Build the Pennyloop UHF Antenna

The Pennyloop UHF antenna offers high performance in a very simple and cost effective design. It is also a very compact design lending itself well to a variety of mounting options and locations inside and outside. Outside will give the best performance. The antenna is about 18" tall and 9" wide. The...By: PennyloopContinue Reading »

Old lamp revamp! [DIY LED desklamp]

To be honest, this was suppose to be the first step to an EE workshop setup 'ible, but it came out so cool - I had no patience to not publish it immediately. This said, there will be more instructables on acquiring/making electronic tools in the near future.What we have: an old desklamp made in USSR...By: silentbogoContinue Reading »

Retro Edition: VCF East, April 17 “ 19

Around this time last year we were planning our trip to the Vintage Computer Festival East in Wall, NJ. This year we™re doing it all over again, and according to the announcements coming out of the planning committee, it™s going to be a very, very cool event.

This year marks fifty years since the release of the PDP-8, regarded as the first commercially successful computer ever. The historic Straight-8 from the infamous RESISTORS has been restored over the past few months, and it™s going to be turned on again for the festival. There will also be a half a dozen ¦read more

Automated Pocky Dispenser

Sometimes, along comes a build project that is not so much a fail, as how not to do it. First off, some of us here had to look up what a Pocky is, never having heard, seen or tasted one “ seriously. Once satisfied, we turned our attention to [Michael]™s Automated Pocky Dispenser. Took a while for us to figure out if it™s useful or not. But it™s a fun, quick project that [Michael] put together in around an hour using parts lying around in his office.

For those of you who™d like to know, a Pocky is a chocolate-coated ¦read more

Hackaday Links: March 1, 2015

The somewhat regular Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic was a few days ago in San Francisco. Here™s the video to prove it. Highlights include [James Whong] from Moooshimeter, the two-input multimeter, [Mark Garrison] from Saleae, and a half-dozen other people giving talks on how to develop hardware.

[Taylor] made a portable NES with a retron, a new-ish NES clone that somehow fits entirely in a glop top IC. The controllers sucked, but [Taylor] made a new one with touch sensors. All that was required was eight transistors. The enclosure is an Altoid tin, and everything works great.

Here™s a YouTube channel ¦read more

Return of the Hobbyist @EEJournalTFM #makerbusiness

Return of the Hobbyist. ¦ Adafruit One name that regularly crops up in the list of accessories for boards is Adafruit Industries. The company was founded by Limor Fried, who is an electrical engineer and a strong open source advocate. She has built a company that, as well as selling add-ons for Raspberry Pi, Arduino [¦]

Maker Fest – Saturday, 14 March 2015

You are invited to celebrate the most irrational day of the year “ Pi Day “ with AFRL™s first Maker Fest! This event is free and open to the community. Bring your DIY/Raspberry Pi/Arduino/other projects and curiosity to learn. Have a Project/Talk/Tutorial idea? Please submit it here and we will contact you within 1-2 business [¦]

Sensorino wireless home lighting with Arduino

Home automation exists for a while (since the 90's?) and has been quite expensive but with the advent of Arduino and above all cheap sensors, relays, other components from Ebay there's no longer any inherent reason for a maker not to automate their home. There might be no major reason for you to ne...By: balrog-k1nContinue Reading »

Arduino heating fan controler + CO alarm

here's my setup;wood stove with a blower in the back and a house fan in the ceiling above that shoots hot air into the 2nd floor. i needed to automate the fans ON/OFF, no need to run them when there is only cold air to more (in the winter). also, i wanted to have a CO detector, the sensor shield is ...By: habitantqContinue Reading »

Toy to Obstacle Avoider

I paid our local second-hand store a visit and found a few toys which I thought could be made into some autonomous robot. I paid special attention to the tank because I thought it would be really easy to control with the tracks.It took me a while to get it going because I am still learning the basic...By: eberhard1Continue Reading »

At Home simulator and alarm with "Arduino"/Atmega328

I am publishing this already at request of some people who wanted to start with building it. Although I have two working prototypes in operation for resp 5 and 2 mo, I am still adding to it and this instructable will therefore be expanded and a bit more polished. What I built on the breadboard is ...By: diy_blokeContinue Reading »

Print This Adorable Two-Wheeled, Self-Balancing Robot

We have seen a lot of great self-balancing robots over the past few years, but few of them have the same level of finish as the new EddiePlus. EddiePlus is an Intel Edison powered (get it Eddie/Edison) 3D printable robot. Eddie features rotary encoders on his wheels, a backpack to […]

Read more on MAKE

Deadline to Enter the PSoC Pioneer Challenge Extended

Latest #PSoCMaker News: The deadline to enter the PSoC Pioneer Challenge is now April 6, 2015 (11:59pm PDT). One lucky maker will win $2,500 for travel to Maker Faire Bay Area in May. Read more to find out about this unique contest or purchase a PSoC 4 BLE kit with our special discount link.

Read more on MAKE

Modern Continuity Tester

Modern Continuity Tester is a tool so that you can verify the continuity in the circuits that you do, and it´s imperative that the voltage usage be from 5V to 12VDC for avoiding accidents. This project is based in an LM358, a LED for monitoring its result, and a trimmer of 5K for adjusting it. With ...By: braulio777Continue Reading »

Volt Stick LED Mod

The Fluke volt stick 1AC-E II has a been a part of my every day carry for the last few years. Its reliable, easy to replace batteries and if need be the device is available at many shops. Its also easy to carry and has only simple modes; ON, OFF or SILENT.I did however look into their other models, ...By: kosborne2Continue Reading »


In this instructable you will be able to make a continuity tester for less than 50 cents INTRODUCTION In electronics a continuity tester is a very crucial tool. It helps you to troubleshoot your circuit and find faults in it.The basic idea is that the device consists of two probes which when come...By: PaurushTheMakerContinue Reading »

Putting Oculus Rift on a Robot

Many of the early applications for the much anticipated Oculus Rift VR rig have been in gaming. But it™s interesting to see some more useful applications besides gaming, before it™s commercial release sometime this year. [JoLau] at the Institute i4Ds of FHNW School of Engineering wanted to go a step beyond rendering virtual worlds. So he built the Intuitive Rift Explorer a.k.a IRE. The IRE is a moving reality system consisting of a gimbaled stereo-vision camera rig transmitting video to the Rift, and matching head movements received from the Oculus Rift. The vision platform is mounted on a Remote-controlled robot ¦read more

Cardboard CNC Machine Boxes Up both a Tool and a Framework

Want to build up a desktop CNC machine without breaking your pocketbook? [James Coleman], [Nadya Peek], and [Ilan Moyer] of MIT Media Labs have cooked up a modular cardboard CNC that gives you the backbone from which you can design your own machine.

The CNC build comprises of design instructions for a single axis linear stage and single axis rotary stage with several ideas on how to combine multiple of these axes together to construct a particular machine. Whether your milling wood, laser-engraving your desk, or pipetting your bacteria samples, the designs [Dropbox] and physical components can be adopted for ¦read more

Reverse Engineering Wireless Temperature Probes

[bhunting] lives right up against the Rockies, and for a while he™s wanted to measure the temperature variations against the inside of his hour against the temperature swings outside. The sensible way to do this would be to put a few wireless temperature-logging probes around the house, and log all that data with a computer. A temperature sensor, microcontroller, wireless module, battery, case, and miscellaneous parts meant each node in the sensor grid would cost about $10. The other day, [bhunting] came across the exact same thing in the clearance bin of Walmart “ $10 for a wireless temperature sensor, ¦read more

Adafruit March printable calendar is here! (PDF).

The Adafruit March printable calendar is here! (PDF) “ enjoy

Bridging the Gap #makerbusiness

Schiit Happened: The Story of the World™s Most Improbable Start-Up “ Page 357. Bridging the Gap “ good article- Okay, enough about business. Let™s take a look at a much bigger question, one that™s been prompted by the furor surrounding the introduction of Neil Young™s Pono player.   In case you haven™t been following it, [¦]

Colin Batty’s Sci-Fi Portraiture #SciFiSunday

The Guardian posted a few of Colin Batty˜s wonderful sci-fi portraits. See more of his work here! Colin Batty™s interest in the bizarre stems from a childhood love of sci-fi. œThe kids who weren™t good at sports would spend a lot of time on their own, he says. œSo I got into outsider stuff, like [¦]

Why our science fiction needs new dreams #SciFiSunday

Last year, Slate posted this piece as a part of a conversation with the new book Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future, which is an anthology that proposes a revitalization of the science fiction landscape for the sake of real science. Why are all our narratives about the future 50 years old? We [¦]

Artificial Intelligence Goes to the Arcade

Artificial Intelligence Goes to the Arcade by Nicola Twilley of The New Yorker. A shaky video, recorded with a mobile phone and smuggled out of the inaugural First Day of Tomorrow technology conference, in April, 2014, shows an artificially intelligent computer program in its first encounter with Breakout, the classic Atari arcade game. Prototyped in [¦]

How Lucid Dreaming Can Improve Your Waking Life

Michael Grothaus from Fast Company writes how lucid dreaming can improve your waking life. My initial urge is to believe everyone in this room is insane. Or at least willfully delusional. I™m sitting in circle with about 20 people; men, women, some young, some old. Some look like hippies, some look like middle managers at [¦]

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