Arduino at MakerCon in New York City on September 18th

Right before the weekend of  World Maker Faire in NYC, Massimo Banzi will be at MakerCon with a keynote taking place on September 18 at 11 a.m local time. Makercon is a 2-day conference by and for makers organized around 4 specific tracks: Business of Making, Education, Maker Community Building, Tools of Innovation&Technology. Makercon connects individuals at the forefront [¦]

MakerCon Launches in New York: Watch the Live Stream

MakerCon blasts off today in the New York Hall of Science. The crowds are gathering in anticipation of some of the event and the speakers are readying their voices for stage. Our lineup is full of impressive names you may recognize. Leaders in industry and insight into building a maker […]

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LittleBits Launches Its Own Hardware œApp Store with BitLab

LittleBits wants to add your electronics modules to its collection ” and they™re borrowing a chapter from the app store to help make it happen.

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The Idea Builder: Dremel Releases a Mass-Market 3D Printer

With a combination of accessible features, smart packaging, and a $999 price point, it's obvious that the Dremel Idea Builder is a machine aimed squarely at the mass market.

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USB to DB25 Adapter Uses GRBL For Parallel Port CNC Communication

With the continuing manufacture of new computers, there is a clear and obvious trend of the parallel port becoming less and less common. For our younger readers; the parallel port is an interface standard used for bi-directional communication between a computer and a variety of peripherals. The parallel port™s demise is partially due to the invention of the USB standard.

If tinkering with CNC Machines is one of your hobbies then you are familiar with the parallel port interface being fairly popular for CNC control board connections. So what do you do if your new fancy computer doesn™t have a ¦ Read the rest

Watch Out Artists, Robots Take Your Job Next

Move over Claude Monet, there is a new act in town in the form of a robot capable of creating some pretty cool art.

We™ve seen robotic artists before but most of them are either cartesian-based or hanging drawbots. This is a full-fledged Sharpie-wielding robotic arm that draws with dots giving its work an impressionistic feel.

The actual robotic arm is a stock Interbotix WidowX. The folks over at Phantom Multimedia wrote some custom software that takes a graphic and breaks it down into a 1-bit representation. The code then goes through the bitmap at random, picking points ¦ Read the rest

THP Quarterfinalist: WALLTECH Smartwatch

While there is lots of hype about a big company launching a new wearable product, we™re more interested in [Walltech]˜s open source OLED Smartwatch. This entry into The Hackaday Prize merges a collection of sensors and an OLED screen into a wearable device that talks to your smartphone over Bluetooth Low Energy.

The device is based on the IMUduino BTLE development board. This tiny Arduino clone packs an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a Nordic nRF8001 Bluetooth radio, and an ATMEGA32u4 microcontroller.

The 1.5³ OLED display comes from [miker] who makes an OLED module based on the SSD1351. A ¦ Read the rest

Ubiquitous Computing Helmet #WearableWednesday

Thanks so much to Nicole for sending in her great helmet project! View more information on her blog here. The ubiquitous computing helmet explores how design, both aesthetically and technically, can transform a bicycle helmet into a desired and fashionable aspect of riding a bicycle. With an increase in urbanization and the number of cyclist [¦]

Costume Lighting Tips #WearableWednesday

We™re gearing up for Halloween by compiling tips for lighting up your costume! Check out the video and then read Phil B™s guide to putting LEDs in things! Projects/topics mentioned in the video: Electroluminescent materials Wire light strands Litex ribbon Phil B™s guide to putting LEDs in things NeoPixels NinjaFlex 3D filment NeoPixel ring goggles [¦]

Mesopic Light Jacket #WearableWednesday

I™ve definitely been following Pauline Van Dongen™s amazing work with solar dresses, but I just learned about a cool new direction the designer is moving in from Versus. Shown above is the Mesopic/ Light Jacket, inspired by the challenges of seeing and being seen at night. It™s not only a voyage into how the eye works, [¦]

Cute Circuit brings wearable tech to #NYFW #WearableWednesday

Check out Cute Circuit™s latest collection from this years New York Fashion Week. Via Ecouterre. œEverything is illuminated might as well be CuteCircuit™s motto. After its dazzling February debut, the London-based atelier returned to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last Thursday with another animated performance. The runway show, held at The Hub at Hudson ran through [¦]

iPhone Dress Kills It #WearableWednesday

Elie Tahari is a big Iphone fan and made sure to publicize it at his latest show with an edgy mesh dress covered in 50 of the phones, according to ABC News. Not only did the dress make a big splash, but it had a great tech advantage, showing a 360 deg. view of the event [¦]

Richard Nicoll’s Tinkerbell inspired dress lights up the runway at London Fashion Week #WearableWednesday

Via Forbes. ¦Created in collaboration with London-based fashion and technology company Studio XO, this slip dress was made from a fibre optic fabric activated by high intensity LEDs tailored within it. The result was almost like an ethereal glow. As Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency, which brought Richard Nicoll, Studio XO and [¦]

Meditation to Go #WearableWednesday

Meditation is a great tool, but it only works if you remember to use it. That™s why I like this new wearable by Felix Ros that encourages a focused mind wherever you are. It™s called Vivolux and resembles a more open version of a sleeve. Feeling stressed? Just stop and breathe into your hands. An LED will [¦]

InstaBots: Upright Rover(Self-Balancing Robot With Arduino)

Upright Rover is a self-balancing robot which was designed by SainSmart. They really made it simple. As you can see, there are only 8 wires on the robot and 8 wires on the controller. So let's find out how it works!PARTS IN THE BOX3x Potentiometer2x UNO R32x USB Cable2x Sensor Shield2x 24L012x Joyst...By: mylemonjuiceContinue Reading »

Computer Overheat Alarm

Purpose:Overheating of desktop hard drive or a mother board chip set might lead to serious failure.I faced this problem and lost one of my hard drives and valuable personal data. There are lots of softwares available online such as crystalDiskinfo (which I am using) to predict the temperature of you...By: Bhanu KishanContinue Reading »

Automatic Home surveillance system using arduino(simple and cheap)

The goal of my project is to achieve Automatic home surveillance system without any manual interference. In general other surveillance system it is necessary to power ON TV and camera receiver every time. And also it needs to any user input to view who is standing out side. But in my p...By: vigneshrajaContinue Reading »

Automated Gyro Wheel Toy

I had a simple gyro wheel toy and decided I wanted to automate it. Took a single servo, attached it to an axle and attached the toy to the axle. Then made a simple magnetic switch with a ball point pen spring, hooked that and the servo to and Arduino Uno. The program is very short and simple. But I ...By: JimRDContinue Reading »

Doorbell that Turns on a Light

When I am using power tools in my workshop, I can't hear the doorbell ring. So I needed some other kind of system that can let me know when someone is at the front door.Any time I start a new project, I always begin by searching Instructables to see if anyone else has already done something similar....By: DIY Hacks and How TosContinue Reading »

AND Gate for Logic Circuit Applications

In this instructable you will learn how to create an AND gate with LEDs, transistors, and resistors. Materials Circuit Scribe 1 sheet of paper (preferably photo paper) Metal Sheet Circuit Stencil 9 V battery and adapter module 2 NPN Transistor modules 1 Bi-Directional LED module 2 SPST Switch m...By: ElectroninksContinue Reading »

Retrotechtacular: The CURTA Mechanical Calculator

The CURTA mechanical calculator literally saved its inventor™s life. [Curt Herzstark] had been working on the calculator in the 1930s until the Nazis forced him to focus on building other tools for the German army. He was taken by the Nazis in 1943 and ended up in Buchenwald concentration camp. There, he told the officers about his plans for the CURTA. They were impressed and interested enough to let him continue work on it so they could present it as a gift to the Führer.

This four-banger pepper mill can also perform square root calculation with some finessing. To add ¦ Read the rest

We™re At Maker Faire This Weekend

It™s that time of year again where the east coast division of the Hackaday crew makes the trek out to Maker Faire New York. We™ll be there the entire weekend, checking out the sights, talking to the people who make the things you make things with, and standing in an hour-long line for a hamburger.

We™ve been going to the NYC Maker Faire for a few years now, and each time we™re surprised by the sheer variety of stuff at the faire. This year, SeeMeCNC is bringing a gargantuan delta printer, [Adam] and I are going to geek ¦ Read the rest

A 3D Printed Peristaltic Pump


After getting access to a Lulzbot 3D printer, [Tim] designed a 3D printable peristaltic pump. The design was done in OpenSCAD, which makes it parametric and easy to modify.

Peristaltic pumps work by squeezing a length of tubing to push fluids. This mechanism is similar to how your intestines work. The pump provides an isolated fluid path, which is why they™re commonly used in medical and food grade applications. Like many products in the medical space, these pumps tend to be rather expensive. Being able to print one for your own projects could save quite a bit ¦ Read the rest

Build Your Own Retrocomputer with Modern Chips

If you™ve ever wanted to get started in retrocomputing, or maybe the Commodore 64 you™ve been using since the 80s just gave up the ghost, [Rick] aka [Mindrobots] has just the thing for you: a retrocomputer based on a PIC microcontroller and a Parallax Propeller.

The two chips at the heart of the computer are both open source. The Propeller is the perfect board to take care of the I/O, video, and audio outputs because it was purpose-built to be a multitasking machine. The microcontroller is either a PIC32MX150 or a PIC32MX170 and is loaded with a BASIC interpreter, ¦ Read the rest

NASA to Make Major Announcement Today About Astronaut Transport to the International Space Station

NASA to Make Major Announcement Today About Astronaut Transport to the International Space Station NASA. NASA will make a major announcement today at 4 p.m. EDT regarding the return of human spaceflight launches to the United States. The agency will make the announcement during a news conference from NASA™s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. [¦]

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