Distorted Portraits Hand-Printed In A Homemade Photo Booth

Although it looks like an ordinary photobooth, artist Jayme Kalal actually hand-prints each photograph from a compartment inside the booth!

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Most Interesting Makerspaces in America

What makes a makerspace interesting? Itʼs not just the size of the shop or the number of active members. Nor is it the selection of tools. Sure, those pieces count, but itʼs how a makerspace slots into its community elevating and inspiring the makers that makes it stand out.

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The Microsoft Sharks Cove doomed before it ships?

There is no shortage of hardware companies that are currently trying to emulate the success of the Raspberry Pi, and now Microsoft is one of them.

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Custom Lighting for your Keyboard

  If you want the coolest custom keyboard on the block, be prepared to do some soldering. A lot of soldering. Even though this keyboard looks incredible, Imgur user “Prodigydoo” recommends just buying a keyboard rather than sinking about 40 hours of work into this project. I’ve tried to modify […]

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Arduino driven humidor with web logging

Humidor is a device that tries to keep humidity and temperature at desired level. Normally they are stand alone devices that can be refilled with water to keep humidity at level. Dzzie decided to add DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor to it and along with Arduino log this data to Continue reading

Arduino Based RC Car Hacked

"Last week my little friend (7 years old) bought a new RC car and challenged me for a race. So I bought new sets of batteries and cleaned my dusty RC car. Only to find out that it doesnt work anymore. The forward and reverse movement are still good but the steering part was the []

Hijacking Cromecast With The Rickmote Controller

With a simple $35 dongle that plugs right into your TV, its possible to enjoy your favorite TV shows, YouTube channels, and everything else Chromecast has to offer. Being a WiFi enabled device, its also possible to hijack a Chromecast, forcing your neighbors to watch [Rick Astley] sayhes never going to give you up.

The rickmote, as this horrible device is called, runs on a Raspberry Pi and does a lot of WiFi shennaigans to highjack a Chromecast. First, all the wireless networks within range of the rickmote are deauthenticated. When this happens, Chromecast devices generally freak out Read the rest

Changing Unipolar Steppers To Bipolar

If youve been a good little hacker and have been tearing apart old printers like youre supposed to, youve probably run across more than a few stepper motors. These motors come in a variety of flavors, from the four-wire deals you find in 3D printer builds, to motors with five or six wires. Unipolar motors the ones with more than four wires are easier to control, but are severely limited in generating torque. Luckily, you can use any unipolar motor as a more efficient bipolar motorwith a simple xacto knife modification.

The extra wires in a unipolar Read the rest

16-Bobbin Rope Braiding Machine Inspired by Surplus Store Find

When the Red Bull Creation build days were past, [David] pulled us aside and asked if we wanted to see the mechanical hack hes been working on. He builtthis rope braiding machine, which uses 16 bobbins,with help from his brother [Jed].

Ideas for projects always come from funny places. [David] came up with this one after finding a rope braiding machine at Ax-man Surplus. This outlet, located in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) has been the origin for innumerable hacks. Just one that comes to mind is this electric scooter project from the 90s.

[David] Read the rest

Hedi Xandt’s beautifully gothic gold and marble sculptures #ArtTuesday

Check out these gorgeous sculptures from German artist Hedi Xandt. View more of his sculptures and other art work on his site here. Every Tuesday is Art Tuesday here at Adafruit! Today we celebrate artists and makers from around the world who are designing innovative and creative works using technology, science, electronics and more. You []

Art, Distilled: What does your favorite drink look like under a microscope? #ArtTuesday

BevShots show beautiful pictures of crystallized alcohol under a microscope. Seen above is a dirty martini. Below is a Piña Colada, tequila, and whiskey. BevShots are photographs of alcohol under a microscope. These high-quality photographs of your favorite beers, wines, cocktails, liquors and mixers were taken after they have been crystallized on a slide and []

Enticing Birds Back To The City With 3D Printed Bird Feeders #NatureAndTechnology

Printednest wants to bring nature back to cities by 3D printing bird feeders. By Philip Cotton via the3dprintingassociation A growing 3dprinting community helping nature called Printednest has emerged with sole aim to unite people with 3dprinting through helping nature. Printednests aim is to bring nature back to the city with an innovative design for a []

Why are cans shaped the way they are? #makereducation

This article from DataGenetics explores the reasoning behind can and food storage manufacturing: f the goal was to purely maximize the volume of food that could be stored in a container, the result would be a spherical can. A sphere is the shape with the minimum surface area to volume ratio. It could contain the []

Imagining a scenario in which bees could 3D-print “concrete honey” #3DPrinting #ArtTuesday

Writer Geoff Manaugh and designer John Becker imagine a scenario in which bees could 3D-print concrete honey, from Dezeen. Geoff Manaugh, former editor-in-chief of tech website Gizmodo, and his friend John Becker came up with the idea to use bees to 3D-print sculptural forms and architectural ornament into existence through the help of geometric formwork. []

Marilyn Myller: A New Stop-Motion Animation Made with Styrofoam Puppets and Long-Exposure Light Effects by Mikey Please #ArtTuesday

Marilyn Myller: A New Stop-Motion Animation Made with Styrofoam Puppets and Long-Exposure Light Effects by Mikey Please. Via Colossal. Mikey Please, winner of the SotW Award for Best Film of 2013 with The Eagleman Stag,is quite an entertaining and personable fellow in real life, but in his followup to that magnificent work he plumbs the []

Make A Vertical Wind Turbine For Under $100

Make a vertical wind turbine for under $100. by Jeff Berezin via youtube Notable is that this cost less than $100 in materials so far and that the largest part of this turbine is recycled materials (the PVC drums previously held Balsamic Vinegar from Italy). Also, this turns well in a very light wind. Axle: []

This New App Plans to Bring Physics to the Playground #makereducation

Fastcoexist published a story on a new app that plans to integrate science and physical play in an exciting new way: On a breezy spring afternoon at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, designer Jake Barton is watching a pair of middle schoolers chuck an iPod across a playground while another kid films []

A Mechatronic Drum Player Powered By Arduino #ArtTuesday

Nudge: A mechatronic drum player from Jim Murphy on Vimeo. Jim Murphy designed Nudge, a new mechatronic drum player that features 3D-printed and laser-cut mechanical components and powered by an Arduino Uno and custom-built shields. by Jim Murphy nudge is a mechatronic drum beater designed to retain the simplicity of traditional solenoid mechatronic drum beaters []

Arduino Powered Fortune Teller

I created this fun Instructable to show you how to make a completely customizable Digital Fortune Teller. When the button is pushed, you will receive a random fortune. This is all the fun of fortunes, without having to eat all the cookies! Enjoy.Supplies:Arduino Uno Male/Female WiresBreadboardJumper...By: cah65Continue Reading

Job Opening: Artist’s Assistant

Designer/Engineer Leah Buechley is seeking a part time (1 day per week) assistant in the Albuquerque, NM area. I need help with research, web site maintenance, packing and shipping, office work, writing, editing, design, engineering, etc. More information about me and my work can be found at http://leahbuechley.com and http://highlowtech.org. Required Skills * Good []

SJ4000 External Microphone HACK!

Use at your own risk. Not responsible for your mistakes. Take your time and do not Jack up your camera.First.Use a very small Flathead screwdriver to lift and peel screen cover from back side. When you get the screw driver underneath slide it around the back side of the cover and and peel it off. ...By: deezildennisContinue Reading

18-Channel PWM Aquarium Lights Provide Habitat-Like Life for Fish

Whether you want to keep your fish happy or just need a good light show, this aquarium light fits the bill. It is the second iteration, but [William] calls it v1. Thats because v0 which used a few loops of LED strips never really met his requirements.

This build uses just six LEDs, each a 30 Watt RGB monster! To source about 350 mA for each, and to control brightness with 18-channels of pulse width modulation, he had to plan very carefully. This meant a proper aluminum project box and a beefy, fan-cooled power supply.

The driver Read the rest

Building A True Unix Keyboard

compact keyboards that do away with a third of the keys you would usually find on a normal-sized keyboard are all the rage now, but for [jonhiggs], they werent good enough. There is a long tradition of Unix shortcuts these compact keyboards dont pay attention to CTRL-A being the Home key, and CTRL-D being the Page Down key. To fix this horrible oversight of Unix history, [jon] tore apart one of these compact keyboards, rewired the switch matrix, and made his own perfect keyboard.

The keyboard [jon] is using is a Filco Minila, a very nice and high Read the rest

Clay 3D Printer Keeps It Simple

Artist [Jonathan] has built a 3D printer specifically for printing in clay. The part count is kept to a minimum and the printer was designed to be made with basic tools and beginner skills. The intent was to not require access to a plastic 3D printer in order to build this printer. Although this builds goal was clay printing, the extruder could certainly be swapped out for a typical plastic printer version.

This Delta uses quite a bit of MDF. The top and bottom plates are MDF, as are the bearing carriages and extruder mount plate. 12mmrods are Read the rest

How to defeat facial-recognition machines and look like a rock star

Via ars technica via CV Dazzle The National Security Agency revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden have produced a cottage industry of companies providing technological innovations that seek to defeat the NSA surveillance state. The bulk of this effort is focused on encryption services that secure all manners of online communications from the NSAs prying eyes. []

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  2. Arduino Powered Fortune Teller
  3. A Mechatronic Drum Player Powered By Arduino #ArtTuesday
  4. This New App Plans to Bring Physics to the Playground #makereducation
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  8. Why are cans shaped the way they are? #makereducation
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