555 PWM Controller

The following instructions are intended to guide the assembly of a kit project you may have purchased from me at a Maker Faire or that you put together yourself here: Components & PCB. The purpose of this project is to learn a bit about hobby electronics, teach yourself some soldering and have u...By: jjveleberContinue Reading »

breakout boards

breadboard projects Make an Oscilloscope Using the SainSmart Mega2560 with the TFT LCD shield and the 3.5 "color touch screen lcd integration ARDUINO SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER (PWM) solar charge controller Sound Reactive LED Strip sound input light output Giant Two-Digit Countdown Clock le...By: nandoPContinue Reading »

The Computer Without A CPU

[Jeff Laughton] was contacted by a customer that was interested in adding some automated functions to a printing press. Before eventually settling on a microcontroller for the job, [Jeff] went old school and started looking at logic gates, counters, and flip-flops. This lead him to the Motorola 14500 industrial control unit, a minimal processor with only 16 instructions. After a few ˜back of the napkin™ sketches, he came up with an extremely minimal computer that doesn™t use a microprocessor. It™s an interesting design notable not only for its electronic brevity, but also because it only uses one instruction.

The ¦ Read the rest

Blinky LED Necklace That Actually Looks Chic

[Agy] a fabric hacker in Singapore has made a chic light sensitive LED necklace, and written up the tutorial on her blog  Green Issues by Agy. The lovely thing about this hack is that it doesn™t look like a breadboard round her neck, and most of the non-electronic components have been upcycled. [Agy] even used Swarovski crystals as LED diffusers for extra bling.

Using a LilyPad Arduino with a light sensor and a few LEDs, [Agy's] circuit is not complicated. She seems to be just branching out in to wearable tech, so it is nice that she learnt to ¦ Read the rest

Sci-Fi Contest Roundup: Stargate

The 90s were a remarkable time for Sci-Fi movies, in that there actually were sci-fi movies, and not sequels to a reboot of yet another comic book movie. One of the breakout hits from this era was Stargate, the film and three syndicated television series. With a corpus this large, a few Stargate builds made it into our Sci Fi contest, and from the looks of things, they™re pretty cool.

The Ma™Tok Staff

The Ma™Tok staff is an energy weapon used by Jaffa warriors that fires a concentrated plasma bust over 70 yards. While we question the utility ¦ Read the rest

The Egg Painter

The Easter tradition of dying eggs is practiced by people all over the world, but in Ciocanesti, a small village in Romania™s northern region of Bukovina, this tradition has evolved into an art form.


EGGS by peregrin71 on deviantART.

The Darwin Toolbox at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

I talked to Philip Boeing from UCL about the Darwin Toolbox”an affordable biotechnology laboratory in a compact toolbox-size container that should allow you to get started doing real DIY genetics at home.

Read more on MAKE

Wall-E the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

Dale Wood”a maker from Zimbabwe that now lives here in Scotland”has built a life-sized replica of Disney's WALL-E robot and it's on display at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire.

Read more on MAKE

What should I see at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire?

I caught up with Maaroof Fakhri”one of the organisers' of today mini Maker Faire and asked him what you should see if you're coming to the faire.

Read more on MAKE

The Edinburgh Tool Library at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

You can't own every tool, and even if you're lucky enough to be a member of a hackspace or makerspace, you can't take them home if they do. Which is where the Edinburgh Tool Library comes in, it's a new charity that not only wants to lend you tools, but teach you how to use them.

Read more on MAKE

Making stuff with SplatForm at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

I talked to Evan Lind”the inventor of SplatForm, a new free-form social toy system”about it, and what it's actually supposed to be for, and how he came up with the idea in the first place.

Read more on MAKE

Underwater ROV at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

Martin Evans builds underwater ROV™s and he brought three different type of ROV here to the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire and I took the opportunity to talk to Martin about his builds.

Read more on MAKE

Flexible Arduino Sure to Be A Hit


Wearable, lightweight hacks have long been dominated by the Lilypad. This will probably change with the introduction of the Printoo. Using printable circuit technology, the Printoo takes a modular approach to enable hackers, makers, and engineers alike to construct flexible circuits that can be put on almost anything, including paper!

Powered by the all too familiar ATmega328, the Printoo core module is fully compatible with the Ardunio IDE. The modular design enables functionality with several other printed devices including displays, batteries, sensors and even LED strips to make many different projects possible. One of the most interesting modules ¦ Read the rest

Filament Extruder Pumps Out 1kg/hour!

3D printers are awesome, and while the plastic filament may not be as much as a rip off as printer ink (yet), it™s still marked up at least 500%! If you really want to break free, you™re going to need your own filament extruder.

ABS, a typical printing material, will run you about $30 USD per kilogram. Don™t get us wrong, that will go a long way ” but did you know ABS pellets (technically processed MORE than filament) can be as cheap as $3-4/kg?

What if you could buy the pellets, and make your own filament with them? If ¦ Read the rest

Make a 3D Scanner for 60€ Using Old Hardware

[Till Handel] just put the finishing touches on a paper he wrote about how to build a cheap 3D scanner ” mostly out of spare parts.

Using parts from old printers and notebooks, he™s cobbled together this rather rough-looking laser scanner. But don™t be fooled by its looks! It™s capable of scanning 360° around itself at distances from 0.3 “ 5m, making it an excellent candidate for scanning rooms.

It uses a line laser and a webcam mounted on an arm driven by a stepper motor, which looks like it™s out of an old optical drive. An Arduino Uno and ¦ Read the rest

The Invention of the Aerobie & the AeroPress #makerbusiness

The Invention of the AeroPress. Among coffee aficionados, the AeroPress is a revelation. A small, $30 plastic device that resembles a plunger makes what many consider to be the best cup of coffee in the world. Proponents of the device claim that drinks made with the AeroPress are more delicious than those made with thousand-dollar [¦]

Genetically Engineered Trees Make Paper and Biofuel More Easily

Researchers at UBC have created a tree with a modified polymer that allows for easier paper making and biofuel production. This achievement means reduced chemical use, fewer environmental impacts, and less energy needed when these trees are used for the purposes of paper and biofuel production. From UBC News: œOne of the largest impediments for [¦]

The IRS explains their use of computers, circa 1961

Imagine the uproar when the IRS went to computers back in the 1960s. In their short film Right on the Button, the IRS tries to convince the public to get with the times. via Network World: From today™s National Archives blog on the topic: œWhen the IRS began using computers in 1961, many people were [¦]

Pyro Board: 2D Rubens’ Tube

Sune Nielsen from Fysikshow Aarhus shows off the Pyro Board, which is a 2D Rubens™ Tube. These beats are on fire! via Veritasium: Rubens™ Tube is an awesome demo and here we take it to the next level with a two-dimensional ˜Pyro Board™. This shows unique standing wave patters of sound in the box. The [¦]

Honda’s Dancing Humanoid Robot

Watch the Astounding Dexterity of Honda™s Dancing Humanoid Robot Gadget Lab WIRED. Even in today™s rapidly evolving world of technology, there are few things that make your jaw drop when you see them in real life. Honda™s ASIMO is one of those things.

Internet of Things – When phoning home breaks everything

Adafruit is working on a few Internet of Things products, services and more “ we™re thinking carefully about the best and open way to do this as you™d expect. We started with an Internet of Things Bill of Rights. We believe Internet of Things devices should all come with a well established expectation of what [¦]

Co2 detecting and display in an outlet with an OLED

Co2 detecting and display in an outlet with an OLED. timv1 in the Adafruit customer support forums writes- Concerning the monitoring of the CO2 I™ll share an idea for displaying it. Wanted to keep it all inside an outlet that could be used to power a solenoid connected to the CO2 tank. Due to space [¦]

Wall Following Robot Car

NOTE: This project may only have 5 steps, which may seem short, but in all honesty it's long. There are some exasperatedly long photo click throughs mind you. . BTW Please vote I'd appreciate it very much. PSS: There will be some videos up later running through how this thing was built. //...By: tisaconundrumContinue Reading »

Roll up, roll up for the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

Back for a second year the Edinburgh mini-Maker Faire is bigger and brighter than ever, and I'll be reporting live from the faire all day here at the Summerhall in Edinburgh.

Read more on MAKE

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