How to unbrick an ESP8266 “ Using ESP-03 as example

In the past couple of days, I've been sifting through tons of ESP8266 websites trying to make my ESP-03 module work because I couldn't detect its WiFi signal nor could I access it using AT command ever since I received them from the supplier in China. Finally, I've managed to make it works and here ...By: Wei-Hsiung HuangContinue Reading »


Begin with a basic frame (4 wheels, 2 motors). Take a metal sphere and cut it in half, designating one piece to be the top, and one for the bottom.Add brackets along the circumference of the largest part of the bottom dome, so that they may be used to fit the sphere back together securely.Add two pi...By: TheWeaselTeamContinue Reading »

High Voltage Spark Gap Tiki Torch

In this instructable I will show you how to make a high voltage spark gap tiki torch. The flame ignites when the voltage difference between the conductors exceeds the breakdown voltage of the surrounding air. The air in the gap becomes ionized and creates a pathway for the current to flow. Spark ...By: Proto GContinue Reading »

Tessel 2, A $35 Linux Computer That™s Truly Open Source

We™ve seen the first version of the Tessel a few years ago, and it™s still an interesting board: an ARM Cortex-M3 running at 180MHz, WiFi, 32 Megs of both Flash and RAM, and something that can be programmed entirely in JavaScript or Node.js. Since then, the company behind Tessel, Technical Machines, has started work on the Tessel 2, a board that™s continuing in the long tradition of taking chips from WiFi routers and making a dev board out of them. The Tessel 2 features a MediaTek MT7620 running Linux built on OpenWRT, Ethernet, 802.11bgn WiFi, an Atmel SAMD21 serving as ¦read more

Arduino vs Arduino: These Are Not The Droids¦

We™ve been trying to not pick favorites in the Arduino controversy, or at least remain open-minded to both sides of the story. Some businesses, on the other hand, are clearly aligning themselves.  (Full text of e-mail below.)

Reader [Francisco Zabala], from cool robot-supplies store Acrobotic, got this e-mail from an Amazon distributor where he purchased some Arduinos śages agoť and was angered enough at the brazen tone to drop us a line.

Thank you for our Arduino purchase from our store. We truly appreciate your business.

We are writing to let you know about an important change in Arduino

¦read more

Forbidden Fruit Machine

Here™s another example of how today™s rapid-prototyping technologies are allowing Artists and Craftsmen to create interactive works of art rapidly and easily. [Kati Hyypa] and [Niklas Roy] teamed up to transform a classic painting in to an interactive exhibit. It™s a painting of Adam, Eve and the apple with a joystick attached. Spectators can control the destiny of the apple with the joystick and thus explore the painting.

The śForbidden Fruit Machineť is based on a painting called śThe Fall of Manť created by [Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem] in 1592. The painting depicts Eve and Adam in the Garden of ¦read more

Memorial day 5/25/2015 – Adafruit is open and taking orders online, free shipping to any military base as always…

Memorial day is 05/25/2015 “ Adafruit will be open and taking orders online, free shipping to any military base as always¦ Orders will ship out on May 26th. There will not be any deliveries or shipping on Monday. Any order placed after 11am ET on Friday May 22nd will not start to ship out until [¦]

iTorch, a Flashlight Projector with Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

From instructables user MrTravisHiggins: I designed the iTorch to be a portable and wireless projection system that would allow a user to freely project their media wherever they choose. I am currently working on integrating the iTorch into a gaming platform where the iTorch is both the viewing device (tv) as well as the controller! [¦]

New Products 5/20/15 (video)

New Products 5/20/15 (video) PrintrBot Metal PLUS 3D Printer “ Black Assembled (0:01) AstroBox pack “ Includes Raspberry Pi 2, Model B (0:42) Saleae Logic 8 “ 8 Channels Logic + Analog “ Black (1:21) Pocket PiGRRL Pack Build your own Pi Game Emulator! (2:50) Adafruit FONA 800 Shield “ Voice/Data Cellular GSM for Arduino [¦]

Hacking The MagicBands From Disney #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Luke Berndt found a fun reuse for the RFID enabled Magic Bands from Disney World using a USB powered RFID reader connected to a Raspberry Pi. via LukeBernt Disney has made RFID cool with their MagicBands. You can unlock your hotel door, buy a meal and even get into the park just using your band. [¦]

Making a Hiro Hamada T-Shirt

Cosplay can be complex and involve making intricate pieces of armor or it can be more simple and involve replicating a character™s t-shirt. All kinds of building are valid and worth highlighting. DeviantArt user HeraDrawCos, also known as Hera, is working on a Hiro Hamada cosplay and that means making a copy of his unique [¦]

Intermission Sound Control with Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Great new project by Scott Wegner at Make! A few times a year I volunteer to an arts organization and serve as their śhouse sound and light guy.ť I usually run sound and do the lights for the traveling acts if they don™t have a tech with them. The auditorium is in a rural Minnesota [¦]

Community Corner “ May 22, 2015: The Featured Projects from this Week

Featured Adafruit Google+ Community Project (Note: Google+ login required.) Nicholas Harris posted this wonderful gif of his recent project “ a 3D printer that™s being controlled by a Raspberry Pi! I used a Raspberry Pi and a camera mount ( #OctoPi ) onto my 3D printer. Then, using the software, I can make a timelapse [¦]

Raspberry Pi / Lego Ball Machine @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi

Great tutorial posted by vortex on Turbine 51. In previous posts I detailed how to: Build a Lego marble pump Use C# and Pulse Width Modulation to control motors with the Raspberry Pi Use C# and OpenCV with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module Each one of those projects are pretty interesting in their own right [¦]

Cosplay Interview with Alexis Smith and Jeremie Sloan

Well done armored Halo costumes are always impressive, but Alexis Smith and Jeremie Sloan ” also known as The Mgalekgolo Twins ” have gone above and beyond. They™ve been working on Mgalekgolo costumes. The Hunters from Halo 4 are gigantic, and Smith and Sloan are making full scale versions. That means the costumes stand at [¦]

Make A Wireless Inductive Power Night Light #AdafruitWeekendProject

Make this super cool nightlight with this Wireless Inductive Power Night Light tutorial Every time I hear about wireless power systems, or see a wireless charger in action, it feels like some sort of crazy magic. The idea of harnessing an electromagnetic field to produce enough power to even glow an LED is amazing to [¦]

Dragon Age Flemeth Wig Tutorial

Dragon Age™s Flemeth is a shapeshifter and exceptionally powerful. She also has some gravity defying hair. Mono Abel put together a detailed and screen accurate take on the costume “ she had to have applied hundreds of rivets to the bodice and the collar. It™s impressive. The wig is well made, too. Mono Abel started [¦]

Low Altitude Environmental Monitoring with an Arduino based Weather Instrument and Aeropod Remote Sensing Platform

Project OverviewStudents at New Lothrop High School in Michigan have worked together to build a low altitude remote sensing platform called an "Aeropod" and outfitted it with an "Arduino" based weather instrument to gather atmospheric and other environmental data up to a height of 500 feet above gro...By: mrdelemeesterContinue Reading »

Mini weather station

In this project, we will be making a mini weather station that measures temperature and humidity and transmits them wirelessly to a ground station, which displays the readings on an LCD display!It™s a fairly easy project and can be used either on its own or part of something bigger. List of materi...By: indigod0gContinue Reading »

Arduino Electronic Dice

Materials needed:7 Led lightspush button10 wires8 resistorsbreadboardarduino uno LEDs Get 7 led lights and construct them in an H pattern on the breadboard so their are 3 LEDs on each side and one in the middle. Resistors Then connect a resistor from the negative side of each LED to the negat...By: slarsen1Continue Reading »

Dice ATTINY85 Charlieplexing

(right dice was the first one)Tutorial for a DIY dice with Attiny85, Tilt sensor, Charlieplexing, Crystal's easy way to build your own little electronic dice for good price.Inventory list Attiny 85 with socket Tilt sensor Led 39 ohms resistors Crystal resine gloss for crystal resine ice cu...By: DarduinoContinue Reading »

Ultrasonic Party Starter

Have you ever wanted the party to start as soon as you enter the room? Now it can every time with the Ultrasonic Party Starter!This project uses an Arduino and an HC-SR04 sensor to kickoff the party. If you are unfamiliar with the HC-SR04, it is an ultrasonic ranging module. They can be found for ve...By: JeremyC6Continue Reading »

Super simple 10-step arduino sequencer

This sequencer is so simple I only need one step to show you how! Right now it's a 10 step sequencer but could easily be more just by changing the "step" variable in the code. you need for this project is:SpeakerPushbutton10K resistor (to pull down the digital i...By: CamDAXContinue Reading »

Watch a DJ Control a Tesla Coil With His Turntable

It doesn’t get much better than the world renowned DJ Qbert scratching insanely fast, except when every scratch is not just expressed as sound, but also sparks off of a tesla coil. That’s exactly what took place during Maker Faire Bay Area when DJ Qbert took to the stage to […]

Read more on MAKE

The post Watch a DJ Control a Tesla Coil With His Turntable appeared first on Make:.

New Project: Build a Quadcopter Drone with a Self-leveling Camera Gimbal

Build your own quadrotor airframe from hardware store parts, then trick it out with stabilized onboard video and autonomous flight.

Read more on MAKE

The post Build a Quadcopter Drone with a Self-leveling Camera Gimbal appeared first on Make:.

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