4 Bit Binary Manual Counter: NI Multisim (Video Included)

Hi there. New to Multisim? This is for you! In this project we will build a simple 4 bit manual counter using NI Multisim software.Newbie special :) Parts List (if building on breadboard) NI Multisim Software******Parts needed:4 Pin Dip Switch74LS47 TTL7 Segment Display (any color)Jumper Wires5V ...By: Bits4BotsContinue Reading »

Solar Power Supply 5V/3.3V

This project is based on a 6V Solar Cell and constructed with two voltage regulators, one of 5V and other of 3.3V. The project is integrated inside a plastic box and in its exterior side is mounted the Solar Cell and a selectable switch to decide between 5V and 3.3V. Bill of Materials 1 ABS Pl...By: braulio777Continue Reading »

Use ATmega328 Chip as a Storage Device and Store Text and Images in it

Hi everyone! In this instructable, I am going to show you how to store text and images in a small ATmega328P chip. Lets get started! Things Needed Things Needed:- Arduino Uno- ATmega Chips (Optional, you can use the original chip of the arduino uno)- Arduino IDE- Internet Access [Optional] Repl...By: jordanfungContinue Reading »

Faucet Add-On Attempts to Save Water by Changing Colors

This augmented water device was rapidly developed during an H2O hackathon in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was built by a software engineer code-named [tamberg]. His creation contained an Arduino Uno, a strip of NeoPixels, a liquid flow sensor, and a tiny lithium-ion battery attached to a cut medical tube that was re-purposed for monitoring water use.

From the looks of it, this project addressed a specific problem and went on to solve it. The initial prototype showed a quick and dirty way to monitor precious water that is literally being flushed down the drain.

To see how the device was ¦ Read the rest

Steam Gauge Keeps Track of Your Internet Usage

There™s a certain appeal to analog gauges in a vastly digital world. [Ed Konowal] is a Network Operations Supervisor for a school district in Florida ” part of his job is to ensure a stable and fast internet connection, so he decided to make an internet usage gauge for his office.

What we really like about this hack is the fact that [Ed] had no idea how to do it. It™s a simple enough idea, right? Google was his friend and Ed started learning about all kinds of things. Raspberry Pi™s and Arduinos, wireless receiver/transmitters, servos and steppers, Python¦

After ¦ Read the rest

Hands Free Recording “ Looks Silly but is Super Effective

While most hackers probably like to claim they™re good at everything, no one is good at filming one-handed. Setting up a tripod and adjusting it every shot can be tedious ” wouldn™t it be great if you could just film what you see?

That™s what inspired [Hans de Bruin] to make these camera goggles. He™s using those big old school safety glasses that you can remove the glass lenses from. From there he traced the outline and 3D printed an adapter that would fit snugly in the glasses while holding up a video camera ” He™s using a Chinese version ¦ Read the rest

Neopixel Princess Purse #WearableWednesday

Thanks to Rahil for sending in this adorable project! Finding a birthday gift for the sweetest 3 year old girl around has been the most arduous task wife and I faced in a while. We figured it™s the perfect opportunity to foray into wearable electronics. The idea was to put LEDs on an accessory that [¦]

Adafruit’s Picks for Colorful Back to School Supplies #BacktoSchool

For as long as there have been generic back to school supply lists, there are have been students finding ways to stand out and personalize those must-haves. Kids have been having fun with back to school supplies from the days of opting for neon trapper keepers and very loud Lisa Frank folders to choosing the [¦]

Hunger Games Dress with LED Fire #WearableWednesday

I was nominated for Geek of the Year in Philadelphia, which was the perfect excuse to come up with a geek inspired outfit. I remembered seeing the Hunger Games movie with the flaming wedding dress, and even then I had the idea of creating flames with LEDs. So, I bought a slightly used wedding dress [¦]

Biological and Environmental feedback LED wristband #WearableWednesday

Thanks to Joseph for sharing his project with us! You can view more information on it here. Our project is a LED Wristband that bases its light show on the user™s heart rate and the surrounding music. We are using an Arduino Uno and LED Strip combined with a mic to create emergent and dynamic [¦]

DIY Solar Tracker

Introduction We aim to introduce young students to engineering and teach them about solar energy; by having them build a Helios as part of their curriculum. There is an effort in engineering to push energy generation away from the use of fossil fuels and towards greener alternatives. One option for ...By: pdaniel7Continue Reading »

DIY Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Tryk (Tricycle)

This is my first Instructable that I post or share here. In doing this Instuctable .it Teach me on how to focus seriously, it is big help for me because it motivated and inspired me to do more. But My main goal here is to motivate some people that even it is hard they can do with their selves and sp...By: lew01001Continue Reading »

A couple of interactive pads made with Lilypad Arduino

Agy Lee is an active member of the Singapore maker community and shared with us on the Arduino G+ Plus Community the interactive pad she prototyped using Lilypad Arduino: She was inspired by the Sensor Demo Mat made by Kenneth Larsen some months before and that you can make yourself following this Instructables!

Mokena Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers

September 13, 2014 marks the first year of the Mokena Mini Maker Faire, Held in conjunction with the eleventh annual Mokena Chamber of Commerce Food & Wine Fest. Organized by SpaceLab and the Mokena Mayor™s Technology Committee, the Mokena Mini Maker Faire aims to establish Mokena as a learning community and technology […]

Read more on MAKE

Motor keyboard

Today I will be teaching you how to build a Motor Keyboard. Going off the principal that a motor that is hooked up to a speaker makes a noise, I decided to take lots of different motors of different sizes and hook all of them up to a car speaker. After about an hour I had the finished product and it...By: asa_smithContinue Reading »

Open Source GPU Released

Nearly a year ago, an extremely interesting project hit Kickstarter: an open source GPU, written for an FPGA. For reasons that are obvious in retrospect, the GPL-GPU Kickstarter was not funded, but that doesn™t mean these developers don™t believe in what they™re doing. The first version of this open source graphics processor has now been released, giving anyone with an interest a look at what a late-90s era GPU looks like on the inside, If you™re cool enough, there™s also enough supporting documentation to build your own.

A quick note for the PC Master Race: this thing might run ¦ Read the rest

Retrotechtacular: Forces Acting On An Airfoil

We™ve probably all experimented with a very clear demonstration of the basic principles of lift: if you™re riding in a car and you put your flattened hand out the window at different angles, your hand will rise and fall like an airplane™s wing, or airfoil. This week™s Retrotechtacular explains exactly how flight is possible through the principles of lift and drag. It™s an Army training documentary from 1941 titled śAerodynamics: Forces Acting on an Air Foilś.

What is an airfoil? Contextually speaking, it™s the shape of an airplane™s wing. In the face of pressure differences acting upon their ¦ Read the rest

A MIPI DSI Display Shield/HDMI Adapter

[Tomasz] tipped us about the well documented MIPI DSI Display Shield / HDMI Adapter he put on hackaday.io. The Display Serial Interface (DSI) is a high speed packet-based interface for delivering video data to recent LCD/OLED displays. It uses several differential data lanes which frequencies may reach 1 GHz depending on the resolution and frame rate required.

The board explained in the above diagram therefore allows any HDMI content to be played on the DSI-enabled scrap displays you may have lying around. It includes a 32MB DDR memory which serves as a frame buffer, so your śslowť Arduino platform ¦ Read the rest

Check out this list of STEM Education Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Now! #makereducation

It™s About Time put together a list of 20 of their favorite STEM podcasts out there right now! Educators craving that end-of-Summer boost to get them back in the zone for the Fall don™t have to look far. While it goes without saying that, over the Summer break, teachers enjoy being inspired by the written [¦]

First-Ever NYC Drone Film Festival Happening in 2015 #ArtTuesday

Drone enthusiast and aerial cinematographer Randy Scott Slavin has created the first-ever drone film festival in NYC, which will be taking place on February 21, 2015. Ruby Love from Fstoppers spoke with Slavin to get more details on his venture: Slavin created the festival after a short film of his, featuring aerial drone footage of [¦]

Black Widow Cosplay

Black Widow has a long history in comics and toys, and Jessienoochies Cosplay decide to make a cosplay based on a Kotobukiya™s bishoujo statue of the character. She spent a little over a month building the costume, and she luckily already had the catsuit and wig on hand from previous costumes. Yes, you should always [¦]

Easily transfer files between your BeagleBone Black and your PC #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg

The folks over at Logic Supply wrote up this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to transfer multiple files from your BeagleBone Black to your PC using WinSCP. Each Tuesday is BeagleBone Black Day here Adafruit! What is the BeagleBone? The BeagleBones are a line of affordable single-board Linux computers (SBCs) created by Texas Instruments. New to [¦]

14 Charming GIFs Made From the Smithsonian™s Steampunk Prints #makereducation

The Smithsonian Museum staff has been creating animated GIFs of their digitized archives to inspire kids™ interest in libraries! The GIFs themselves are truly mini works of art. From Wired: HThe Smithsonian has 20 different museums, each with its own library, and over the past two decades the staff has digitized almost 40,000 of the [¦]

Credit card processor payment service @AuthorizeNet down 12:30pm ET 8/19/2014 – Update: Back up 1:53pm ET

We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience. (2 of 2) ” Authorize.Net (@AuthorizeNet) August 19, 2014 Hey folks “ the credit card processor payment service @AuthorizeNet down 12:30pm ET 8/19/2014 “ you can see the Tweet storm on Twitter. Please use Amazon Payments, Paypal or Bitcoin [¦]

Hackerspace spotlight – Tetalab & Nottinghack – Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Region #hackerspace #makerspace

Adafruit supplies hundreds of hackerspaces and makerspaces around the world with tutorials and great electronics (with great discounts!). We also have a series of articles on how to start your own hackerspace by Eric Michaud. We™re celebrating all of them on the Adafruit blog! Today is Tetalab & Nottinghack from the EMEA region! Tetalab “ [¦]

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