Super Simple Inductor Joule Thief!

Hey Everyone! In this Instructable I'll show you how to make your own simple inductor joule thief, in just under 10 minutes! This circuit is so simple, even those not familiar with electronics can try it out as their first project!What is a Joule Thief?A Joule Thief is a simple electronic circuit, t...By: DangerousTimContinue Reading »

Digital Data from a Cheap Power Meter

Power meters like the Kill-A-Watt are great for keeping track of energy usage, and are also very hackable. The Kill-a-Watt in particular puts out analog signals proportional to current and voltage, which makes it easy to interface with a microcontroller.

Although reading analog voltages is easy enough, [Kalle] found a cheap Chinese power meter that is even more hackable. These inexpensive power meters cost about the same as a first-generation Kill-a-Watt, but they directly stream out digital data. The power meter [Kalle] hacked has a non-US plug, but the meter is available from the usual suppliers (eBay, Aliexpress, etc) ¦ Read the rest

Ceci N™est Pas Une Clock

[Justin] tipped us about his slick custom OBD-II gauge that could easily pass for an OEM module. He was able to use the clock area of his Subaru BRZ to display a bunch of information including the oil and coolant temperatures and the battery voltage.

The forum post linked above has a good FAQ-based explanation of what he did, but so many people have told him to shut up and take their money that he created an Instructable for it. Basically, he™s got a Sparkfun OBD-II UART board communicating with a pro Trinket. The display is an Adafruit OLED, ¦ Read the rest

Cassette Tape Hack Turns Scratching into Sliding

It™s common to see a DJ use a turntable as a musical instrument. Physically manipulating a record while its playing produces its own unique sound, but it takes some finesse and puts strain on the delicate workings of the player when you do it. With this in mind, [Jeremy Bell] has refreshed the notion of appropriating old technology to create new sound with his home-brewed scrubboard.

Making use of a cassette tape, [Jeremy] dissected samples from the reel and laid them out in horizontal strips over rails to hold their form. The pickup from the tape player has been ¦ Read the rest

Baby Quadruped Robot, Learning To Walk

We™ve all seen videos of those crazy Boston Dynamics running quadruped robots that can reach up to 28 mph. Those things are amazing and it™s almost impossible to imagine how to even start building one. [Max] loves his robots and wanted to build a quadruped but, being a robot hobbyist, didn™t have the serious cash needed to make an extravagant robot like those of Boston Dynamics. Instead he started bridging the gap by designing a quadruped robot that is a little bit slower and tons cheaper.

[Max] designed all of the mechanical parts himself. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages ¦ Read the rest

It’s 10pm do you know where your prototype is?

It™s 10pm do you know where your prototype is?

RaspWristRadio: Wearable Personal FM Radio Station Made With Raspberry Pi #WearableWednesday

Wrist radio project from VectraSoft. Parts List Raspberry Pi Model B Adafruit LCD Keypad Pi Plate Adafruit PowerBoost 500 3.7v 1200mAh Lipo Battery Wrist Mount USB Sound Card 3.5mm Microphone Software NOOBSRaspbian PiFM Adafruit LCD Keypad Library RaspWristRadio Python Script Setup Install and update software listed above. Be sure to have the pifm folder inside [¦]

LED Ballerina Clyde Tutorial #ElectronicHalloween

Transform Clyde into a Ballerina for Electronic Halloween! From Fabule: In this tutorial you™ll learn how to add RGB LEDs to Clyde™s feet. The opening on the foot end of Clyde™s leg is designed to fit one 5mm LED, and his legs are hollow. So basically Clyde is just begging for new twinkling slippers! Clyde™s [¦]

Put Your Letters on Display #WearableWednesday

Hannah Perner-Wilson recently gave a workshop at Wear It Berlin that challenges normal LED segment display. If you are a fan of wearables, this might not come as a surprise, as Hannah is famous for her work in fuzzy touchable handcrafted electronics ” especially sensors. Her LED display is another success, using materials like copper tape, surface [¦]

Cyberith™s Virtualizer Turns Oculus Rift Into the Holodeck (Sort of) #wearablewednesday

Via crunchwear. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Virtual reality, and by extension the Oculus Rift, is pretty dang cool. To be blunt, the real world drools and the fake world rules. However, to fully realize our VR dreams we still have a long ways to go. After all, the Rift is only a [¦]

Geeking Out at Wear It Berlin #WearableWednesday

I had the joy of speaking recently at Wear It Berlin ” Berlin™s first wearables and art festival. It was part making, part talks, and part-y! (LEDs do look nicer in the dark). This fest was envisioned by the folks at Trafo Pop, a group of tech cyclists that create mega amazing LED bike jackets. Their jackets are a take-off on [¦]

Animated GIFs Will Adorn Italian Rock Band™s Stage Clothing #WearableWednesday

Via Wearable Tech Insider. If you live in Italy, you™ve apparently heard of the band Subsonica. They™re touring this fall and have come up with an interesting costuming idea to support their hit œDi Domenica. Fans are being asked to submit animated GIFs created with Google+ Motion on the theme of œSunday (or, in Italian, [¦]

LED Band Craze is Spreading #WearableWednesday

Who doesn™t love LEDs on their wrist ” especially when they can interact. This bracelet was one of the popular workshops at Wear It Berlin. So, expect to see some illuminated hands moving with the techno music at Berlin™s clubs. It really does work well for dancing since the LEDs react to audio levels with their brightness [¦]

Awesome Power Suit Costume #WearableWednesday #ElectronicHalloween

Michael Teeuw writes: 8 weeks ago, I started blogging about my latest project. The Power Suit. What started as a fun idea to win a theme night competition, ended up to be my most challenging projects. This week, I™m proud to present the end result! I present with pride, The Power Suit “ An Arduino-powered [¦]

littleBits Projects: Halloween Creepy Portrait

With just a few snaps you can use littleBits to turn an existing portrait or picture into the perfect haunted house accessory! You'll be able to creep out house guests and family members by making a set of eyes in a portrait blink as they walk by. Recreate portraits from Harry Potter, scenes from...By: littleBitsContinue Reading »

Adding a Real Clock Calendar to your Raspberry PI

The Raspberry Pi doesn™t have a little coin-battery-powered ˜Real Time Clock™ (RTC) module, which keeps time even when the power is off, or the battery removed. To keep costs low and the size small, an RTC is not included with the Raspberry Pi. If your Raspberry Pi is connected to the Internet via ...By: PacoP1Continue Reading »

Li - Ion battery level indicator

Are you looking for a simple circuit to measure your Lithium Ion single cell charging and discharging level? Here is one chip circuit, powered up from the same Lithium Ion battery you want to measure.This circuit is design to measure 3.7V rechargeable batteries level. 4.2V - 100%; 4V - 80%; 3.8V - ...By: OsvaldasContinue Reading »


In this Instructable I am going to show you how to build a Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil (VTTC)! I try to focus more on math and give you the possibility to build your tube without just looking up values on the internet. You should be able to REALLY BUILD YOUR OWN! And of course you can use bigger tubes. M...By: willi1131Continue Reading »

Retrotechtacular: Blue Collar, Red Nightmare

This week™s presentation is a well-cast piece of anti-Communist propaganda perpetrated by a division of the DoD that you™ve probably never heard of: the Directorate for Armed Forces Information and Education.

It™s narrated by Jack Webb of Dragnet and Adam-12 fame. He tells us of a fake American town located somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. It™s full of young comrades who sock hop and bebop while studying and playacting the bourgeoisie activities of the American economy and way of life. After introducing this, Webb pulls back the cushy, velvet curtain to profile a typical American household led by one [Jerry ¦ Read the rest

Take Your Samples for a Spin with the RWXBioFuge

We have a confession to make: we love centrifuges. We™ve used all shapes and sizes, for spinning bags of whole blood into separate components to extracting DNA, and everything in between. Unfortunately, these lab staples are too expensive for many DIY-biologists unless they buy them used or build them themselves. [Pieter van Boheemen] was inspired by other DIY centrifuges and decided to make his own, which he named the RWXBioFuge.

[Pieter] designed the RWXBioFuge using Sketchup, OpenSCAD, and InkScape. It features a Thermaltake SMART M850W ATX power supply, an R/C helicopter Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), and brushless outrunner motor. ¦ Read the rest

Rad Shadow Sketch Project #makereducation

Here™s another great tutorial from Scientific American! This project explores planetary motion using shadow drawing: Every morning the Earth spins or rotates so that the side you are on faces the sun. As the Earth spins you see the sun come up over the eastern horizon. As the Earth keeps spinning and your day progresses, [¦]

The explosion of crayon colors since 1903 #ArtTuesday

Via Slate. First invented in 1903, the original Crayola box contained only eight colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black. It sold for only a nickel. A chart posted on Reddit shows how Crayola crayon colors have grown from eight basic hues to dozens in a little over 100 years. Now, [¦]

NEW PRODUCT – USB A/Micro Cable – 2m

NEW PRODUCT “ USB A/Micro Cable “ 2m This is your standard USB A-Plug to Micro-USB cable. It™s 2 meters long so you™ll have plenty of cord to work with for those longer extensions. Perfect for connecting to your BBB, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Leonardo/Micro, FONA or Trinket (among other things). It™s got extra beefy 24 [¦]

Sabato Visconti’s Glitch Photography #arttuesday

Check out Sabato Visconti˜s beautiful glitch photography and take a trip to pixel heaven. Sabato Visconti is a Brazilian born visual artist living in the gentle slopes of Western Massachusetts. As a small child, Sabato began drawing the different boats he saw passing by his high condominium window along the Miami River. Growing up, he [¦]

NEW GUIDE – How To Calculate UPS Ground Times to Your Region @Adafruit Learning System

NEW GUIDE “ How To Calculate UPS Ground Times to Your Region This guide will show you how to calculate the delivery time for your order if you ship it UPS Ground. Shipping your order via UPS Ground? Follow these steps to calculate an estimate of how long it will take you order to arrive [¦]

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  1. Awesome Power Suit Costume #WearableWednesday #ElectronicHalloween
  2. LED Band Craze is Spreading #WearableWednesday
  3. Animated GIFs Will Adorn Italian Rock Band™s Stage Clothing #WearableWednesday
  4. Geeking Out at Wear It Berlin #WearableWednesday
  5. Cyberith™s Virtualizer Turns Oculus Rift Into the Holodeck (Sort of) #wearablewednesday
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