this recharging stand for his wireless headset. I have a PlayStation Gold wireless headset, for chatting with people I play video games with. It usually recharges via a USB cable but I wanted a recharging stand for it, so that the USB connector does not suffer from wear-and-tear and I don™t have to [¦]

Molotov Cocktail LED Lantern

Molotov Cocktail LED Lantern. LED candles not radical enough for you? How about some revolutionary chic in the form of an LED molotov cocktail! Let™s call this number two in my series of bad ideas sure to draw the attention of the local constabulary, the first being the screwdriver key that lets you œsteal your [¦]

Nitinol wire inchworm

Nitinol wire inchworm. ¦ nitinol wire is a wire that will remember a shape that you tell it to. You can deform the wire. Then when you heat it up it goes back to its remembered shape on its own. In the photos below I™ve made it remember the shape of a compressed coil by [¦]

Reverse Entropy: Candy Sorting Machine Gift

Reverse Entropy: Candy Sorting Machine Gift. Every so often while browsing the internet I will come across a project  that I absolutely have to make. When I stumbled upon IVC™s Candy Sorting Machine, this was absolutely the case. When my girlfriend eats skittles, she does so by colour “ don™t ask me why, she just [¦]

This House is Made Entirely from Rubbish

Dezeen has a story on œWaste House, which is the first permanent house made entirely of rubbish in the UK: Situated on the University of Brighton˜s campus in the English seaside town, the Waste House was designed by BBM director Duncan Baker-Brown together with undergraduate students. It was constructed by apprentices from social housing maintenance [¦]

A quick tour of Blondihacks World Headquarters

A quick tour of Blondihacks World Headquarters @ Blondihacks. I™ve had a number of requests for a look at my workspace, so I figured I™d finally sit down and do one. I like reading about other peoples™ workspaces, because it™s such a deeply personal thing. You learn a lot about someone by the crap on [¦]

Make #Drone Propellers using a #3DPrinting Pen #droneday

Youtube user questpact share his technique for using a 3d printing pen to draw out the shape of some replacement props for his drone! Welcome to drone day on the Adafruit blog. Every Monday we deliver the latest news, products and more from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), quadcopter and drone communities. Drones can be [¦]

This summer, learn the science behind ice cream #science

The American Chemical Society made this fun and educational video explaining the science behind everyone™s favorite summer treat. Via The Mary Sue. You™re probably craving ice cream to cool you down this summer. Reactions looks at the chemistry involved in making the treat creamy and sweet. Turns out the creaminess of ice cream has little [¦]

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