Introducing the FleaFPGA Experimenterôs Board

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[Valentin] recently tipped us about an FPGA development board he just finished.†It is called the FleaFPGA and is aimed to get people interested in the world of Field Programmable Gate Arrays. One of the other reasons that also got [Valentin] to design his own board was that he was frustrated with the existing solutions, them being either too pricey or fairly spare in terms of connectivity.

The main components that you can see in the platform shown above are: a lattice MachX02-7000HE FPGA (6864LUTs), 256Mbits of SDRAM, a USB2.0 host port, a 4096-color VGA connector, a 3.5mm stereo ¶ Read the rest

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Description: Introducing the FleaFPGA Experimenterôs Board
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Maria Pristiwati
Item Reviewed: Introducing the FleaFPGA Experimenterôs Board

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