Meshing Pis with Project Byzantium

If internet service providers go down, how are we going to get our devices to communicate? Project Byzantium aims to create an œad-hoc wireless mesh networking for the zombie apocalypse. It™s a live Linux distribution that makes it easy to join a secure mesh network.

[B1tsh1fter] has put together a set of hardware for running Byzantium on Pis in emergency situations. A Raspberry Pi 2 acts as a mesh node, using a powerful USB WiFi adapter for networking. Options are provided for backup power, including a solar charger and a supercapacitor based solution.

The Pi runs a standard Raspbian install, ¦read more

DOTS Uses Paint to Control Rapsberry Pi 2

Two tables down from us at SXSW Create the Raspberry Pi foundation had a steady stream of kids playing Minecraft on Raspberry Pi, and picking up paint brushes. The painting activity was driven by a board they spun for the event that used conductive paint to control the Raspberry Pi 2.

The board uses the HAT form factor which it a fancy name for a shield (also a clever one as it stands for œHardware Attached on Top). You can see the back side of the board in this image. It utilizes an extremely low-profile surface mount pin socket.

The ¦read more

Retrotechtacular: Radar Jamming

It™s been said that the best defense is a good offense. When aloft and en route to deliver a harmful payload to the enemy, the best defense is to plan your approach and your exit carefully, and to interfere with their methods of detection. If they can™t find you, they can™t shoot you.

As of May 1962, the United States military was using three major classifications of radar jamming technology as described in this week™s film: the AN/ALQ-35 multiple target repeater, the AN/ALQ-55 communications link disrupter, and the AN/ALQ-41 and -51 track breakers. The most important role of these pieces ¦read more

Shanghai’s Natural History Museum Inspired By Nautilus Shell #Biomimicry

Via Wallpaper Previously housed in the former 1920s Shanghai Cotton Exchange, the old museum suffered from space constraints and was able to display just one percent of its entire collection at any given time. In contrast, the generous new structure accommodates six levels of exhibition space and offices, a 30m high entrance lobby and an [¦]

Book Conservator Nobuo Okano Repairs Tattered Books to Make Them Look Brand New #makereducation

Colossal posted about Nobuo Okano, who repairs run down books “ making them readable again. The craftsmanship is noble as well as stunning. For the past 33 years Japanese craftsman Okano Nobuo has been repairing tattered books and reconstituting them to look brand new. When a customer brought in an old Japanese-English dictionary that looked [¦]

RGB Matrix In Architectural Model #ArtTuesday

RGB Matrix from Adafruit featured at Arts Institute Chicago. via instagram We recently installed two RGB Matrix GIF players into an architectural model currently feat. at the Art Institute of Chicago “ thought you might like to see the results; they™re installed into a model 3-D printed via Shapeways Every Tuesday is Art Tuesday here [¦]

LED Strip Back-lit Canvas Art #ArtTuesday

Make your wall art colorful at night with an LED strip backlight canvas. via instructables Want to spruce up your home or room with an interesting piece of art? Want to add some unique lighting to your space? Using an LED strip, an Arduino, Canvas and paint, you can create your own wall art that™s [¦]

Second Livestock

Second Livestock. A deep concern for the welfare of livestock animals is at the heart of Second Livestock. Our Animal-Computer Interfaces and Virtual Environments are tailored to meets the needs and desires of each species. Animals do not experience the world quite like humans and what may be important features for a human in a [¦]

Induction Instruction from MAKE #makereducation

MAKE posted a great, detailed lesson on inductive charging earlier this month. Check it out in full here! There™s something magical in the way that an inductive battery charger feeds current into a smartphone ” or a car ” without making an electrical connection. How does it work? The answer is, the system takes advantage [¦]

Fierce Xena Cosplay

Cosplayers fall into the hobby in different ways and for different reasons. For Stephanie Ruehl, it happened about five years ago. She was at her first ever C2E2 and loved seeing the creativity of cosplayers so much that she wanted to join in. She enjoyed learning about how cosplayers made their costumes, the process they [¦]

Photographer Brittany Wright Captures Foods in Colorful Gradients #ArtTuesday

Via Colossal. Photographer and food enthusiast Brittany Wright sets up intricate culinary still lifes that focus primarily on the differentiation of fruits™ and vegetables™ coloration. Wright captures a rainbow of colors in foods ranging from heaps of apples to carrots plucked freshly from the earth. Each photograph focuses on the produce against a stark white background, a [¦]

New York Skyline Time Lapse Video Plays in 1 World Trade Center Elevators #ArtTuesday

From My Modern Met via the New York Times: As the sky pod ascends to the 102nd floor, visitors watch the skyline transform from flat, marshy ground to the familiar modern cityscape of the present, with decades zooming past in seconds. The amazing timelapse is a terrific precursor to the experience awaiting visitors at the [¦]

10 Creative Costumes from #C2E2 2015

Another weekend, another convention. It™s the time of year when entertainment conventions are practically stacked on top of one another. In the past month, I™ve been to WonderCon, Star Wars Celebration, and the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. The latter took place in Chicago over the weekend. It was my first time attending C2E2, and [¦]

Maker Stations at the Westlake Porter Public Library #makereducation

Thanks so much to Matt Weaver for writing in and sharing some pictures of the maker stations at his local library! The idea of a maker station is an awesome alternative for those who do not have ample space to develop a completely autonomous makespace. Matt writes: The objective for the stations is to provide [¦]

Arduino - Blinking LED

The ˜Hello World!™ of Arduino, it™s the Blinking LED!If you asked neigh any Arduino user what the first program they wrote was [For Arduino], chances are they would tell you it was this. All you need to get started is: - Arduino [I used a UNO, but any will do]- An LED A resistor [There are many cal...By: Maccattack213Continue Reading »

Homemade Plotter Using PIC16F877

"All parts were developed separately. This allowed adjustments in the assembly as well as smaller changes in case the design of one or other part become required. Focus on low cost and use of materials easily accessible in the local market."

UAV lipo

LPD Lipo batteries are applied to the industry of UAV, FPV, aerial photography and multi-rotor.which can be usually used in the following models: Align jet, E sky helicopter, Walk-era airplane, E-flite huge plane. Draganflyer etc.RC Lipo Battery Pack is built with the highest quality single cell tha...By: a312050308Continue Reading »

The Infinite Bar(T)

Combining an Android app with some fluid pumps, an infinity mirror, and a whole lot of booze ” let us introduce BarT ” the Automated Bartender.

It™s the work of [dosko27] for his senior design project in Electrical Engineering. It™s an automated and wireless drink mixology system. Since it™s for school, the demonstration video doesn™t have any œhard drinks but the ingredients (up to sixteen) are completely up to you.

He started off with the case. It™s your standard infinity mirror build, a mirror, a 1-way mirror, and some programmable RGB LEDs. We covered a great build tutorial on how ¦read more

Try Not To Fall Off The Backwards Brain Bike

[Destin] of SmarterEveryDay fame has a challenge for your brain : a bicycle where the handlebars turn the front wheel in the opposite direction of a typical bike (YouTube link). For example, turning the handlebars left turns the wheel right and vice versa. He warns you it™s harder than it looks.

The hack that pulls this off is a simple one compared to bike hacks we™ve previously covered. Gears on the head tube make this possible. It was built by his welder friends who challenged him to ride it. He couldn™t at first; determined to overwrite his brain™s memory of ¦read more

Italian Law Changed by the Hackaday Prize

A recent change in Italian law was spurred by the Hackaday Prize. The old law restricted non-Italian companies from hosting contests in the country. With the update Italian citizens are now welcome to compete for the 2015 Hackaday Prize which will award $500,000 in prizes.

We™ve heard very few complaints about the Hackaday Prize. When we do, it™s almost always because there are some countries excluded from participation. We™ve tried very hard to include as much of the globe as possible, some countries simply must be excluded due to local laws regarding contests. The folks from Make in Italy saw  ¦read more

Smart Juggling Balls

For the 2015 Hack a Day Prize, [Arkadi] is working on an educational platform using the Arduino for Smart Juggling Balls.

His goal for this is to create an open-source platform which, beyond juggling, can be used to teach physics in both an interactive and fun way. The juggling balls feature a RGB LED, an Arduino pro mini, and some MPU™s. They can be programmed to change color based on acceleration, gravity, centripetal force, rotation, or even controlled remotely. As the project develops further, he also plans on creating lecture content to go alongside the project, which would make it ¦read more

French artist creates caves with glow in the dark thread #ArtTuesday

Via Beautiful/Decay. Julien Salaud is a French artist who creates incredible thread drawings that light up like constellations under ultraviolet light. His otherworldly installations feel larger than life and look like futuristic cave paintings, brimming with both raw primitive energy as well as evoking the sense of some neon-splattered future. His latest series of installations, called Stellar [¦]

Stunning Sea Life Captured by the University of Miami’s 2015 Underwater Photo Contest Winners #ArtTuesday

Via My Modern Met. The winners of the 2015 Underwater Photography Contest hosted by the University of Miami™s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science have just been announced! Since the contest™s inception in 2005, each year the school invites amateur photographers from around the world to submit their best underwater images in the categories [¦]

Rubber Band Harmonica Tutorial! #makereducation

Although this doesn™t involve electronics, we think it™s a great and fun introductory science project for the classroom! tutorial via The Oakland Toy Lab on instructables. Make dulcet tones only a mother pigeon could love! With the rubber band harmonica, you can pick up a tune anywhere, and tune your harmonica with post-its to play [¦]

Chinnaswamy Becomes First Cricket Stadium to Install Rooftop Solar Plant #SolarPower

via BENGALURU:  The Chinnaswamy cricket stadium in Bengaluru has become the first cricket venue in the country to have a rooftop solar power plant.     The roof top installation by Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) is a novel initiative executed for the first time at any stadium in the country and probably also [¦]

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  4. Fierce Xena Cosplay
  5. Induction Instruction from MAKE #makereducation
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  8. RGB Matrix In Architectural Model #ArtTuesday
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