Library Sound Meter

This instructable was created as part of the Instructables Build Night with Chibitronics at MakeICT.We received Chibitronics peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits for an Instructable Build Night. These circuit stickers allow anyone to add effects to just about any item you can think of us...By: MikeD4Continue Reading

New micro light meter for old voigtländer (vito clr) camera

For everyone, who is enthusiastic for old analog cameras with build in light meter, there can appear one problem. Since most of these cameras are build in the 70s/80s, the used foto sensors are really old and may stopped work in a proper way. In this instructable i'll give you the opportunity to cha...By: Marc_EscobaemContinue Reading

DIY Keypad matrix from the principle of operation to implementation

Keypad Matrix !! Ain't that sounds cool. Well that's a very simple voltage divider using resistors of various values .Introduction :Most electronic keyboards used in synthesizers, electronic organs, and digital pianos use a keyboard matrix circuit.Why keypad matrix??Without a matrix circuit, a 61-ke...By: himshekhar.dasContinue Reading

Spline Thieving Makes Hobby Servos Even More Useful

For years the proprietary spline pattern of rc servos has been a dealbreaker for hobbyists who want to add custom shafts and gears to their servos. First, different servo sizes have different spline sizes, and each vendor equips their servos with different patterns. True, some special vendors sell custom gears that mate to these patterns, but, overall, the hard-to-replicate pattern has severely limited the output options for servos.

This pattern didnt deter [JB], however. With some clever CAD skills, and two working implementations, hes demonstrated that these spline patterns can be (1) harvested and (2) added into custom components, opening read more

Autonomous Vehicle-Following Vehicle

Humanity has taken one step closer to Skynet becoming fully aware. [Ahmed], [Muhammad], [Salman], and [Suleman] have created a vehicle that can chase another vehicle as part of their senior design project. Now its just a matter of time before the machines take over.

The project itself is based on a gasoline-powered quad bike that the students first converted to electric for the sake of their project. It uses a single webcam to get information about its surroundings. This isa plus because it frees the robot from needing a stereoscopic camera or any other complicated equipment like a radar read more

Give your Multimeter a Wireless Remote Display

Multimeters are one of the key tools in a hardware hackers bench. For 90% of us, the meter leads are perfect for making measurements and looking over at the results. Sometimes you need a bit more distance though, and for that, [Ken Kaarvik] has created theMultimeter remote display. Remote displays are pretty handy when you want to measure something several feet away from your bench. Theyre also great if you need to check something in an enclosed space, like a server rack or a refrigerator. Fluke actually sells multimeters with wireless displays, such as their model233.

The key read more

Army Open Sources Cyber Defense Code

The Army has open sourced code to detect cyber attacks. via Science Blog: The forensic analysis code called Dshell has been used, for nearly five years, as a framework to help the U.S. Army understand the events of compromises of Department of Defense networks. A version of Dshell was added to the GitHub social coding []

Coder Creates the Smallest Game of Chess

Coder Olivier Poudade created BootChess, the smallest chess computer game in the world. via BBC: BootChess is only 487 bytes in size, and the code can be run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. That makes it smaller than 1K ZX Chess a Sinclair ZX81 computer game, which contained 672 bytes of []

Meta Raises $23M in Series A Funding #makerbusiness @metaglasses #AugmentedReality

FinSMEs Meta Raises $23M in Series A Funding. Meta, a Portola Valley, CA-based developer of Augmented Reality glasses, raised $23m in Series A funding. The round was led by Horizon Ventures, Tim Draper, BOE Optoelectronics and Y Combinator partners Garry Tan and Alexis Ohanian, Danhua Capital, Commodore Partners and Zappos Founder Tony Hsiechs Vegas []

Looping storm GIFs by Mike Hollingshead

Looping Storm Gifs.

Papier Mache Dragon by Dan Reeder

Post by Gourmet Paper Mache Dan Reeder. Papier Mache Dragon Trophy Gourmet Paper Mache Dan Reeder.

“When someone asks you if you are a goddess, you say YES” #ghostbusters by @Khallion

When someone asks you if you are a goddess, you say YES by Karen Hallion.

Intel Edison I.R. Break Beam Sensor

Intel Edison Arduino I.R. Break Beam Sensor Parts Intel Edison Arduino sensor L.E.D. used the I.R. break beam sensor (, but you can r...By: tankapotamusContinue Reading

Intel Edison Arduino Motor Shield DC Motor

DC Motor running on Intel Edison Arduino with Arduino Motor Shield Parts Intel Edison Arduino: Motor Shield: motor (I'm sure you have one laying around, so I'm not bothering to Google a link) ...By: tankapotamusContinue Reading

Offshore Startups Development

Nowadays there is hardly any need keeping in-house IT specialists, since virtually any IT project can be assigned to an offshore company. Indeed, consistent work of computer systems, as well as software development can be provided by offshore specialists. The benefits of IT outsourcing are numerous and evident and many Continue reading

Capacitor Discharger

This circuit is tested by me for many years and I think it is a good idea to share it with you. The original author could be found at the link bellow: you need to make the circuit: 8 pcs diodes : 1N4007 (depending on your requirement could this diode b...By: mjm2008Continue Reading

Manipulating Accelerometer Data In LabVIEW

This is a group of instructables that go over how to read data from an acceleromter, filter it, plot the g-force vectors, and estimate tilt angles. Setting up LabVIEW to interface with chipKIT Simple Accelerometer In labVIEW Filtering Accelerometer Noise In labVIEW Plotting 2d and 3d ...By: dacook13Continue Reading

Electronic Rubber Band Shooter

This is a electronic rubber band shooter using a littleBits kit. Parts Needed You will need:A block of wood [about 2 1/2 by 8 inches long]Double sided foam tape and scissorsRubber bandslittleBits parts ( moduleButton moduleServo moduleServo motorBattery Build the C...By: picklewomanContinue Reading

CNC Plotter Uses Only the Good DVD Drive Parts

It wasnt that long ago that wanting to own your own 3D printer meant learning as much as you possibly could about CNC machines and then boostrapping your first printer. Now you can borrow time on one pretty easily, and somewhat affordably buy your own. If you take either of these routes you dont need to know much about CNC, but why not use the tool to learn? This is what [Wootin24] did when building a 3D printed plotter with DVD drive parts.

Plotters made from scrapped floppy,optical drives, and printers are a popular hand, and well worth a read more

Rocking a New Sound for Guitar

Weve seen inventive sound hacking from [Jeremy Bell] before on Hackaday. You may remember reading a few months agoabout how heinvented a new wayto produce that familiar effect DJs create when scratching records. By clippingsamples from cassette tapes and stretching them across a set of short rails, he was able to refashion the audio pickup to glide over the tape at his fingertips. With a clothes pin wrapped in strips of foil teetering over a contact, he had aresponsive tactile switch to aid in producing the cuttingneeded to carve out a beat.

Since then, read more

Emergency Power Based on Cordless Drill Batteries

[Don Eduardo] took matters into his own hands after experiencing a days-long power outage at his house. And like most of us have done at least one, he managed to burn his fingers on a regulator in the process. Thats because he prototyped a way to use power tool batteries as an emergency source basing his circuit on a 7812 linear regulator which got piping hot in no time flat.

His next autodidactic undertaking carried him into the realm of switch-mode buck converters (learn a bit about theseif unfamiliar). The device steps down the ~18V output to12V read more

Chinese art with retro objects like CRT TV‘s and tape deck…

Chinese art with retro objects like CRT TVs and tape deck Chinese artist Ma Jun has created a series of fantastic porcelain art objects combining Chinese art with retro objects like CRT TVs and tape decks.

Isaac Asimov RadioShack ads @radioshack

Huh, there were once Asimov RadioShack ads.

Project Euler Publishes 500th Problem

Project Euler hit an amazing milestone with the publication of its 500th problem! If you havent seen Project Euler before, its a collection of math and computer science problems you can solve to learn about algorithm design and implementation. If youre learninga new programming language Project Euler is a great resource for problemsto try []

The Paris Review’s Interview with Ray Bradbury #SciFiSunday

Back in 2010, The Paris Review interviewed one of science fictions legendary authors, Ray Bradbury, who died two years later. While all of the Paris Reviews interviews provide wonderful insight into the minds of the greatest writers of our time, Bradburys is a true gem. We recommend reading it in its entirety but see below []

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