Universal Active Filters: Part 2

An easy way to conceptualize active filters is thinking about audio speakers. A speaker crossover has a low-pass, high-pass and band-pass effect breaking a signal into three components based upon frequency. In the previous part of this series I took that idea and applied it to a Universal Active Filter built with a single chip opamp based chip known as the UAF-42. By the way, it™s pretty much an older expensive chip, just one I picked out for demonstration.

Using a dual-ganged potentiometer, I was able to adjust the point at which frequencies are allowed to pass or be rejected. ¦read more

DIY RC Hovercraft Makes Batman Action Figure Envious

[Bauwser] had some spare RC Helicopter parts laying around and cobbled together an RC Hovercraft. It worked but not to his liking. That™s okay though, he know it was just a prototype for what was to come; a fully scratch built hovercraft with parts spec™ed out specifically to make it handle the way [Bauwser] wanted.

He started out by sketching out some cool faceted shapes that would both look good and be easy to construct. Sheets of a light but rigid foam were then cut into the appropriate shapes and glued together to create a three-dimensional body. The foam was ¦read more

A Camera With Computer Vision

Computer vision is a tricky thing to stuff into a small package, but last year™s Hackaday Prize had an especially interesting project make it into the 50 top finalists. The OpenMV is a tiny camera module with a powerful microcontroller that will detect faces, take a time-lapse, record movies, and detect specific markers or colors. Like a lot of the great projects featured in last year™s Hackaday Prize, this one made it to Kickstarter and is, by far, the least expensive computer vision module available today.

[Ibrahim] began this project more than a year ago when he realized simple serial ¦read more

10 Minute Cosplay Challenge

One reason that people can be afraid to try cosplay is because of concerns about not being screen accurate or śgoodť enough. Happily, that doesn™t matter. If you™re making an effort and having fun, you can cosplay at any level you™re comfortable with. You™ll gain knowledge about techniques and materials as you go along, and [¦]

Two million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online

AmericanRadioHistory.Com “ Documenting the History of Radio TV and FM broadcasting. Two million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online.

Tyler Cipriani’s “Toward a More Useful X Keyboard”

Have you ever spent hours on end thinking about keybindings?  Do you have a nearly inexplicable fascination with the minutiae of interface configuration?  Has anyone ever described an element of your personal computer as artisanal?  Maybe you and Tyler, who has thoughts on keybindings, would get along: I™m not sure when, exactly, it became clear [¦]

NEW PRODUCTS – 7.0″ 40-pin TFT Display – 800×480 – without / with Touchscreen

NEW PRODUCTS “ 7.0ł 40-pin TFT Display “ 800Ă—480 “ without / with Touchscreen 7.0ł 40-pin TFT Display “ 800Ă—480 without Touchscreen This version does not have touchscreen attached This 7.0ł TFT screen has lots of pixels, 800Ă—480 to be exact, and an LED backlight. Its great for when you need a lot of space [¦]

Wearable Electronics with Becky Stern 1/28/2015 – LIVE 2pm ET

Join Becky Stern and friends every week as we delve into the wonderful world of wearables, live on YouTube. We™ll answer your questions, announce a discount code for the Adafruit store, and explore wearable components, techniques, special materials, tools, and projects you can build at home! Ask your wearables questions in the comments, and if [¦]

Ringly Teardown (video) #WearableWednesday

Ringly is a bluetooth notification device build into a metal and stone cocktail ring. The light on the side flashes different colors when you get texts, emails, etc. and it buzzes to get your attention. You can customize the notifications using the Ringly app for iOS or Android. Read our full teardown on the Adafruit [¦]

NEW TUTORIAL: Pro Trinket Rotary Encoder

NEW TUTORIAL: Pro Trinket Rotary Encoder The Pro Trinket™s USB connector is used for uploading sketches, but the connector is not a full USB port due to lack of dedicated hardware. You can, though, use the connection to emulate some basic USB 1.1 devices via an Arduino software library presented in this tutorial. For example, [¦]

Cyborg Makeup Tutorials

Artists who can transform their appearance with makeup always impress me, and Elsa Rhae and Ashlea Henson are two such artists. I make it a point to keep up with their latest projects. I™ve featured both of them on the blog before, and they recently teamed up to work on a project together. They both [¦]

NEW PRODUCTS – PI Model B+ Case Bases – Red / Purple and Raspberry Pi Model B+ Case Lids – Red / Purple

NEW PRODUCTS “ PI Model B+ Case Bases “ Red / Purple and Raspberry Pi Model B+ Case Lids “ Red / Purple Now that we have The Single Greatest Raspberry Pi Model B+ Case Ever “ we decided to make it even better by adding COLORS!!!!! Mix and match snap-on lids and bases to [¦]

SHOW-AND-TELL Google+ LIVE Hangout! Wednesday night at 7:30pm ET 1/28/15 (video)

SHOW-AND-TELL Google+ LIVE Hangout! Wednesday night at 7:30pm ET 1/28/15 (video). Want to learn how to join the show and tell? Here™s how!

ASK AN ENGINEER – LIVE electronics video show! 8PM ET Wednesday night! 1/28/15 (video)

ASK AN ENGINEER “ LIVE electronics video show! 8PM ET Wednesday night! 1/28/15 (video). What is śAsk an engineerť? From the electronics enthusiast to the professional community “ śAsk an Engineerť has a little bit of everything for everyone. If you™re a beginner, or a seasoned engineer “ stop in and see what we™re up [¦]

Tiny Nametag

HI EVERYBODY! Today we will be making an electronic name tag Using the TinyDuino and the TinyShield Led Matrix. This is a very simple project that can be used to display any type of text, so lets get started! Materials Hardware aside, the Arduino IDE will be the first thing to download if you h...By: TinyCircuitsContinue Reading »

Boulder Mini Maker Faire: Boxwood Pinball, Kitables, Modular Robotics and More!

Hear ye, hear ye! The Boulder Mini Maker Faire is upon us, Jan 31 “ Feb 1, 2015! And that means that makers are streaming in from far and wide, bringing their awesomeness to share with all. Actually, they™ll do more than share “ oh yes, there will be doing. […]

Read more on MAKE

Detecting 3D Printed Guns and Other Highlights from the Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) occupies the site of the Liverpool Road Station, the world™s first railway station. It served as the Manchester terminus of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway (L&MR), an important route ferrying commercial and public traffic between these two key cities. Exhibits at MOSI include […]

Read more on MAKE

Listen To Music Composed By A Pillow

Hungarian design student Zsanett Szirmay and Hungarian cimbalom player Bálint Tárkány-Kovács turn traditional embroidery into musical compositions in a collaborative project called "Sound Weaving."

Read more on MAKE

Why It™s Good for Everyone When Your Makerspace Is More Inclusive

There is a rather large gender gap in the makerspace community; one that has mirrored the well-documented gaps in various STEM fields, and while some proactive spaces have increased their efforts to support inclusivity, it has proven to be an uphill battle for others. It’s achievable though, with many examples (such […]

Read more on MAKE

Long Exposure Thermal Photography

For apparently inexplicable reasons, the price of thermal imaging cameras has been dropping precipitously over the last few years, but there are still cool things you can do with infrared temperature sensors.

A few years ago “ and while he was still writing for us “ [Jeremy] came across an absurdly clever thermal imaging camera. Instead of expensive silicon, this thermal camera uses a flashlight with an RGB LED, a cheap IR temperature sensor, and a camera set up to take long exposures. By shining this flashlight/IR sensor around a dark room, a camera with a wide-open shutter can record ¦read more

Laser Trip Wire With Keypad Arming

Most of us have had a sibling that would sneak into our room to swipe a transistor, play your guitar or just mess with your stuff in general. Now there™s a way to be immediately alerted when said sibling crosses the line, literally. [Ronnie] built a laser trip wire complete with an LCD screen and keypad for arming and disarming the system.

The brains of the project is an Arduino. There™s a keypad for inputting pass codes and an LCD screen for communicating if the entered code is correct or not. [Ronnie] wrote his own program using the keypad.h, liquidcrystal.h ¦read more

Resurrecting Capcom™s Kabuki

About a dozen old Capcom arcade titles were designed to run on a custom CPU. It was called the Kabuki, and although most of the core was a standard Z80, a significant portion of the die was dedicated to security. The problem back then was arcade board clones, and when the power was removed from a Kabuki CPU, the memory contents of this security setup were lost, the game wouldn™t play, and 20 years later, people writing emulators were tearing their hair out.

Now that these games are decades old, the on-chip security for the Kabuki CPU is a problem ¦read more

Robo-fabric brings new dimension to wearable tech #WearableWednesday

Thanks to Rick for sending in this blog tip! Via DesignNews. Researchers have developed a new flexible fabric that integrates both movement and sensors, introducing new potential for technology-embedded clothing and soft robots. Whereas other materials developed for wearable technology and flexible robots focus on either flexible actuation or allowing for embedded sensors and electronics, [¦]

A Peek at Bitonti’s New Skins Workshop #WearableWednesday

We™ve covered Francis Bitonti™s amazing 3D printed fashions on our blog before, so I was super excited to find Rain Ashford™s blog post on Bitonti™s New Skins Workshop held in London. Rain is doing her PhD research on the use of wearables as a new form of non-verbal communication, so it is no surprise that she [¦]

Build your own felted inductively heated house shoes #WearableWednesday

These are the perfect shoes for sitting inside during a snow day! Via derwassi on Instructables. In this instructable I™ll show you how I solved the problem of my girlfriend having cold feet all the time. Because warm shoes fit perfectly to the coldest time of the year, those shoes will be her christmas present:-) [¦]

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  1. Cyborg Makeup Tutorials
  2. NEW TUTORIAL: Pro Trinket Rotary Encoder
  3. Ringly Teardown (video) #WearableWednesday
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