10 steps to making Shrinky Circuits

Shrinky Circuit is a way to rapidly prototype circuit boards without the conventional PCB /chemical etching procedure involved. (Optional) Color Color the Shrinky Dinks with colored pencil. Color on a single side should be enough if you are using the translucent shrinky dinks. Color both sides if...By: dorisleeContinue Reading »

Planterbot - The Plant Monitoring Robot

In this instructable I am collaborating with Akin Yildiz an instructables author that creates instructables that help plants grow you should really go check out his account: http://www.instructables.com/member/Akin+Yildiz/The planterbot is a plant monitoring robot. It uses capacitance for sensing mo...By: appleman123987Continue Reading »

Recycled Spotlight for Camping (12V DC)

Not too long ago, I bought a cordless drill from Goodwill and morphed it with half a set of jumper cables in order to have a mobile drill at camp (see it here!). That project turned out really well and left me with the remaining half set of jumper cables, which aren't good for much by themselves.Luc...By: FlatCatRussellandtheTennesseeTwoContinue Reading »

[Harrison Krix's] Marriott Chariot

Atlanta™s Mini Maker Faire had plenty of booths to keep visitors busy, but the largest spectacle by far was the racetrack smack-dab in the middle, and you™d be hard pressed to find a more eye-catching contender than [Harrison Krix's] vehicle: the Marriott Chariot.

If [Krix's] name looks familiar, that™s because he™s the master artisan behind Volpin Props, and is responsible for such favorites as the Futurama Holophonor replica and the Daft Punk helmet. (Actually, he made the other one, too).

The Chariot is yet another competitor in the Power Racing Series, an event that keeps popping ¦ Read the rest

Using Kinect To Play Super Mario Bros 3 On NES Ensures Quick Death

Why do only the new game consoles get all the cool peripherals? Being a man of action, [Paul] set out to change that. He had a Kinect V2 and an original Nintendo and thought it would be fun to get the two to work together.

Thinking it would be easiest to emulate a standard controller, [Paul] surfed the ˜net a bit until he found an excellent article that explained how the NES controller works. It turns out that besides the buttons, there™s only one shift register chip and some pull up resistors in the controller. Instead of soldering leads ¦ Read the rest

Capacitive Garage Door Opener Hides Behind Your Dash

[Pyrow] wanted to upgrade his garage door opener remote. It worked just fine, but changing those tiny batteries out can be an inconvenience. Plus, the remote control was taking up valuable storage space and would always rattle around while driving. [Pyrow] decided to make use of an Omron E2K-F10MC2 capacitive touch sensor to fix these issues.

[Pyrow's] circuit still makes use of the original remote control. He just added some of his own components to get it to do what he wanted. The circuit is powered by the car™s battery, so it never needs a battery replacement. The circuit ¦ Read the rest


ABSTRACTHere i am going to do a automated outside light system with arduino. this is a simple circuit you can make it easily. when you make this circuit and connect to your street light or outside light the light will automatically turn on in night and turn off in day.REQUIRED COMPONENTS1) Arduino...By: ajithbhaskaranContinue Reading »

Command Line Assembly Language Programming for Arduino Tutorial 1

I am thinking about writing a series of tutorials on how to write assembly language programs for the Atmega328p chip which is the chip used in the Arduino. However I am cluesless as to whether or not anyone is even interested in this aside from me so I am going to put out the first two and then I wi...By: 1o_o7Continue Reading »

Command Line Assembly Language Programming for Arduino Tutorial 2

This tutorial is a continuation of "Command Line Assembly Language Programming for Arduino Tutorial 1" If you haven't gone through Tutorial 1 you should stop now and do that one first.In this tutorial we will continue our study of assembly language programming of the atmega328p chip used in Arduino'...By: 1o_o7Continue Reading »

3D Printed Lego Action Figure Rig

Anyone that’s a fan of animated Japanese robots has probably dreamed of building one. After (hopefully quickly) realizing that this just wasn’t going to happen, making a model might have been a better option. For those of us that don’t have the patience or steady hand to paint a plastic […]

Read more on MAKE

Most power saving light delay circuit

There are a lot of circuits that once you switch on a light, the light will be turned off automatically after sometimes.Most circuits do not consume too much power during light off. However the standby circuit still consumes little current.This circuit uses a relay to cut the power completely after ...By: whalescwhContinue Reading »

simple two transistor Dual LED flasher

Hi guys this is my first instruction.Make the dual LED flasher using two 9015 pnp transistor Components you need *Transistors - 2 (9015 pnp)*resistors - 4 (470ohm-2,100k-2)*capacitors - 2 (10uf)*LED - 2*6V DC supply*Breadboard*jumper wires Circuit use 5-6V power supply from cell phone charger...By: hemarajContinue Reading »

Use a Cheap PIN Diode as a Geiger Counter

After the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, radiation measurement became newly relevant for a lot of people. Geiger-Müller tubes, previously a curiosity, became simultaneously important and scarce.

Opengeiger.de (English-language version here) has complete instructions for making a Geiger counter without a Geiger-Müller tube. Instead, this counter uses a PIN photodiode and some carefully chosen operational amplifiers. The total cost of such a device is significantly cheaper than the alternative: under $1 for the diode and around $5 for the rest. And since the PIN photodiode in question is used in many other devices, it™s not a niche ¦ Read the rest

An SDK for the ESP8266 WiFi Chip

The ESP8266 is a chip that turned a lot of heads recently, stuffing a WiFi radio, TCP/IP stack, and all the required bits to get a microcontroller on the Internet into a tiny, $5 module. It™s an interesting chip, not only because it™s a UART to WiFi module, allowing nearly anything to get on the Internet for $5, but because there™s a user-programmable microcontroller in this board. If only we had an SDK or a few libraries¦

The ESP8266 SDK is finally here. A complete SDK for the ESP8266 was just posted to the Expressif forums, along with a ¦ Read the rest

A Compact Underwater Vehicle: The Nanoseeker

The Nanoseeker is a compact underwater vehicle in a torpedo-like form factor. [John] designed the Nanoseeker as completely enclosed vehicle: both the thruster and the control fins are all housed within the diameter of the tube. The thruster is ducted with vents on the sides and control fins integrated into the back of the duct assembly.

[John] designed a compact PCB to drive the vehicle, which includes an STM32F4 alongside several sensors. An MPU-9150 provides IMU functionality and two dual motor driver ICs from TI control the throttle and the control fins. [John] also added a Bluetooth radio for remote ¦ Read the rest

Why is the Sun Yellow? Why is the Sky Blue? #SaturdayMorningCartoons

Why is the Sun Yellow? Why is the Sky Blue? via Minute Physics Each Saturday Morning here at Adafruit is Saturday Morning Cartoons! Be sure to check our cartoon and animated posts both nostalgic and new that inspire makers of all ages! You™ll find how-tos for young makers, approaches to learning about science and engineering, [¦]

How Does Cloud Computing Work? #SaturdayMorningCartoons

How does cloud computing work? via explania This animation explains how Cloud Computing works when for example you upload a photo to Flickr, Facebook or Picasa. Read more Each Saturday Morning here at Adafruit is Saturday Morning Cartoons! Be sure to check our cartoon and animated posts both nostalgic and new that inspire makers of [¦]

Illumino: EEG hat with Arduino turns brain activity into light

Ever wanted to visualize your brain activity in real-time? Move an object on a screen with your mind? EEG devices are fantastic fun and allow you to do such things! This tutorial will show you how to make an illumino: a recreational EEG hat that turns your brainwaves into light. I always wanted my o...By: wavelet_spaghettiContinue Reading »

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

"The Halloween season is approaching quickly¦.Every year it is good to have at least one new attraction. If, you don™t just completely overhaul the whole event. The hope would be that this attraction would be bigger and better than the previous year. This means we are always trying to come up with new DIY projects [¦]

4V Lead Acid Battery Charger

MY First Instructables Friends ,So this is for those who are new to Lead Acid batteries and about charging them , A cute Little 4V battery chargerSO What we need to charge a 4V Lead acid battery, all we need is A 5V regulated supply, and let's make it ......Material1. 5V Voltage Regulator ..... ----...By: ykhurana1Continue Reading »

STEAM Carnival Hacker Preview Day

Last week we wrote about the guys over at TwoBitCircus and their upcoming STEAM Carnival. This Thursday we managed to make it down to the Hacker Preview day where they showed us all the toys and games that will be exhibited over the weekend.

The preview day went pretty well until the evening, when unexpected power problems occurred and the site lost power for a little while. But this is why you have a preview day right? Organizer [Brent Bushnell] even commented that he should have put a BETA badge on the ticket. Thankfully the outage coincided with the food ¦ Read the rest

Using Excel to Watch Movies at Work

The Excel subreddit exploded earlier this week when redditor [AyrA_ch] shared his custom spreadsheet that allowed him to play video files on a locked-down work computer. How locked down? With no access to Windows Media Player and IE7 as the only browser (all plugins disabled, no HTML5), Excel became the unlikely hero to cure a 3-hour boredom stint.

Behind the cascade of rectangles and in the land of the Excel macro, [AyrA_ch] took advantage of the program™s VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) functions to circumvent the computer™s restrictions. Although VBA typically serves the more-complex-than-usual macro, it can also invoke some ¦ Read the rest

FlowPaw, the Bear Paw of Electronics Education

If the astonishing success of littleBits is any indication, there™s a huge market for ˜intro to electronics™ products that are much more capable than the classic Radio Shack ˜springs and components stuck to cardboard™ kits or even the very successful littleBits. FlowPaw is the latest entry in this space, combining the sensor module paradigm of littleBits with a largish microcontroller, digital and analog pins, and a great programming interface.

The big innovation in the FlowPaw is the FlowStone programming language. It™s a graphical programming language that allows young creators to connect blocks, modules, and functions together with virtual ¦ Read the rest

Orlando UPS driver is first woman to hit 4M-mile, 40-year – zero accidents @UPS

Orlando UPS driver is first woman to hit 4M-mile, 40-year¦. Ginny Odom has racked up more than 4 million miles driving across the U.S. delivering packages. And in those 40 years, Odom hasn™t had a single accident, a milestone for one of UPS™s first female delivery drivers. Odom is the top female driver in UPS™ [¦]

Get Cyper Dino With An LED Stegosaurus Spike Hoodie #AdafruitWeekendProject #ElectronicHalloween

Dress up as a time-traveling dinosaur with these glowing stego spikes! This easy project mashes up 3D printing and sewing to make your own super-custom flexible spiky hooded sweatshirt. For this project you will need: 12mm diffused flat digital pixel strand FLORA main board White NinjaFlex 3D printing filament USB battery pack and cable Hooded [¦]

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