Automation AVR OLTC Transformer 150 KV

Automation AVR 150 KV Transformer OLTC AVR is Automatic Voltage Regulation.CONTROLLER is functioning raise and lower the high voltage transformer OLTC. And with some additional features that is functioning as a protection OLTC of Flow Indicators and more along Announciator.Components:- LCD Shield- L...By: HexalityContinue Reading »

FEEDUINO ® LiKe 'n' feed a stray dog

Thousands of stray dogs are starving every day! Millions of people do not know how to help! Feeduino is exactly what it says. Like your favorite facebook page and donate clean, fresh, delicious food to an NGO for stray dogs as we did in in cooperation with "The Cube Athens" for "KAZ Shelter For Stra...By: manosmeimarakisContinue Reading »

Mario LCD Book

Materials Required:Arduino UnoBreadboardComputer1 LCD 16x2 White on Blue16 wiresPotentiometerBoxExacto knife Schematic Refer to this schematic while connecting the circuit. Breadboard For reference, see this link: Build it Follow the sc...By: CCT482Continue Reading »

Network time syncronized clock for Arduino

Here is an example how to build Arduino clock which is syncronized with the time of given HTTP server in the net. My plan was to build simplest possible internet time syncronized clock. I decided to synchronize my Arduino clock with my Wlan router's time, the router itself is synchronized to the net...By: kariaaContinue Reading »

How to setup a Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0A60SZLF Analog Distance Sensor

As I started trying to use this sensor, I had some difficulties whilst setting it up.The whole problem arises when you start to convert the analog voltage into distance. As you may or may not know, the sensor produces an output in analog voltage, that is then, read by the Arduino, converted into an ...By: TisilaContinue Reading »

Nokia 5110 screen projects

Here are some awesome projects you can make with a Nokia 5110 screen. Arduino based mini arcade cabinet Arduino Digital Magnetic Compass (HMC5883L - 2 display modes) DIY Game & Watch Arduino Mario Clock Build Your FM transmission Station with Arduino Temperatur Anzeige für mein...By: ibenkosContinue Reading »

Animatron 8.3: An Animatronic Controller

Animatron started as an Excel spreadsheet and then grew into a FreeBasic program. The program ran on my laptop and communicated to my robotic penguin to control it's behavior. The next generation is what I am going to describe in this Instructable.It is an ~800 line sketch, which runs on an Arduino ...By: djsfantasiContinue Reading »

Build a Fan with LEGO and faya-nugget

As a kid, I dreamed to build everything with Lego, especially those could move and even form a robot. Sadly back in late 90's, the first generation Mindstorm were just way too expensive for me. When I first met Arduino, I soon realized this could be a great alternative for Mindstorm controller. It e...By: wellywellyContinue Reading »

Watch the Successful Launch of World™s Largest Amateur Rocket

A few weeks ago, we ran a piece here announcing the pending launch of this 46′ tall 1:1-scale V2 amateur rocket, to be launched at the Thunda Down Under rocket meetup in Australia. The Rocketry Victoria team was going for the world record of the largest amateur rocket ever successfully […]

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Drone Craziness: 5 Weird And Wacky Multirotor Projects

Make: Magazine Volume 44 is all about DRONES! Don™t have the issue? Get yours today! Flying drones may be able to do many jobs in the future, or possibly deliver everything from beer to defibrillators. For now though, it seems that most (non-millitary) drones exist for the entertainment of their owners. Here […]

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The Tricky Science of 3D Printer Extruders

While attending the Midwest RepRap Fest this weekend, Josh Rowley and Sanjay Mortimer of E3D took a moment to explain how hot ends work and to fill the crowd in on some of the projects they are working on. E3D’s line of hot ends have become the gold standard for […]

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Animals and Plants Entwine in Mythical Sculptures

Surrealistic sculptor Ellen Jewett combines art, science, and medical illustration into an imaginative fusion of natural forms. Inspired by wildlife, Ellen transforms the familiar aspects of plants and animals into unique hybrid creatures.  Realistic details flow from animal to plant.  Some pieces even include industrial elements in order to highlight […]

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Slideshow: First Benicia Mini Maker Faire

  Glorious spring weather graced the first annual Benicia Mini Maker Faire (about 30 minutes north of Oakland, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area). The lovely thing about Mini Maker Faires is how easy it is to have conversation with these always-interesting makers. The other aspect is the local […]

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Make (Tiny) Very High Voltage From Electric Swatter

The sparks can go up to 0.6 cm, you can upgrade it with increasing input voltage Modifying Electric Swatter Just open up your electric swatter, and you will find the circuit like at the photo,and remove the big red capacitor like I show you in the photo Time to desolder the capacitor Desolder ...By: mismail15Continue Reading »

Emergency Lighting System

Many people keep a supply of candles and flashlights on hand for when the power goes out. But you still have to find your way around in the dark to get them. In situations like this, it might be helpful to have some kind of emergency lighting system that would automatically turn on when the power go...By: DIY Hacks and How TosContinue Reading »

Thar be Beer in These Walls

When you need a cold one and walking downstairs to your twin-keg refrigerator just won™t do, it™s time to break out the tools to deliver that frothy goodness where it™s needed. And so began [DaveLondres™] inspiring tale of piping beer through the walls of his home.

Now we know what you™re thinking¦ that beer is going to get mighty warm sitting in long lines from the fridge up to the ground floor. [Dave] thought about that too and designed a double-pipe system to overcome the issue. A run of PVC pipe for each keg connect the in-wall taps to holes ¦read more

Injecting SD Card Bootloaders

[Frank] has a Ultimaker2 and wanted to install a new bootloader for the microcontroller without having physical access to the circuitry. That means installing a new bootloader for the ATMega2560 without an In System Programmer, and as is usual on AVRs, the bootloader can only be edited with an ISP. Additionally, modifying the bootloader in any way runs the risk of corruption and a bricked circuit. That™s okay, because [Frank] knows how to do it, and he™s here to show you how.

You can think of the memory layout of the ATMega in the Ultimaker as being split in half, ¦read more

Who Wants Night Vision Eye Drops?

A team of adventurous biohackers have successfully played with an interesting type of chlorophyll, called Chlorin e6 by putting it in their eyes¦ and the result? Well, they kind of obtained night vision.

Say what? Chlorin e6 is a chlorophyll analog that is found in deep-sea fish, and has been used to treat night blindness in humans (patent). There™s actually lots of research done with the substance, and it has even been used to treat different cancers ” but most of the research was performed on lab rats.

So the team decided to take the next step ” [Gabriel Licina] ¦read more

Take That Mario! 3D Printed Red Tortoise Shell Armor!

Between all the media coverage of using 3D printers for human prosthetics, some individuals are making a difference for animals too by using 3D printing. And here™s one we really didn™t expect;  a replacement shell for a tortoise!

We™ve all seen the heartwarming articles about pups getting wheels, or dogs getting replacement sprung feet ” but is there any love for [Cleopatra] the Tortoise? Canyon Critters Rescue is an animal rescue based out of Golden, Colorado. The founder [Novelli] had recently took in little [Cleopatra] who had a painful and dangerous bone disease where her shell peaks and gets worn ¦read more

Build a DIY speech interruptor/jammer

Thanks to Jared for sending in his cool project! Check out the full build on Instructables. So, first off. This instructable was a LONG time coming. I had come up with this idea a while ago, after hearing about the details behind some basic œspeech jamming anomalies that occur when people use intercom systems. Basically, [¦]

Jukebox Amp Teardown And Repair

Fran Blanche does a teardown and repair of a AMI R-88 Jukebox Amp I™m back once again with an impromptu vlog documenting the repair of my AMI-Rowe R-88 Jukebox amp, with a demonstration at the end for your enjoyment. Read more

Matthias Jung Makes Montages of Surreal and Structurally Impossible Homes

Beautiful images from Matthias Jung via designboom. through a collaged mix of architectural elements, photography and landscape imagery, designer matthias jung dreams up his ˜surreal houses™ series, comprising colorful and whimsical residences, apartments and skyscrapers. structural styles are combined together to form eclectic panoramas of homes within sprawling natural settings ” ˜kurhaus ost™ depicts a [¦]

Avatar Kyoshi Costume

When I see Avatar: The Last Airbender costumes, it™s usually Aang or Katara or Korra from the spinoff Legend of Korra. Given that, I™m incredibly taken with Kyuu Vixen™s take on Avatar Kyoshi. It™s just not a cosplay I come across often. Kyoshi was an Avatar from the Earth Kingdom and held the title long [¦]

Edith Clarke – The first female electrical engineer #WHM15 #WomensHistoryMonth

Edith Clarke (February 10, 1883 “ October 29, 1959) was the first female electrical engineer and the first female professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She specialized in electrical power system analysis and wrote Circuit Analysis of A-C Power Systems. Edith Clarke was born February 10, 1883, in Howard County, [¦]

Drone lifts Tardis #Droneday #Drones

Testing cargo load: 58grams #tardis #hudsanx4 #drones #adafruit #dronie #3dprinting A video posted by Noe Ruiz (@ecken) on Mar 26, 2015 at 6:03am PDT Testing out cargo load on the Hubsan X4 H107C. Check out the Tardis pendent project. Welcome to drone day on the Adafruit blog. Every Monday we deliver the latest news, products [¦]

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