Potentiometer as variable Resistor

If you get out of resistors, you can use a potentiometer instead.I often use potentiometers to test circuits with differnt setups qick and easy.Watch video and enjoy. By: bastelkingContinue Reading »

shock safety belt

Electronics make our life very easy but i never thought it can save our life too.In this my project i show how to save our life from electric shock.This project is very simple,Its turn off main switch or cut off power if you bi-mystically touches high voltage power line. Principle Human receive a...By: uvtechContinue Reading »

Variable 1.25-15V DC Power Supply

I would like to present my variable DC power supply with current limiting circuit. Features:Fixed voltages : 3V, 5V, 9V, 12VVariable voltage from 1.25V to 15V Current limits : 10mA, 100mA, 500mA, 1ADigital display of Voltage & CurrentAll this is based on LM317Scheme, as well as more details are avai...By: kaveaContinue Reading »

What Is This, A Microcontroller Board For Ants?

You youngins probably don™t remember this, but a few years ago there was an arms race on Kickstarter to create the smallest Arduino-compatible microcontroller board. Since then, a few people have realized they can make more money on Kickstarter through fraud or potato salad, and the race to create the smallest ˜duino board petered out.

It™s a shame [Meizhu] wasn™t part of the great miniature Arduinofication of Kickstarter, because this project would have won. It™s an Atmel ATtiny85, with USB port, resistors, diodes, reset button, LED, and pin headers, that is just 72 mils larger than the PDIP package ¦ Read the rest

Thinkpad 701c: Reverse Engineering a Retro Processor Upgrade

[Noq2] has given his butterfly new wings with a CPU upgrade. Few laptops are as iconic as the IBM Thinkpad 701 series and its œbutterfly TrackWrite keyboard. So iconic in fact, that a 701c is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Being a 1995 vintage laptop, [Noq2's] 701c understandably was no speed demon by today™s standards. The fastest factory configuration was an Intel 486-DX4 running at 75 MHz. However, there have long been rumors and online auctions referring to a custom model modified to run an AMD AM-5×86 at 133 ¦ Read the rest

Carvey, the CNC Machine for Everyone

Over the past few years, [Bart Dring] has contributed immensely to the homebrew CNC machine scene, with the creation of MakerSlide linear rail, the buildlog.net open source laser cutters and CNC machines, and a host of other builds that have brought the power of digital fabrication to garages and workshops the world over. After a year of work, he, along with Inventables, is releasing Carvey, the CNC machine for everyone else.

Carvey is heavily inspired by Inventables other CNC machine, the Shapeoko, but built to be the Makerbot to the Shapeoko™s RepRap, without all the baggage that goes ¦ Read the rest

The Hoverboard You Can Build At Home

Press embargoes lifted today, heralding the announcement of the world™s first hoverboard. Yes, the hovering skateboard from Back to the Future. It™s called the Hendo hoverboard, it™s apparently real, and you can buy one for $10,000. If that™s too rich for your blood, you can spend $900 for a ˜technology demonstrator™ “ a remote-controlled hovering box powered by the same technology.

Of course the world™s first hoverboard is announced to the world as a crowd funding campaign, so before we get to how this thing is supposed to work, we™ll have to do our due diligence. The company behind ¦ Read the rest

Peek Inside The Fossil-Filled Bowels Of The American Natural History Museum #ArtTuesday

Peek Inside The Fossil-Filled Bowels Of The American Natural History Museum: ¦Although AMNH™s cryogenics facility is only about the size of a largish dorm room“heck, it even looks with one, except with cryotanks instead of bunks“it contains more than 80,000 different specimens. œIn this room, you™ll find the greatest volume of biodiversity on the planet, [¦]

Peter William Holden™s sculptures perform dance routines to music (VIDEO) #ArtTuesday

Peter William Holden™s sculptures perform dance routines to music, from Dezeen: Peter William Holden presented three Dance Machines named Arabesque, Vicious Cycle and SoleNoid β as part of Merge Festival, a series of arts events currently taking place around London™s Southbank area. The sinister-looking machines act out dance routines on spotlit-platforms in a darkened room off [¦]

Snake Robots Crack Mystery of How Reptiles Climb Dunes #Biomimicry

Snake robots crack mystery of how reptiles climb dunes. via nationalgeographics Climbing a sand dune is no easy task, even for the most nimble of humans”yet some snakes can climb them with ease. Now, a new study of sidewinders and robotic versions of the snakes has discovered the secret to this amazing ability in the [¦]

Beyond Emmy and Sophie: Resources for Learning about Women in Math #makereducation

In honor of Ada Lovelace day last week, Scientific American posted a piece listing some of their favorite resources for learning about lesser-known women in mathematics and science: Today is Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration of women in science, technology, engineering, and math. If you™d like to read about women in math for the [¦]

Lighten Up The Room With A Paper Chandelier #ArtTuesday

Make this super cool paper chandelier for under $15. via instructables Listen, we™ve all been there. We™ve all walked into Anthro and gone weak in the knees contemplating how all their gorgeous items would look in our living spaces. We™ve meandered over, timidly grasped hold of the price tag, taken a deep breath, and been [¦]

Monitor Water Flow During A Drought #NatureAndTechnology

Residential Water Usage Monitoring, Plumbing-Free from Pier 9 on Vimeo. Save the world one drop at a time. Monitor water flow using a piezo and Pinoccio mesh networking. via instructables Water is cheap, but California is in one of the worst droughts ever right now. Let™s face it: we can™t fix the drought. However, some [¦]

Vending Machine Costume

Kids come up with the greatest costume requests for Halloween. Redditor MoobyTheGoldenCalf™s son wanted to be a vending machine. Hey, it means you have a constant supply of snacks to keep you going while trick-or-treating. The front of the machine is covered in Plexigass to protect the kid and to stop others from swiping the [¦]

How Exercise Can Boost Young Brains #makereducation

NYTimes.com has a piece on how physical exercise stimulates brain function in kids: Encourage young boys and girls to run, jump, squeal, hop and chase after each other or after erratically kicked balls, and you substantially improve their ability to think, according to the most ambitious study ever conducted of physical activity and cognitive performance [¦]

Anda: Inflatable armchair made of plastic and wooden parts #ArtTuesday

For her final project in the Industrial Design Department at Bezalel Academy of Art of Design, Tehila Guy designed and created Anda, an inflatable armchair made of plastic and wooden parts. via DesignBoom: after observing the world of flat-pack furniture, guy came to understand and was fascinated by the repetitive pattern in terms of material [¦]

Gstreamer 1.4 on the Beaglebone #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg

Alexandru Csete put together a quick tutorial on how to get Gstreamer 1.4.3 on a BeagleBone running a console image by Robert C. Nelson based on Debian Wheezy. Debian Wheezy comes with the old Gstreamer 0.10 and as far as I could tell the new gstreamer isn™t even available through backports. It is however available [¦]

NEW PRODUCT – 1,000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas

NEW PRODUCT “ 1,000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas 1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas provides a broad and detailed glimpse into the ingenious artistry and attention to detail behind some of the most fabulous costumes you can find. Featuring costumes from popular convention-goers to professional craftsman, this stunning, photo-filled book by Joey Marsocci and [¦]

littleBits + LEGO® = EPIC PROJECTS

This is part of an on-going series of posts about littleBits projects. littleBits is available in the Adafruit store “ Base Kit,Deluxe Kit, Synth Kit, Space Kit, Arduino Module, Arduino Starter Bundle, Sequencer Module, and Cloud Starter Bundle. Now you can connect littleBits to LEGO®! With the Brick Adapter and motorMate, we™ve made it easy for you to integrate the two systems. Check out [¦]

Updated Product – Cable Gland PG-9 size – 0.158″ to 0.252″ Cable Diameter – PG-9

Updated Product “ Cable Gland PG-9 size “ 0.158³ to 0.252³ Cable Diameter “ PG-9 We have some great waterproof and weather-proof items in the adafruit shop, but once you have a project built, you™ll want to enclose it. But how to keep an enclosure weather/waterproof while still attaching cables for power, data or sensors? [¦]

Shapeoko 2, Arduino UNO R3, grbl 9g, 8bit Raster Laser Diode Photo Engraving

Me and my son invented/developed a new concept of "On-The Fly" 8bit Laser Diode engraving photos over two years ago. We have came a long way since those days at the beginning of our experimentation and here is the instructions of our latest build on a Shapeoko 2. Photos can be engraved on different ...By: PicengraverTooContinue Reading »

Exclusive First Look: Inventables™ Sleek New œ3D Carving Machine Is the Designer™s Dream CNC Router

Inventables wants to put CNC milling on designers™ desktops, and they are releasing a stylish machine called Carvey to help make it happen.

Read more on MAKE

Spectrometer using Charleplexed LED's

In this instructable we construct an array of LED's which can then be controlled with an Arduino, or any other AVR based microcontroller, or Raspberry Pi, or whatever you like. We are simply building the tool here and you can apply it as you wish.The idea is to `Charlieplex' together an array of LED...By: 1o_o7Continue Reading »

Your New Winter Hat Should Express Your Brain Waves Like a Neon Sign¦ Just Saying

We™ve seen a few cool hacks for mainstream commercial EEG headsets, but these are all a tad spendy for leisurely play or experimentation. The illumino project by [io] however, has a relatively short and affordable list of materials for creating your own EEG sensor. It™s even built into a beanie that maps your mental status to a colorful LED pompom! Now that winter is around the corner, this project is perfect for those of us who want to try on the mad scientist™s hat and look awesome while we™re wearing it.

How does all the neuro-magic happen? At the heart ¦ Read the rest

Solid State Tesla Coil Plays Music

If you™ve ever wanted to build a Tesla coil but found them to be prohibitively expensive and/or complicated, look no further! [Richard] has built a solid-state Tesla coil that has a minimum of parts and is relatively easy to build as well.

This Tesla coil is built around an air-core transformer that steps a low DC voltage up to a very high AC voltage. The core can be hand-wound or purchased as a unit. The drive circuit is where this Tesla coil built is set apart from the others. A Tesla coil generally makes use of a spark gap, but ¦ Read the rest

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