Experimenting with Arduino based low speed BLDC control

Common hobby BLDC motors are meant to run on relatively high speeds. Take any plane, quadcopter or boat “ low speeds aren™t required here. For high speed rotations BLDC drivers rely on back-EMF (or Hall-sensor) to sense rotation speed. Berryjam decided to see how slow he can run those motors ¦ Continue reading

How to find your car in a parking lot

The easiest way it to use smart phone with GPS locator. When you park, simply record your location and when you need to find it use navigator which guides you to its place. If you don™t have such phone and want to build one, follow msuzuki777 instructable where he builds ¦ Continue reading

E-ink display for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a powerful but small Linux based computer board that gained its popularity in the hobby world. It has everything you need to build a computer except display. Since there are no DSI based display modules available, people try to solve this problem in several ways. They use ¦ Continue reading

VCF East X: The World™s Largest USB Thumb Drive

The Vintage Computer Festival last weekend featured racks and racks of old minicomputers, enough terminals for an entire lab, and enough ancient storage devices to save a YouTube video. These storage devices “ hard disks, tape readers, and 8³ disk drives “ were only connected to vintage hardware, with one exception: a DEC RL02 drive connected to a modern laptop via USB.

The DEC RL02 drive is the closest you™re going to get to a modern mechanical hard drive with these old machines. It™s a huge rack unit with removable platters that can hold 10 Megabytes of storage. [Chris] found ¦read more

Driving A Brushless DC Motor Sloooooooowly

Driving a brushless DC (gimbal) motor can be a pain in the transistors. [Ignas] has written up a nice article not only explaining how to do just this with an Arduino, but also explaining a little bit on how the process works. He uses a L6234 Three Phase Motor Driver, but points out that there are other ways to interface the BLDC motor with the Arduino.

A warning is warranted “ this is not for the faint of heart. You can easily destroy your microcontroller if you™re not careful. [Ignas] added several current limiting resistors and capacitors as advised in ¦read more

Interactive Software to Solve Crosstalk Problems

A link to this video demonstrating PCB cross-talk ended up in my mailbox the other day as I tend to stay on the mailing lists of the some of the high end CAD companies. There are some really interesting and powerful œmega-tools that do things like plot noise density for decoupling analysis and extremely high speed timing analysis, though the costs of these tools are commensurate with their capabilities. This one is part of the Mentor Graphics PCB Simulation software.

The tool shown does the math needed to predict the induced voltage noise (cross-talk) generated by the proximity of noise ¦read more

Powerwheels Racing Series in Detroit

[Transistor-Man] and the gang finally got around to documenting their experience at the Detroit Makerfaire 2014 and the Powerwheels racing series. They weren™t planning on entering, but in a last-minute decision they decided to see if they could whip up an entry just over one week before the competition! They did ” and it™s awesome. They call it the Chibi-Atomic-Jeep.

As the competition name implies, they had to base the vehicle off of a Powerwheels frame. Bunch of steel tubing, some TIG welding and a nice paint job, and they had the base frame of their vehicle. At the heart ¦read more

NEW TUTORIAL – Adafruit IO Basics: Feeds

Feeds are the core of the Adafruit IO system. The feed holds data (say, the temperature) and metadata (such as the timestamp) about values that get pushed to Adafruit IO. You will have one feed for each type of data you send to the system. For example, if you have a project with temperature and humidity sensors, you [¦]

Make a Speedometer for your Bike with Arduino #Arduino

From Instructables user amandaghassaei Monitor your road speed using the Arduino. This project uses a magnetic switch (also called a reed switch) to measure the speed of one of the bike™s wheels.  The Arduino calculates the mph, and send this information out to the LCD screen on the handlebars as you ride.  It is compatible [¦]

FPGA-Powered Autonomous Search And Rescue Vehicles

Make a FPGA-powered autonomous search and rescue vehicles. via instructables This project represents an application for the 11-th (2015) edition of Digilent™s Design Contest, and consists of two mobile platforms. The theory behind its operation is that one of the platform performs the œsearch function, whilst the other the œrescue, as described in detail at [¦]

Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago Cosplay in Action

A few months ago I showcased Alodia Gosiengfiao™s tutorial on applying GoGo Tomago makeup. She wore the character™s everyday clothes but also built her bright yellow costume, complete with magnetic discs. Lyron Aquino helped her with the discs and Alodia posted a short video showing them in action as well as highlighting all the special [¦]

Kinetoscope: A multi-media graffti installation in the desert by Christina Angelina #ArtTuesday

Via Beautiful/Decay. In the middle of the California desert (Slab City) there is a pretty cool collaboration and installation work checking out. Graffiti artist Christina Angelina has teamed up with Ease One to work on a impressive, emotional project called Kinetoscope. Taking over an abandoned water tank in the middle of a dusty plain, they [¦]

Body Composition Analyzer

This project was created by Ameen Farwana and Mikail Siddiki for our Biomedical Instrumentation class at Vanderbilt University. We were assigned to build a body fat composition circuit using arduino. We sent an electrical current that is used to measure a difference in impedance between people with ...By: mikailsiddikiContinue Reading »

Automated Blood Pressure Cuff (Arduino Project)

The objective of this instructable is to create an automated blood pressure cuff using an Arduino Uno and simple electronic parts. This device will allow one to measure their mean arterial pressure (MAP) in about one minute. Previous Arduino coding and circuit design experience is not necessarily re...By: MatthewA4Continue Reading »

Multipurpose Activity Monitor

Log the activity and location of the user over a 24 hr period and present the data in a user-friendly form without interrupting your daily activities! The final product is similar to a FitBit or other fitness tracking products.An accelerometer is used to count the number of steps taken.A pulse senso...By: leej37Continue Reading »

Accelerometer-Controlled Pololu Zumo Car

This is a Biomedical Instrumentation Lab Project we did at Vanderbilt University. The idea was to create a system for a quadriplegic patient to control their wheel chair. The wheel chair was represented by a Pololu Zumo car. We accomplished steering by measuring head tilt with an accelerometer.Altho...By: ccocoem7Continue Reading »

Determining Body Composition using Arduino

The purpose of this circuit is to generate a constant current (~198 microAmps), which is sent through the body via two electrodes. The electrodes are placed on the opposite hand and ankle of the subject. Two more electrodes are placed in close proximity to the initial "current" electrodes, and will ...By: szhang23Continue Reading »

Activity Monitor

The goals of this project is to design a device using an Arduino Uno to measure a person™s activity level, specifically the number of steps a person takes, the duration of time of physical activity performed, and distance traveled. The monitor incorporates GPS data and a real-time clock to accuratel...By: cmu32Continue Reading »

Blood Pressure Monitor

For our Biomedical Instrumentation course, we created a blood pressure monitor. This blood pressure monitor measures the mean arterial pressure (MAP) and approximates the systolic and diastolic pressures. It requires the use of a pressure transducer, an Arduino Uno, and coding to control the valve ...By: LunesCuatroContinue Reading »


Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing services for all business of all sizes. If you leveraging the cloud to build your next dream cloud-connected machine or IoT device using Arduino or any hardware, you are at the right place. Front door bolt unlocker Smart home part 2: Driving relay t...By: amazonwebservicesContinue Reading »

Simple BAC Detector Device

Overall Goals:To build a working Blood Alcohol Concentration Analyzer using a Pt-electrode gas sensor that will measure alcohol in the breath to 10% accuracy. The circuit will also use an Arduino Uno, a LCD screen, and a Arduino shield that will receive the input from the sensor and convert it to bl...By: wieckopzContinue Reading »

IR Distance Sensors for Paraplegic Control

In this intstructable we designed a paraplegic control device with three IR LED photodiode coupler circuits. IR photocouplers can be used to detect how far away an object is. Infrared radiation is emitted from the LEDs. This radiation reflects of an object (such as the head) and is picked up by the ...By: RyburrContinue Reading »

Salvaging a NOKIA 3310 LCD and using it with Arduino

This instructable tells how to extract the LCD of defect handy Nokia 3310 and to modify it for use with Arduino.I had an old defect Nokia 3310 handy. It was not charging the battery. I wanted to throw it away, but to me came the idea, that the LCD could be used for some Arduino project. I decid...By: MilenContinue Reading »

Automated Intervalometer from a cheap shutter release Cable

Have you ever wanted to make one of those cool timelapse videos of a starry nighttime sky? I've wanted to be able to shoot one with my camera but never could make myself sit out in the mosquitoes all night pressing the shutter every "X" number of minutes. I have a simple manual remote shutter trigg...By: rahtContinue Reading »

home-made Heart Rate Monitor

We designed this heart rate monitor with several specifications in mind. First we wanted a mobile heart rate monitor that could record and store heart rates for 24 hours. Secondly, we wanted the heart rate monitor to be able to pick up the heart rate during normal movement and when the test subject ...By: kareyduaneContinue Reading »

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  1. Kinetoscope: A multi-media graffti installation in the desert by Christina Angelina #ArtTuesday
  2. Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago Cosplay in Action
  3. FPGA-Powered Autonomous Search And Rescue Vehicles
  4. Make a Speedometer for your Bike with Arduino #Arduino
  5. NEW TUTORIAL – Adafruit IO Basics: Feeds
  6. Powerwheels Racing Series in Detroit
  7. Interactive Software to Solve Crosstalk Problems
  8. Driving A Brushless DC Motor Sloooooooowly
  9. VCF East X: The World™s Largest USB Thumb Drive
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