Impianto fotovoltaico stand alone (stand alone fotovoltaic plant)

ciao a tutti, vi mostro come realizzare un impianto fotovoltaico stand alone, cioè non collegato alla rete nazionale, è ideale per applicazioni in luoghi remoti dove non è possibile allacciarsi alla rete elettrica. il costo totale dell'impianto fai da te da 30w si aggira su 100/150 euro, il che lo r...By: stefano328Continue Reading

Introducing the Solder Sucker 9000

Using a regular plunger style solder sucker is tedious at best, and usually not that effective. If youre trying to salvage components off a PCB, sometimes it can take longer than its worth to do short of reflowing the entire board that is! But what if you had something to desolder individual components faster?

After getting fed up with his cheap plunger-based solder sucker, [electro1622] decided to try a different tactic. He reuses components from old PCBs all the time, so he tried something a bit unorthodox to remove them. Compressed air.

Now lets just preface this withit read more

Hard Drive Speakers?

Speakers really arent that complex to make. In fact, if youre clever about it, you can make a speaker out of just about anything. [Afroman] is kicking it old school with a hack he first did back in 2001, but now, in video form: Make your own HDD Speaker!

All you need is an old hard drive you dont care about anymore, a bit of flexible wire, and an externally powered amplifier (no your cellphone will not work!). If you dont have an amp, [Afroman] even has a tutorial so you can build your own Class D Amplifier on a read more

Nixie inspired 7 segment display

The supply of Nixie tubes from east European stock piles is still enough to keep their prices down. But once those start dwindling, prices will move north. Besides, if you want to use them, you need to work with high voltage supplies and worry about not getting zapped while trying to debug a circuit. [FilleK] had some time to spare and decided to build a cheaper substitute for a real nixie tubeusing a regular 7 segment LED display.

We have already seen this hackbefore, in the Arduino-based ENIGMA replica. But [FilleK] improved on that by adding an extra read more

Biomimicry Site Helps You Find The Best Solution In Nature To Your Design Problem #Biomimicry

AskNature makes it easier to get bio inspiration for your project. It allows you to type in your design problem to get natures solutions. ask nature AskNature is the worlds most comprehensive catalog of natures solutions to human design challenges. This curated online library features free information on more than 1,800 (and growing!) natural phenomena []

Using a Bra to Make a Breastplate

This post falls into the category of ideas that have been around a while but are new to me. I recently stumbled across an old (but still useful) tutorial on Junipers Hunter about using a bra for the basis of a breastplate. The breastplate was part of a valkyrie costume she made for Halloween in []

Wireless bone conduction headset (headphones) #WearableWednesday

Thanks to Daniel for sending in his great project! Via Instructables. In this Instructable we are going to make a solar wireless headphones that use bone conduction speakers to play music. This headphones are capable of control the multimedia player basic functions and also have a built in microphone to allow take calls. The solar []

Clothes to Deploy for Uncomfortable Situations #WearableWednesday

Imagine this, youre a start-up attending your first business card exchange. Youre in your zone, with speaking points ready to go and pockets stuffed with original laser cut business cards, but then the reality sets in. Everyone is already clustered in little groups conversing among themselves, and there you are left alone. Its an awkward []


I made this as an extension to my ARDUINO TIMELAPSE SHIELD. its an endless servo mounted to a skateboard wheelset.So everytime the timelapse shield turns a step, the dolly drives 3mm. FRONT AXLE the main/front axle is built f...By: InevitableCraftsLabContinue Reading

Servos pan and tilt with joystick

Basically I wrote a small code to control servo's with an analog joystick.I wrote it because I couldn't any or any explanation how to do it (or I didn't search right), and that's also why I'm uploading it.This is my first upload ever here so bare with me.I wanted to move a camera on the top of the s...By: mars_crashContinue Reading


Based on Arduino DueInspired by NestFeature :Temperature and Humidity, Light Sensor,Smoke sensor, alarm, led, text indication and time display on LCD.Allow Bluetooth connection on Android device so you can read more detail and control an LED on the unit to on/off. LCD navigation buttons will give mo...By: AdiM3Continue Reading

Frequency Management: Dont Wreck Your Neighbors Drone

As the FPV drone flying grows and grows, it’s easy to expect more people showing up at your local gatherings. In general, that’s great for the community, but it can result in some serious difficulties keeping the radio wavesclear for active pilots. Poorly managed frequencies can turn any FPV meetup […]

Read more on MAKE

Lego PlayStation Vita TV

Here lies the Legofied PlayStation TV [Vita TV]!I'll be giving this away in a few weeks, but in the meantime - check out the time lapse footage of the build.I'll make a step-by-step guide if I end up buying another one and will show the easy process of taking the device apart, woo. =] SorryAboutYourCatsContinue Reading

Vibration sensor with no moving parts

This is a Forrest Mim's III Original!Simple vibration and motion sensors can be made using a pendulum switch, mercury switch or one of many other methods. This kit uses no moving parts to detect vibration. Instead, a piezo speaker element is used as a sensitive vibration sensor.Parts List:IC, LTC...By: JamecoElectronicsContinue Reading

Retrotechtacular: Crystals Go to War

More than one of our readers suggested we highlight thisbeautifully-shot process documentaryabout the laborious and precise manufacturing of piezoelectric quartz crystals in the early 1940s. Just a few years later, Bell Labs would perfect a method of growing synthetic crystals, sending droves of brave men and daintily-handed women from the Reeves Sound Laboratories to the unemployment line.

Early radio equipmentrelied upon tuned or L-C circuits for clocking. Thesewere prone to drift by a few kHz, which prompted the use of crystal oscillators for stable frequencies in the 1920s. The lives of our armed forces and those read more

X-Carve, The Logical Upgrade To A Shapeoko

When it comes to small CNC carving machines for hackerspaces and extremely well-equipped garages, the Shapeoko, or something like it, has been the default machine. Its dead simple a Dremel attached to linear rails and is useful for everything from milling PCBs to routing complex woodworking project to plotting designs with a pen. Now, [Bart Dring], the guy behind the lasers and Inventables have teamed up to create the next generation of carving machines. Its called the X-Carve, and while its fully compatible with the Shapeoko 2, it adds a few improvements that make for a much read more

Using Docker On #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg

Using Docker on Beaglebone Black. via instructables In 2014 I watched new single-board-computers enter the market. I am very fond of the Raspberry Pi project and I am using RPi for quite some time now as you can see from my previous posts on my website. Now I am curious about the differences. I am []

Solar-Powered Airplane Prepares for Around-the-World Flight #SolarPower

Solar powered airplane prepares for groundbreaking around-the-world flight. via ecowatch When Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first sustained, powered, heavier-than-air flight at the turn of the 20th century, few people who werent science fiction enthusiasts envisioned that their small craft was the precursor of a major mode of international transportation. So its probably best []

Make Your Own Desktop LED Lamp #makereducation

This desk lamp tutorial from Saiyam would make a great classroom project! Desktop lamps are very useful and present in every persons house. People use them for reading and studying. CFL lamps are the most commonly used table lamps but the problem with them is that they take too much power and they need to []

Fierce Red Sonja Cosplay

When I was little, I was obsessed with the 1985 Red Sonja film. It was an action/fantasy movie starring Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and as a kid, I thought it was the bees knees. Im afraid to rewatch it because I have a feeling it wont hold up and Id rather leave my happy []

Art in Island: Asia’s Biggest Trick Art Museum #ArtTuesday

Art in Island is the biggest trick art museum in Asia where museum goers can be part of the exhibits. Also known as optical art or 3D art, trick art are mostly two-dimensional images that give the illusion of the third dimension: depth. Art in Island has over 50 trick art murals painted by a []

Beaglebone Black PMIC for battery backup #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg

Interlock Rochester contributor antitree shows us how to charge BeagleBone Black off of li-po batteries with the built-in Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC). Having a battery connected to your board gives you the ability to do things like making a UPS for you beaglebone so in the case of a power loss, it can politely []

It’ll Be A Lot Harder To Cut Class With This Classroom Facial-Recognition App #makereducation

Though I think this is really cool idea, part of me is relieved this did not exist back in the stone age when I attended college. From FastCoExist: Under pressure to prove the value of sky-high tuition fees, many colleges are getting tough on classroom attendance. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a series []

TetraBIN: 8-bit style interactive trash bin to inspire eco-awareness #ArtTuesday

Thanks to Steven for sending in this really cool looking project! TetraBIN uses custom-built electronics and LED panels to re-imagine an every day rubbish bin It was designed to promote sustainable behaviors and playful experiences in the city. People from the general public can battle each other as well. Kids will see their pieces of []

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Photos #ArtTuesday

The folks at Tested paid a visit to Jim Hensons Creature Shop in Los Angeles and took some great photos. We were extremely privileged to visit the Los Angeles branch of the legendary Jim Henson Creature Shop, where fabricators, animators, and puppeteers carry on the craft made famous by Henson. Our video interview with the []

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  2. Servos pan and tilt with joystick
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