Pumpkin PCB Files In KiCAD Format

"This year at the Seattle and Portland Mini Maker Faires I did a presentation on getting started with designing your own PCB using KiCAD. In this presentation as an example I created a pumpkin shaped PCB with a candle like flickering LED."

Sugru Cable Tie

Everyone hates unwieldy, tangled cables! You could always buy an accessory to mind your cords, or you could use some Sugru to jazz up a twist tie for a custom, DIY option. Materials Needed 1 twist tie1 mini pack of Sugru (1/2 to 1 mini pack will be used; you can get some here)Soapy water Roll o...By: eludemannContinue Reading

Hacklet 21 Halloween Hacks Part 2

We asked, you listened! Last weeks Hacklet ended with a call for more Halloween themed projects onHackaday.io. Some great hackers uploaded awesome projects, and this weeks Hacklet is all about featuring them.Every one of our featured projects was uploaded to Hackaday.io within the last 7 days.

Mass Effect meets Daft Punk in [TwystNeko's]5-Day SpeedBuild Mass Effect Armor.As the name implies, [TwystNeko] built thearmor in just 5 days. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam was used to make most of the costume. Usually EVA foam needs to be sealed. To save time, [TwystNeko] skipped that step, Read the rest

Reverse Engineering the D-Link WPS Pin Algorithm

A router with WPS requires a PIN to allow other devices to connect, and this PIN should be unique to every router and not derived from other easily accessible data found on the router. When [Craig] took a look at the firmware of aD-Link DIR-810L 802.11ac router, he found exactly the opposite; the WPS PINwas easily decipherable because it was generated entirely from the routers MAC address and could be reverse engineered by sniffingWiFi.

When [Craig] was taking a look at the disassembled firmware from his router, he noticed a bit of code that accessed the Read the rest

Scare off Squirrels and Tweet about It with the Jack-O-Lantern Warning System

[Stephpalm] had carved a pumpkin for the first time in two decades. Unfortunately, the neighborhood squirrels were all too pleased with her work and devoured it. Her original goal for the jack-o-lantern was to have its lights controlled over the internet. These hungry critters inspired another project instead The Jack-o-Lantern Squirrel Early Warning System. There have been hacks that have dealt with pesky squirrels before, such as a trap and an automatic water turret, but they didnt have the ability to post to social media like this system does.

The system consists of a Spark Core, Read the rest

RACHEL-PI uses Raspberry Pi to bring internet to remote areas #piday # raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Using a Raspberry Pi, World Possible is now able to successfully run its RACHEL, or Remote Area Community Hotspots for Education and Learning, server in areas without internet access under the moniker RACHEL-Pi. From RaspberryPi.org: Despite the early successes of those groups, we still didnt have the final piece of the puzzle that has exploded []

Build a homemade spying machine with a Raspberry-Pi, Firebase, AngularJS and some Python #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Build a homemade spying machine with a Raspberry-Pi, Firebase, AngularJS and some Python. via medium.com My favorite characters in spy movies were always the gadget-making-mad-scientists building crazy little machines which help the spy-hero to pull off his amazing feats. Q has always been a much more appealing character than Bond to me, as was Donatello []

Firefox OS Coming To Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Mozilla wants to bring Firefox OS to the Raspberry Pi. via I Programmer: The effort to bring Firefox OS to the Pi has been going on for some time but MozFest 2014 (October 24-26) seems to have spurred some progress and a definite direction. However this said, if you are an outsider it is still []

New Products 10/29/2014 (video)

New Products10/29/2014 (video) Bare Conductive Touch Board (0:08) Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board WAV/OGG Trigger with 16MB Flash (3:21) GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi B+ Extra-long 2×20 Female Header (4:23) GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi B+ 2×20 Female Header (4:23) Cosplay World by Brian Ashcraft and Luke Plunkett (6:01) TFP401 HDMI/DVI Decoder []

Real-Time Depth Perception With Compute Module #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Real-time depth perception with compute module. via raspberryipi.org We gave the Argon team a Compute Module to play with this summer, and they set David Barker, one of their interns, to work with it. Heres what he came up with: thanks David, and thanks Argon! This summer I spent 11 weeks interning at a local []

Bamboo Dragan Box meets Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Via IKEA hackers. Materials: Dragan Bamboo Box I was looking for something for my bathroom to play music when I have my shower. One item I have in the bathroom is the DRAGAN Bamboo Box from IKEA. When I was hacking my Raspberry Pi I got that idea! Take the Dragan box, a Raspberry, an []

This ePumpkin is Powered by a Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi #ElectronicHalloween

Check out this electronic jack-o-lantern project from domogeek thats powered by a raspberry pi! Read more. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Each weekday this month well be bringing you ideas and projects for an Electronic Halloween! Expect wearables, hacks & mods, costumes and more here on the Adafruit blog! Working on a project for Halloween this year? Share []

Community Corner October 31, 2014: The Featured Projects from this Week

Featured Adafruit Google+ Community Project (Note: Google+ login required.) We loved Bruce Lowthers Blinky Light Pumpkin Project! Cool idea to keep in mind for next year! Finished installing my +attiny84 blinky light into a pumpkin for Halloween this year. Spade bit to the side, Spade bit for the eye holes, Kitchen knife eyebrows, nose and []

Awesome Halloween costume featuring Pro Trinket, Arduino, and Neopixels! #ElectronicHalloween

My #halloween costume made of 94 cups and RGB LEDS powered by @adafruit #protrinket #arduino #neopixels #diy #ws2811 #electronichalloween A video posted by markoutram (@markoutram)on Oct 10, 2014 at 3:31pm PDT Nice work! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Each weekday this month well be bringing you ideas and projects for an Electronic Halloween! Expect wearables, hacks & mods, []

NEW PRODUCTS – Electrolytic Capactitors – Packs of 10 – 220uF 16V / 100uF 16V / 47uF 25V / 10uF 50V

NEW PRODUCTS Electrolytic Capactitors Packs of 10 220uF 16V / 100uF 16V / 47uF 25V / 10uF 50V 220uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitors Pack of 10 We like capacitors so much we made a kids show about them. Theyre super handy and its really helpful to have a variety lying around to []

Adafruit Gift Certificates (video)

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Adafruit gift certificates from Rebecca and the customer support team! Theres also a guide on the Adafruit Learning System for studying up after youve watched the video.

NEW PRODUCT – Raspberry Pi Compute Module

NEW PRODUCT Raspberry Pi Compute Module The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is Raspberry Pis new product specifically designed for makers who want to develop and build their own PCBs. It has most of the power of a Raspberry Pi B+ without some of the bells and whistles. This gives it a much smaller footprint []

Father and Son Life-Sized MechWarrior Costume

Imgur user PutaBowonIt recently shared photos of her husband and sons Halloween costume this year. Ryan and Geraint became Sunder from the game MechWarrior. Ryan designed the costume so that he could walk in it and built a support seat for Geraint in the front. This is a creative way to tackle a family costume []

NEW PRODUCTS – 2.54mm/0.1″ Pitch Terminal Blocks – 10-pin / 9-pin / 8-pin / 7-pin / 6-pin / 5-pin / 4-pin / 3-pin / 2-pin

NEW PRODUCTS 2.54mm/0.1 Pitch Terminal Blocks 10-pin / 9-pin / 8-pin / 7-pin / 6-pin / 5-pin / 4-pin / 3-pin / 2-pin After a long day out harvesting in the terminal block fields, weve returned with a veritable bounty of these very nice and compact 2.54mm/0.1 terminal blocks in a variety of []

Final testing for our all-in-one 5″ HDMI display! #comingsoon

Final testing for our all-in-one 5 HDMI display! #comingsoon

NEW PRODUCT – CadSoft EAGLE Standard PCB Design Software V7 – 3 Users

NEW PRODUCT CadSoft EAGLE Standard PCB Design Software V7 3 Users This a license for CadSoft EAGLE STANDARD PCB Design Software V7. This is a business or individual license with 3-users. It includes Layout + Schematic. All Adafruit products are designed with CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software, Ladyada has made hundreds of designs []

Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween

Arduino Bluetooth Cybot on the move (updated)

A while back I wrote a couple of instructables for user interface creation and the control of the Cybot base using commands from either the keyboard or from a bar code scanner.Links to these are below:User interface:http://www.instructables.com/id/Direction-display-...Barcode Control: http://www.ins...By: HUKBMBEARContinue Reading

LittleBits Arduino MacBook Air Blink Sketch

Have you tried Littlebits Arduino? It is super simple and straight forward to use. Pull the Littlebits modules out of the kit for the Blink Sketch Gather the components for the project 9V Battery + Cable Power Bargraph Arduino MacBook Air Connect the Littlebits Place battery first ,then ...By: JesusG1Continue Reading

Wired Arduino Weather Station

First attempt at an arduino project and I found it interesting to build. Total costs were around $50.00 for all parts. Outputs I designed this unit to output to 20x4 lcd, and in addition, outputting additional info also on serial port for capture to database in the future( I hope). I wired it up ...By: StepheNichols1959Continue Reading

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