Ben Heck's Intel Galileo Bar Brawlin' Bots

Ben decides it™s time to create a brawling robot game he™s wanted to build for a while. He builds mechanical robots and uses servos to make them punch as well as move side to side. The servos are hooked up to the Intel Galileo board that is serving up a webpage with controls that can be accessed on ...By: TheBenHeckShowContinue Reading »

Think Before You Measure “ Old Test Gear and Why It Is Awesome

Good, workable test gear is key to enabling our hobby. In this post we will discuss where to procure it at rock-bottom prices, what to look for, how to fix it, and how to tailor your laboratory practices around gear that may not be reliable.

We are lucky to be living in an era with plentiful high-quality test gear. Since the Second World War, surplus test gear has been in abundance at low costs enabling hobbyists, innovators, and academics to experiment and build great things. If you are willing to think before you measure you can save serious amounts of ¦ Read the rest

Hackaday Munich Speaker: Sprite_TM

Plans for Hackaday Munich are coming along quite nicely. Today we™re happy to announce that [Sprite_TM] will be speaking at the event. Click that link above and make sure you get your tickets for November 13th. You can do some hands-on hacking at the Embedded Hardware Workshop, hear the talks, find out which of the five finalists will be the grand prize winner, and enjoy The Hackaday Prize Party along with the Hackaday crew.

You may also know [Sprite_TM] as [Jeroen Domburg], one of the judges for The Hackaday Prize. That™s him on the left in the image ¦ Read the rest

The Internet of Things Chip Gets a New Spectrum

Last year we learned about Weightless, an Internet of Things chip that solves all the problems of current wireless solutions. It™s low power and has a 10-year battery life (one AA cell), the hardware should cost around $2 per module, and the range of the Weightless devices range from 5+km in urban environments to 20-30km in rural environments. There haven™t been many public announcements from the Weightless SIG since the specification was announced, but today they™re announcing Weightless will include an additional spectrum, the 868/915 MHz ISM spectrum.

The original plan for Weightless was to use the spectrum left ¦ Read the rest

From the Forums: NeoPixel Shield with Windows Phone #NeoPixels

Rishi shared a NeoPixel Shield with Windows Phone on the Adafruit Forums! ¦Here is one of my weekend projects where i hook up a NeoPixel Shield over a EzLink BT shield from Adafruit using an Arduino. The color of each individual neopixel is controlled by my Windows phone¦ This is something that i wanted to [¦]

EL Wire Marvin the Martian Costume #ElectronicHalloween

Most Halloween festivities take place at night, and you want to make sure all the hard work you put into your costume can be seen “ that makes using EL wire a fantastic idea. Instructables user richardsonmeg10 used EL wire to become a glowing Marvin the Martian. She thinks simple shapes like cartoons work best, [¦]

TAME is a ceramic furniture series based on wild animals

These sculptures from artist Edit Szabo are inspired by wild animals that have been tamed. via designboom: the collection offers a refreshing variation to mass-produced furnishings in refined sculptures. the many possible arrangements of the organic furniture forms recall wild animals that have been tamed. produced in small runs, the pieces are made of long-lasting, [¦]

Glowing Orbs Reveal GPS Strength Wherever You Take Them

Via Wired. Timo Arnall is something of a magician: The designer is very good at making the invisible visible. In the past six years, he™s turned Wi-Fi signals into light paintings, visualized RFID signals as as glowing drawings, and he™s gone behind the scenes at one of the world™s largest server farms. Now, in a [¦]

This gun makes and fires paper airplanes

Via Popular Science. Sometimes, a person accomplishes something so great, so revolutionary, that all they can do is smile as wide as humanly possible and show off the thing. This paper airplane gun, crafted by a 3-D printing and paper airplane enthusiast, is such a device. Wordlessly, the operator fires a series of paper airplanes. [¦]

All in One Aquarium Feeder Box Powered by Arduino

Check out this aquarium feeder project from Brian Laebens on instructables! Picture of The all in one box aquarium feeder Hi i am Brian from Belgium For several years now i owning a large 400 liter aquarium.i was always fasinated by fish in all colors and shapes.keeping fish happy wil require a bit keeping [¦]

Halloween Silly String Surprise #ElectronicHalloween

Check out this awesome Halloween Silly String Surprise project from Lewis at MAKE! Read more here! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Each weekday this month we™ll be bringing you ideas and projects for an Electronic Halloween! Expect wearables, hacks & mods, costumes and more here on the Adafruit blog! Working on a project for Halloween this year? Share [¦]

How to make mathematically precise pancakes

Via io9. So this is fun. For the past few months, śillustrator, math teacher, and professional dadť Nathan Shields has been perfecting the design on a pan-mounted apparatus that lets his family make spirographic pancakes (aka śspirocakesť). Shields has been documenting his incremental progress through photos and YouTube videos. Above and below are two recent [¦]

36 Playtime Products That’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

For their annual Design Life issue, WIRED has put together a list of the most geeked-out and best-designed products around: The work week is finally finished”it™s time to have some fun. But not all fun is designed equally. For our annual DesignLife special issue, we™ve gathered 36 of the coolest gadgets, games and home wares [¦]

Petit Computer and SmileBASIC: Program BASIC on Nintendo DSi & 3DS

  Petit Computer and SmileBASIC are two fun looking applications that let you program a Nintendo DSi or 3DS handheld in BASIC!  Both were created by SmileBoom and are distributed in Nintendo™s eShop.  You can check out Petit Computer on the DSi today, and SmileBASIC on the 3DS later in 2015.  These bring back fond memories of [¦]

TFT-LCD Production Process Explained

LG Display has an excellent article on how they build TFT LCD displays.  Check it out for a fun and interesting look at how millions of transistors are built up layer by layer to form a finished display: Ever wondered how the TV and monitor displays you use every day work? The TFT-LCD manufacturing process [¦]

Adafruit’s Ecosystem of Innovation @othermachine #manufacturing

Adafruit™s Ecosystem of Innovation @ Other Machine Co.. Roughly three months ago, Fried added an Othermill to Adafruit™s workshop and says, śOur testing procedure is much faster now. We can design and revise our circuit boards in-house within hours instead of weeks.ť Adafruit backed Othermill™s Kickstarter campaign and promoted it to their community the very [¦]

Confessions of a Hardware Startup by @mikeestee #makerbusiness #manufacturing

Confessions of a Hardware Startup. It has often been said that the hardware business is hard. Over the last two years, my team and I have been learning just how hard it can be. Our company makes a portable, precise milling machine for the maker, DIY, design, and small-batch manufacturing markets. It™s called the Othermill, [¦]


NEW PRODUCT “ SEGGER J-Link BASE “ JTAG/SWD Debugger The SEGGER J-Link BASE is identical to the cheaper J-Link EDU model except for the terms of use. If you™re going to use your debugger strictly for personal, non-commercial projects, such as publishing open source designs that you™re not selling, then you should get the EDU [¦]

The NRF24L01 Wireless Motor Speed Control System with Arduino

ICStation team introduce you the NRF24L01 Wireless Motor Speed Control System.This system works under DC 5V voltage. It uses the NRF24L01 Wireless Module to transmit speed control data and the Hall Sensor to detect the real rotate speed. This design uses the PWM duty cycle to modulate and realize t...By: ICStationContinue Reading »

Your Baby is under control with Linino

We imagined a system for controlling the sleep of an infant, through the use of a number of sensors that now describe.A flex sensor place in the cradle, monitors the movements and an sound sensor measures the intensity of the cries. Everything is kept under control from a web page which will alert u...By: DjandoContinue Reading »

Build your paper touch TV reomte control using arduino

Hello every one,i am vigneshraja. i did this project for fun. i thought if my tv remote become touch i made this project by combining the IR remote library and capacitive touch library of arduino.for touch buttons i use paper pieces that is sketch by my project video here to s...By: vigneshrajaContinue Reading »

How to Make a Jar of Fireflies

Do you want to travel to the mysteriously glowing woods filled with fireflies buzzing thought the night? Make your very own Jar of Fireflies! This object could function as a nightlight or centerpiece for an indoor or outdoor table-setting. It turns on and off with the twist of the lid. It is for any...By: NicoleS3Continue Reading »

Tiny electric ukulele

This tutorial teaches you how to make the world's smallest (and probably only) capacitance-piezo-buzzer ukulele.A ukulele is an instrument from Hawaii that looks like a small guitar with four nylon strings. Our strings will be made of wire and work by measuring the capacitance and then play the corr...By: simsalapimContinue Reading »

Halloween Pirate Shipwreck Yard Display

This incredible Halloween yard display featuring a full-sized pirate ghost ship wreck with a house in Lorain, Ohio, certainly makes my timbers shiver...with admiration.

Read more on MAKE

How To Draw Dancing Mushrooms With An Oscilloscope

Austrian musician Jerobeam Fenderson performs animations using oscilloscopes, and in this video demonstrates how to draw a mushroom on screen. Or a couple of mushrooms. Or a field of mushrooms!

Read more on MAKE

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