Easy Flyback Driver

This is an easy to make Flyback driver that can produce arcs of high voltage electricity, even plasma! I built this driver entirely out of parts from an old tv that my friend and I took apart a few weeks ago, with the exception of the mounting board and the wire nuts. What You Will Need 1x Flybac...By: TheBigMac08Continue Reading »

the Plant Shelf mini

hello world,I am the plant shelf mini. I am currently in beta testing stage. I am stable but I need upgrades. ..what is a plant shelf mini? plant shelf mini is a smart shelf designed to display and keep plants healthy. with the help of a microcontroller and sensors, the plant shelf mini alerts the u...By: Akin YildizContinue Reading »

THP Semifinalist: Autonomous Recharging For Multirotors

Even with visions of quadcopters buzzing around metropolitan areas delivering everything from pizzas to toilet paper fresh in the minds of tech blogospherites, There™s been a comparatively small amount of research into how to support squadrons of quadcopters and other unmanned aerial vehicles. The most likely cause of this is the FAA™s reactionary position towards UAVs. Good thing [Giovanni] is performing all his research for autonomous recharging and docking for multirotors in Australia, then.

The biggest obstacle of autonomous charging of a quadcopter is landing a quad exactly where the charging station is; run of the mill GPS units only ¦ Read the rest

GPS Tracker Tracks Your Stolen Bike

Bikes are great for cruising through congested cities but there is a serious downside to pedaling your two-wheeler around¦ bike theft. It™s a big deal, for example, yearly estimates for stolen bikes in NYC are in the 60,000 “ 100,000 range. Only an extremely small percentage of those are ever recovered. [stbennett] just got himself a halfway decent bike and is not too interested in having it stolen, and if it is stolen, he wants a way to find it so he built himself a GPS tracker for his bike.

The entire project is Arduino-based. It uses a GSM ¦ Read the rest

Homemade Portable Gold Mining Trommel

[TheJogdredge] has been testing out his new gold washing machines that he made at home. By running dirt laced with rocks through his DIY devices, gold and precious materials can be filtered through. A video of the process can be seen embedded below.

The entire gold mining system is 100% homemade and is powered by a dependable Honda GX120 motor. The machines are meant to be easily lugged around from site to site and were designed with portability in mind.

No plastic parts were used in the system, making these trommels extremely durable and sturdy. Roughly, the rig weighs about ¦ Read the rest

Lady “Daft Punk” – coming soon! (video)

Lady śDaft Punkť “ coming soon! (video).

Glitched Images You™d Never Think Were Photographs #ArtTuesday

Glitched Images You™d Never Think Were Photographs. From WIRED: It™s almost impossible to tell the swirling images in Supranav Dash™s Pixel Studies used to be portraits. That™s because they™ve been processed through layer upon layer of glitch and filter apps that make them look like they just got fired through a particle accelerator. With Instagram [¦]

Adafruit distributer spotlight: Newark element14 & RobotShop ” North America @Newarkelement14 @RobotShop

Newark element14 ” U.S. Newark element14 is a high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair. Bringing together the latest products, services, and development software, all connected to an innovative online engineering community where purchasers and engineers can access peers and experts, a wide range of independent technical [¦]

Adafruit is expanding… (video) #hyperlapse

Adafruit will be more than doubling our factory facilities in 2014 “ stay tuned, we™ll have a post about this soon! More space, more people, more manufacturing! Above is quick run through of some of the new space!

Researchers Develop Solar Cells From Old Car Batteries #SolarPower

Researchers develop solar cells from old car batteries. by Lisa Winter via IFScience When clean energy is involved, there™s nothing quite as sweet as killing two environmentally-hazardous birds with one stone. Scientists at MIT have developed a technique that can create a solar cell from old car batteries. Not only are car batteries a great [¦]

3D Printed War Machine Cosplay

No one tell Tony Stark, but it™s possible to make armor with a 3D printer and a couple thousand dollars. Redditor captain8ball™s friend, transcoder, made this War Machine cosplay for Dragon Con with a Prusa i3v 3D printer. He designed all the parts and plans to release the files soon. The face plate is attached [¦]

CadSoft EAGLE & Adafruit

We just got some news in from our friends at CadSoft! 10 months after entering into its current reseller agreement with CadSoft Computer, Adafruit has grown to be one of the largest resellers of EAGLE worldwide, and is currently the largest in the Americas!

Backpack Anti-Theft Alarm

If you're a student, like me, then you have heard of all the theft that occurs on campuses today. I can't even leave my backpack alone for five minutes without worrying about it getting stolen. To ease my mind and to help fellow students, I've designed a backpack ant-theft alarm. When activated, th...By: bergerabContinue Reading »

New Project: Fused Filament Fiddle

3D-print a full-size electric violin, then plug in and play. The F-F-Fiddle (pronounced EFF-EFF-Fiddle) is a full-size electric violin, designed in Autodesk™s Fusion 360, that can be made on a desktop 3D printer ” the fused-filament fabrication (FFF) type. All parts can be printed without support material, and the finished […]

Read more on MAKE

NYC is MAD for Makers

When you're in NYC later this month for the 5th annual World Maker Faire, be sure to put NYC Makers on your itinerary of extracurricular activities. This exhibition at the Museum of Arts & Design features works by 100 makers from all five boroughs of New York City.

Read more on MAKE

Maker Pro Newsletter ” 08.28.14

As a Make: Newsletter subscriber, we think you’ll like the Maker Pro Newsletter, about the impact of makers on business and technology. Weekly coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, and innovators, along with technology and market trends. Subscribe today. “Exceptional execution is usually the driver of startup success today, […]

Read more on MAKE

Smart home energy monitoring & management system (SHEMMS)

Consumer electronics, office equipment and other plug loads consume 15 to 20 percent of total residential and commercial electricity while not in primary mode. Much of this energy is consumed when these devices operate in low-power modes but are not actually in use. One way to reduce this unnecessar...By: abhishek7xavierContinue Reading »

Easy water overflow control switch(No IC no MCU)

Hi, I wanted to build a simple circuit, no IC's no MCU's. So here what I have got. What do I needMagnetic float switch.12v Relay to handle 220v 30A.Buzzer 1.2-12VIN4001 or IN4007 Diode.9V BatteryHow do I make itWARNING: This circuit involves 220V AC. Please use at your own risk.Install the float swi...By: sureshmaliContinue Reading »

Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit Using IC 555

The following post explains a straightforward yet precise Li-Ion battery charger circuit using the ubiquitous IC 555.A Li-ion battery as we all know needs to be charged under controlled conditions, if it's charged with ordinary means could lead to damage or even explosion of the battery.Basically Li...By: AHSAN2000Continue Reading »

How to Make a NiMH, NiCd Battery Charger Circuit

A single state-of-the-art chip, a transistor and a few otherinexpensive passive components are the only materials required for making this outstanding, self regulating, over charge controlled, automatic NiMH, NiCd battery charger circuit. Let™s study the whole operation explained in the article.Refe...By: AHSAN2000Continue Reading »

Cheap and reliable remote control fan regulator

Hi, I am new to Instructables, I hope my mini project will be appreciated by many as this is economical and reliable and easy to built. I am a beginner to this electronic field. I always like to do small electronic projects with less investment which relates to practical appliances.This project pr...By: harishhContinue Reading »

Developed On Hackaday: Chrome/Firefox Apps/Extensions Developers Needed

The Hackaday community is currently working on an offline password keeper, aka Mooltipass. The concept behind this product is to minimize the number of ways your passwords can be compromised, while generating and storing long and complex random passwords for the different websites you use daily. The Mooltipass is a standalone device connected through USB and is compatible with all major operating systems on PCs, Macs and Smartphones. More details on the encryption and technical details can be found on our github repository readme or by having look at all the articles we previously published on Hackaday.

Our ¦ Read the rest

30 Years later TED finds his voice: A Commodore Story Part I

MOS VICC II Video Interface Chip

MOS SID Chip Sound Interface Device

In the before-time (I™m talking about the 1980™s here), when home computers were considered to be consumer items, there was the Commodore C64. The C64 derived its vast array of superpowers from two Integrated Circuits (IC) named VIC and SID standing for Video Interface Chip and Sound Interface Device. Chip names were part of our culture back them, from VIC up to Fat AGNES in the end.

We spoke about VIC and SID as if they were people or distant relatives, sometimes cantankerous or prone to sudden outburst, ¦ Read the rest

Rigging Your 3D Models In The Real-World

Computer animation is a task both delicate and tedious, requiring the manipulation of a computer model into a series of poses over time saved as keyframes, further refined by adjusting how the computer interpolates between each frame. You need a rig (a kind of digital skeleton) to accurately control that model, and researcher [Alec Jacobson] and his team have developed a hands-on alternative to pushing pixels around.

Control curves (the blue circles) allow for easier character manipulation.

The skeletal systems of computer animated characters consists of kinematic chains”joints that sprout from a root node out to the smallest extremity. ¦ Read the rest

Connect Your Beaglebone Black To Your Smart Phone #BeagleBoneBlack @TXInstruments @BeagleBoardOrg

Use Bonescript to connect your Beaglebone Black to your smart phone. via inspire.logicsupply Overview Bonescript is an easy way to get started with programming on the BeagleBone Black. This tutorial explains how to create a mobile web interface for your BeagleBone Black, using Javascript and Bonescript. You™ll be able to control the brightness of LEDs [¦]

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