The Hackaday Prize: Unofficial Statistics

Hackaday Prize entries over time. You people really know how to procrastinate. Click to embiggen.

What is the Hackaday crew doing this weekend? Judging Hackaday Prize entries, of course! We need to pare down the hundreds of entries we received to 50 primo entries for the quarterfinals round. We™re going to be slammed the entire weekend, so don™t expect any news on who™s in and who™s out of the competition until Monday.

Each of us has about 15 hours of video to go through (multiply the number of entries by two minutes. It™s a lot), and of course we need ¦ Read the rest

Introducing Hat a Day! Not to be Confused With the Real HaD of Course¦

With the release of the Raspberry Pi B+ model comes a whole slew of extra GPIO connectors, a whopping 40 of them in fact ” Almost double the original B model! A HAT stands for Hardware Attached on Top, and Adafruit is celebrating by trying to create a new hat, every day.

A HAT is a rectangular board measuring 65x56mm with mounting holes for the Raspberry Pi B+ and a 40 pin GPIO header. That doesn™t sound too special by itself, but two of the header pins are reserved for a special auto-configuration system that allows your Pi to ¦ Read the rest

Stewart Platform Ball Bearing Balancer

For their Mechanical Engineering senior design project at San Jose State University, [Tyler Kroymann] and [Robert Dee] designed and built a racing motion simulator. Which is slightly out of the budget of most hackers, so before they went full-scale, a more affordable Arduino powered Stewart platform proof of concept was built. Stewart platforms typically use six electric or hydraulic linear actuators to provide motion in six degrees of freedom (6 DOF), surge (X), sway (Y), heave (Z), pitch, roll, and yaw. With a simple software translation matrix, to account for the angular displacement of the servo arm, you can ¦ Read the rest

NEW PRODUCTS – PLA / ABS – Filament for 3D Printers – 1.75mm / 3mm – 1KG – Black / Silver / White

NEW PRODUCTS “ PLA / ABS “ Filament for 3D Printers “ 1.75mm / 3mm “ 1KG “ Black / Silver / White Having a 3D printer without filament is sort of like having a regular printer without paper or ink. And while a lot of printers come with some filament there™s a good chance [¦]

NEW PRODUCT – Adafruit Proto Shield for Arduino Kit – Stackable Version R3

NEW PRODUCT “ Adafruit Proto Shield for Arduino Kit “ Stackable Version R3 This prototyping shield is the best out there (well, we think so, at least), and now is even better with Version R3 “ updated for the most compatibility with just about all the Arduinos! It works with UNO, Mega, Leonardo, NG, Diecimila, [¦]

DIY CD Hovercraft #SaturdayMorningCartoons

Make an awesome hovercraft with just a ballon, dish soap nozzle and glue! via Howtoons Read more Each Saturday Morning here at Adafruit is Saturday Morning Cartoons! Be sure to check our cartoon and animated posts both nostalgic and new that inspire makers of all ages! You™ll find how-tos for young makers, approaches to learning [¦]

How Life On Earth Began #SaturdayMorningCartoons

How life on earth began via youtube What was the last shared ancestor of all life like? How did it make its living? A radical new answer could explain some of the most mysterious features of life Read more Each Saturday Morning here at Adafruit is Saturday Morning Cartoons! Be sure to check our cartoon [¦]

Engineers Day 2014 at the Museum of Life and Science

On Saturday August 16th nearly two thousand people (mostly families with young children) came to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham North Carolina to attend the annual œEngineers Day event. Every year the museum hosts a day of hands-on activities and workshops that promote the profession of engineering. […]

Read more on MAKE

Numitron Tube Watch With 3D Printed Case

Inventor Johannes designed his own watch using Numitron tubes mounted to 900 soldered PCBs. The watches case was 3D printed using transparent PLM filament.

Read more on MAKE

Cider Makers Battle: It™s On Like Diddy Kong

This weekend in sunny Kent, England, it™s an epic battle of traditional cider pressing versus modern juicing machines. Muscle versus motor. œSlow food versus labor-saving device. Who™ll make the most cider? The best cider? Only one way to find out.

Read more on MAKE

Cool Crowdfunding August 22nd: 10 Projects to Check Out Before They™re Over

We get tons of emails about cool crowdfunding projects. There’s no way we could write about all of them individually, so we thought we would collect a few to share with you. These are in no particular order and are all currently active.   Nomiku #2 The first one was […]

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Only 8 Days Left!

Just a reminder to all you Pyros out there: there are just 8 days left to enter the Pyro POV Contest! If you™re not sure how to build a POV device, no problem, PyroEDU has you covered! Check out our latest lesson Course 5: FPGA and CPLD » Lesson 9: Design a Handheld POV to [¦]

DIY USB Keyboard led Light for Your Laptop (Backlit)

I have made this USB powered LED Lamp by using 1w Blue color Super LED Resistor in series.. Very simple and useful looks just like Backlit Keyboard.. If you like it, please hit like & Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.. More Tutorials Coming soon. By: Rahib172Continue Reading »

Fear and Loathing at DEFCON 22

Nothing says œWelcome to Vegas like a massive turbulence on a plane full of drunk people who, instead of holding on to their seats, frantically laugh and shout œwe™re all going to die! At 105 Fahrenheit outside, the heat was getting into everyone™s head. After a bumpy touchdown, the in-flight entertainment system rebooted, and a black terminal screen flashed onto everyone™s face:

RedBoot(tm) bootstrap and debug environment [RAM] (MAS eFX) release, version ("540060-212" v "0.1.02") - built 12:00:35, Nov 19 2004

Now, that was a beautiful sight “ an IFE system that hadn™t been updated for almost a decade. For ¦ Read the rest

Plan B: An Open Source Powder Based 3D Printer

3D printers come in all shapes and sizes. Most widely known is the FDM (fused deposition modeling) style, which was the easiest to adapt to a consumer grade machine. We™re still waiting for widespread availability of some of the more advanced 3D printing technologies ” so you can guess how excited we were when [Yvo de Haas] dropped us a line on his open-source powder based 3D printer!

Powder based 3D printing is one of the most economic and easy to use technologies in the commercial industry because of one wonderful thing ” no support material required! They work by ¦ Read the rest

Hacklet #12 “ Last Minute Hackaday Prize Submissions

If hackers and engineers are notorious for anything, it™s for procrastinating. Many of us wait until the absolute last-minute to get things done. The Hackaday Prize has proved to be no exception to that. Anyone watching the newest projects could see the entries fly in the last few days. Let™s take a quick look at a few.

[Cyrus Tabrizi] submitted Handuino just a few short hours before the deadline. Handuino is an Arduino based human interface device. You can use it to control anything from R/C cars to 3D printers, to robots to Drones. Input is through the joystick, switches, ¦ Read the rest

Internet steam gauge: a pressure gauge to display internet usage #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Check out this cool project from Ed Konowal. Via Hack a day. Internet usage is typically measured in Mb/s (Megabits per second) and dispalyed as a graph on a monitor or smartphone. In this project I™ve taken the same data and translated it to a real world gauge. A steam pressure gauge from the early [¦]

Raspberry Pi Internet Radio Player Tutorial @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi

This tutorial from Spencer Organ shows you how to build an internet radio using a Raspberry Pi and an Adafruit PiTFT 2.8³ TFT+Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi! (via recantha) This project is based around the 2.8 touch screen from adafruit. The full details of building and setting up the touch screen can be found on the [¦]

Neat solid metal light switches & dimmers

HOOKED “ Buster + Punch. ELECTRICITY is a range of solid metal light switches & dimmers “ diamond-cut knurled to feel amazing with every touch. Very cool.

Multi-Datacenter Cassandra on 32 Raspberry Pis #piday #RaspberryPi @Raspberry_Pi

Thanks so much to Daniel for sending in this project! Read more here. Here at Datastax, my fellow intern Daniel Chin and I built a 32 node DataStax Enterprise cluster running on Raspberry Pi™s! We are showcasing the always on, fault tolerant nature of Cassandra by letting anybody take down an entire data center with [¦]

Titanfall IMC Pilot Cosplay

The pilots of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) in Titanfall operate Titans. It™s a little like pilots who operate Jaegers in Pacific Rim. Cosplayer Craft Access spent at least a month building a replica of the pilot costume from foam and acrylics: Main construction is mix of 3,4,5mm foams and some details are using 3,4mm [¦]

Make A The Rubik’s Cube Solver With Raspberry Pi And Popsicle Sticks #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Make a rubik™s cube solver with Raspberry pi and popsicle sticks. by matt2uy via instructables So here is a project I™ve been working on for a while¦ This robot that can solve a Rubik™s cube using Arduino. I learned how to solve a Rubiks cube last year, and I was also into Arduino, so eventually [¦]

The Making of the Raspberry Pi Juggling Pin Management System #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

High school sophomore Lauren Egts describes how she lit up a jugglers performance using a Raspberry Pi. Flashing pins are spinning tens of feet into the air on a pitch dark stage. It™s a juggling performance. All of the pins are perfectly synchronized to flash different colors in time to the music. It™s part of [¦]

DEF CON 22 Talk: Weaponizing Your Pets

Gene Bransfield gave an excellent talk at the 22nd DEF CON conference that took place a few weeks ago in Las Vegas.  The topic is how to make a ˜war kitteh™ and ˜denial of service dog™ that sniff out and attack WiFi networks around the neighborhood: WarKitteh: In my job I have to deliver frequent Information Security [¦]

Make A Raspberry Pi Parent Detector #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Make a video triggering motion detector with Raspberry Pi. via A Raspberry Pi is so small that it can easily be hidden; that makes it the perfect tool for this kind of project. The basic idea is to use motion detection to trigger video recording via the Raspberry Pi Camera Board. You can then [¦]

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  2. DIY CD Hovercraft #SaturdayMorningCartoons
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  4. NEW PRODUCTS – PLA / ABS – Filament for 3D Printers – 1.75mm / 3mm – 1KG – Black / Silver / White
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