Intel Edison - GPIO Setup and Scripting

In this video we will be exploring how to configure the GPIO using shell scripting in linux. I will go through the setup of the muxing and pin features to get a GPIO output pin.hardware guide the channel tip with bitcoinsAddress: 1MvcZHRbDm9czS8s...By: misperryContinue Reading »

Soldering is NOT Rocket Science!

I've seen so many articles on electronic soldering that are either overly verbose and hard to read, too complex for a beginner, insist on expensive tools, or are just plain wrong, that I decided to clear the air a bit by going back to the basics. When I first started soldering, many years ago, "How ...By: gizmologistContinue Reading »

Using HID Tricks to Drop Malicious Files

[Nikhil] has been experimenting with human interface devices (HID) in relation to security. We™ve seen in the past how HID can be exploited using inexpensive equipment. [Nikhil] has built his own simple device to drop malicious files onto target computers using HID technology.

The system runs on a Teensy 3.0. The Teensy is like a very small version of Arduino that has built-in functionality for emulating human interface devices, such as keyboards. This means that you can trick a computer into believing the Teensy is a keyboard. The computer will treat it as such, and the Teensy can enter keystrokes ¦read more

Retrotechtacular: The Gossamer Condor

For centuries, human-powered flight eluded mankind. Many thought it was just an impossible dream. But several great inventions have been born from competition. Challenge man to do something extraordinary, offer him a handsome cash incentive, and he may surprise you.

In 1959, London™s Aeronautical Society established the Kremer Prize in search of human-powered flight. The rules of the Kremer Prize are simple: a human-powered plane must take off by itself and climb to an altitude of ten feet. The plane must make a complete, 180° left turn, travel to a marker one-half mile away, and execute a 180° right turn. ¦read more

3D Printed Social Topographies Of San Francisco #Art Tuesday

3D printed georeference maps of San Francisco make beautiful art via instructables The social fabric of San Francisco can be read through many lens, each making up its own topography. I believe that through data visualization and mapping we can learn much about our surroundings. For this project, I was interested in creating thematic maps [¦]

Service Updates: UPS – Severe winter weather notice @ups #blizzardof2015

Service Updates: UPS. Severe winter weather will impact service in the Northeast on Tuesday, January 27. There will be no pickups or deliveries in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, or portions of New Jersey and New York. Continue to check here for the latest information on service impacts, including ZIP codes where [¦]

DIY Laptop Controlled Robot With Arduino

Make a laptop controlled robot. via instructables It would be so good if would be able to control a robot or your rc car using a laptop just like you control a car in a game. Well, it can be made possible using the versatile arduino UNO. There are thousands of projects you can make [¦]

How To Make a Cosplay Prop Weapon From Sintra

If you™re making any costume that features a gun prop, Aby has an interesting tutorial on how to make the gun from Sintra. We highlighted an armor build with the lightweight but rigid PVC plastic sheets yesterday, and though you could use craft foam or styrofoam to build a weapon, Sintra looks like a good [¦]

Arduino Powered Moisture Detection #makereducation

Make sure your plants stay hydrated with this moisture detection tutorial from ronnietucker on instructables. We think this is a great, easy to follow tutorial that™s useful for teaching or rainy day weekend projects alike. Here™s a really simple way to detect moisture in plant soil. You™ll need: An Arduino Two steel nails one 10k [¦]

Matchbook Diaries of NYC #ArtTuesday

Matchbook Diaries of NYC is an Instagram account which collects photos of matchbooks from NYC restaurants. via Kottke

Up Close with the BeagleBone Black Revision C #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg

Element 14 gets up close with their BeagleBone Black Revision C. Each Tuesday is BeagleBone Black Day here Adafruit! What is the BeagleBone? The BeagleBones are a line of affordable single-board Linux computers (SBCs) created by Texas Instruments. New to the Bone? Grab one of our Adafruit BeagleBone Black Starter Packs and check out our [¦]

How the Home Telephone Sparked the User-Centered Design Revolution #makereducation

WIRED has a story on the new book Beautiful Users by Ellen Lupton. The book details the seemingly obvious yet crucial shift in design history in which the user became the prime focus. In 1955 industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss published Designing for People, a seminal book for the design industry. Way back when, Leonardo da [¦]

The Hubble Space Telescope: The camera that changed the universe

Ethan Siegel has a great (and extensive) post over on Medium about the history of the Hubble Space Telescope. It™s definitely worth a read. Fun fact I learned from the piece: There are over 100,000,000,000 confirmed galaxies in the universe (confirmed because of Hubble)! Makes you feel small doesn™t it? Also, look at those photos! [¦]

Satellite tracker

Did you know that we can see International Space Station and other awesome satellites with our naked from earth.This instructable will tell you how to spot the iss when they are above your location. What dose it do This device tells you when ISS (International Space Station) is above your locatio...By: shubham_bhattContinue Reading »

Arduino UNO as AtMega328P Programmer

After receiving my first Arduino UNO, I soon realised that it will be impractical to use an UNO for every project. As with the Microchip family of MCUs, I wanted an easy way to program stand-alone circuits and chips.Searching the internet, it was clear that the Arduino IDE can cater for all my needs...By: Eric BrouwerContinue Reading »

Arduino based Distance Measure Box

Hello, in this project I will show you how to build your own distance meter box with Arduino uno and one ultrasonic sensor.Before starting, make sure that you have:Arduino unoHC-SR04 Ultrasonic SensorLCD 16x2 About HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor Ultrasonic SensorsUltrasonic sensors work on a principle...By: mi.vasilakisContinue Reading »

Audio Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves treasure hunts. Running around on a quest to find your present makes any gift better. So just for fun, I designed my own variation of the game. I combined an Arduino microcontroller with an Adafruit Wave Shield to make an audio treasure hunt box.The treasure hunters are given a code. ...By: DIY Hacks and How TosContinue Reading »

Remote Bluetooth Car

This Instructable made by Sara Casasola Borrego and Ă“scar Elena Varela details how to create a remote controlled car using a ATmega328P microcontroller (this one is the microcontroller used by Arduino) and communication by Bluetooth. The design is such that the car can be directed to ...By: sara.casasolaborregoContinue Reading »

MaKeyMaKey: Pencil Lead Game Controller

For our MaKey MaKey project we used all recycled and/or school materials(so didn't buy anything). While looking for ideas for the project, I remembered that lead is conductive, and tried to connect the clips to pencil...when that failed I drew two arrows on a regular piece of paper with small strips...By: AustintheapeContinue Reading »

Why I Quit My Job and Moved to Shenzhen

After some months of deliberation, I finally decided to make the choice ” it’s now or never. I sent this email to my awesome co-workers at Make:, who were all extremely supportive. Hi friends, I’m not a goodbye kinda person so I didn’t want to make this a thing. But my […]

Read more on MAKE

Play With Boxwood Pinball, Kitables, and Modular Robotics at the Boulder Mini Maker Faire!

Hear ye, hear ye! The Boulder Mini Maker Faire is upon us, Jan 31 “ Feb 1, 2015! And that means that makers are streaming in from far and wide, bringing their awesomeness to share with all. Actually, they™ll do more than share “ oh yes, there will be doing. […]

Read more on MAKE

Design for the IoT, Win a Trip to Maker Faire Bay Area IRL!

Enter your Internet of Things project in the PSoC Pioneer Challenge to win a trip to Maker Faire Bay Area in May!

Read more on MAKE

3D Printed Surfboard

You whippersnappers these days with your 3D printers! Back in our day, we had to labor over a blank for hours, getting all sweaty and covered in foam dust. And it still wouldn™t come out symmetric. Shaping a surfboard used to be an art, and now you™re just downloading software and slinging STLs.

Joking aside, [Jody] made an incredible surfboard (yes, actual human-sized surfboard) out of just over 1 kilometer of ABS filament, clocking 164 hours of printing time along the way. That™s a serious stress test, and of course, his 3D printer broke down along the way. Then all ¦read more

A Remote for CHDK Cameras Made Possible with Arduino

[AlxDroidDev] built himself a nice remote control box for CHDK-enabled cameras. If you haven™t heard of CHDK, it™s a pretty cool software modification for some Canon cameras. CHDK adds many new features to inexpensive cameras. In this case, [AlxDroidDev] is using a feature that allows the camera shutter to be activated via USB. CHDK can be run from the SD card, so no permanent modifications need to be made to the camera.

[AlxDroidDev™s] device runs off of an ATMega328p with Arduino. It operates from a 9V battery. The circuit contains an infrared receiver and also a Bluetooth module. This allows ¦read more

3D Printed Speaker Pushes Rapid Prototyping Boundaries

We think FormLabs has really figured out the key to advertising their line of 3D printers ” just design really cool stuff that you can 3D print in resin, and release them publicly! To celebrate a firmware upgrade to the Form 1+, they™ve designed and released this really cool 3D printed speaker which you can make yourself.

Designed by [Adam Lebovitz], the speaker can be printed in just a few jobs, using their flexible resin for the dynamic components. It even sounds pretty damn good.

As you can see in the following exploded view of the speaker, almost the entire ¦read more

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