Room Temperature Sensor (Automation)

"Abstract: Measure the temperature with one or more LM35DZ or DS18B20 temperature sensors, and then publishes the result when the value changes or every 20min. There is also a alarm function when the value goes higher/lower than the alarm limits."

Hacklet #13 “ Chopper Royalty

This week™s Hacklet focuses on two wheeled thunder! By that we mean some of the motorcycle and scooter projects on

We™re going to ease into this Hacklet with [greg duck's] Honda Sky Restoration. Greg is giving a neglected 15-year-old scooter some love, with hopes of bringing it back to its former glory. The scooter has a pair of stuck brakes, a hole rusted into its frame, a stuck clutch, and a deceased battery, among other issues. [Greg] already stripped the body panels off and got the rear brake freed up. There is still quite a bit of ¦ Read the rest

THP Semifinalist: Level, The Ultrawideband Radio Module

When you start looking into the Internet of Things, the first thing you realize is that despite there being grand ideas for Internet connected everything, nobody knows how these things will actually connect to the Internet. There are hundreds of different radio protocols being pushed, and dozens of networking schemes currently in development. The solution to this is a radio module that can do them all, talking to all these modules and serving them up to the Internet. This is the idea of [Hunter Scott]˜s Level, a radio module with a frequency range of 30 MHz to 4.4 GHz. ¦ Read the rest

Google[x]˜s Project Wing

Autonomous delivery is the way of the future. Soon, flocks of flying hover crafts will glide through the air like acrobatic birds of flight bringing home items to those who need them. Whether those objects be food, or electronics, or clothes, pretty much anything under the weight limit of these devices can be sent to people anywhere nearby.

Now, Google has stepped into the ring saying that they are interested in delivering products to individuals in the next few years through an innovation they are calling Project Wing. It aspires to reduce the fiction of moving things around. Google released ¦ Read the rest

Adafruit hackerspace spotlight from this week ” North America

Adafruit supplies hundreds of hackerspaces and makerspaces around the world with tutorials and great electronics (with great discounts!). We also have a series of articles on how to start your own hackerspace by Eric Michaud. We™re celebrating all of them on the Adafruit blog! Here are the hackerspaces from North America that were on our spotlight this week: Black Lodge [¦]

Fridge hacking guide: converting a fridge for fermenting beer #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

The BrewPi crew created a guide on how to convert a fridge into a Raspberry Pi and Arduino controlled fermentation chamber. (via hackaday) We (Koen and Elco) recently converted a Koen™s fridge into a BrewPi fermentation chamber and made a lot of photos of the progress. This guide will show you various options to convert [¦]

Project GamePi: Raspberry Pi based portable game console #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Project GamePi: Raspberry Pi based portable game console Hope you™re well. In this weeks episode of ˜Weird Electronic Devices You Can Make In Your Own Home™, we™ll be diving into a Raspberry Pi based handheld inside of a Game Boy (DMG). My inspiration to pick this one up was seeing the awesome SuperPiBoy, as well [¦]

New Products 8/27/2014 (video)

New Products 8/27/2014 (video) Adafruit Pro Trinket “ (0:05)  Adafruit Pro Trinket “ 3V 12MHz (0:05)  Panavise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Camera Mount (3:44)  Mini Solderless Breadboard “ 2×8 Points (5:20)  Mini Solderless Breadboard “ 2×4 Points (5:20)  We have filament! See all the filament products (7:35)  Adafruit Proto Shield for Arduino Kit “ Stackable Version R3 [¦]

Interview with Becky Stern of Adafruit @ohsummit

Becky Stern of Adafruit speaking this year!. Becky Stern is a firewalker! She created the Firewalker LED Sneakers, which use wearable sensors to make a light show as you walk. As Director of Wearable Electronics at Adafruit in New York City, Becky blends art, technology and traditional crafts like knitting and jewelry-making for a living. Her [¦]

Ben Heck’s DIY Cell using @adafruit FONA ! @benheck

Ben decides to go back to a simpler time before smartphones by building a DIY basic cell phone. He uses the Adafruit FONA as the foundation of the project along with a keyboard, battery, OLED, and microcontroller. Ben programs the MCU to be the brains of his phone project. Ben get all the pieces working [¦]

IBM’s 1937 corporate songbook

IBM™s 1937 corporate songbook via BoingBoing. ¦With I.B.M. machines,¨We™ve got the finest means,¨For brightly painting the clouds with sunshine. ”from œPainting the Clouds with Sunshine

Layer Cam: A lensless tourist camera in a Tupperware box #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Super awesome Layer Cam project! Why are you taking this picture? It™s already on the Internet! 28 million of people visit Paris every year, taking dozens of pictures each. Every building, every statue has been captured, under every sky and every light. Because billions of pictures of the Eiffel tower have been taken, I am [¦]

@adafruit @YouTube channel stats and our new /shows section!

Here is our latest stats “ we get asked about these a lot, so here ya go! We also made a new page with all our shows. Thank you so much everyone out there who watches, shares, subscribes and comments on our videos! Overview 10,810,198 views (8/29/2014 2pm ET) 77,847 subscribers 906 videos Key [¦]

A videogame about the difficulties of developing a videogame

Development Hell: The Video Game @ Polygon The wearisome nuances of programming are fairly obvious, but œThe Magic Circle also focuses on the creative aspect of development. It explores the unavoidable problems that arise when a variety of different game makers try to reconcile their distinct visions. You see black and white environments that look like placeholder art, and you play by running [¦]

ElectriCute – Conductive Velcro-style Hook and Loop @RobotGirlfriend & @NorthAllenPoole @sparkfun

Conductive Velcro-style Hook and Loop!

Community Corner “ August 29, 2014: The Featured Projects from this Week

Featured Adafruit Google+ Community Project (Note: Google+ login required.) Check out this entrancing two way mirror project from Jason Nichols! This is a two way mirror with NeoPixels shining through it. I used three 24 LED rings. There is a layer of white acrylic between the pixels and the two way mirror to diffuse the [¦]

Inflating Ballons Over the Internet with the Help of a Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi

In this project from coda collective, participants inflated balloons over the internet (as well as in person by using a push-button) with the help of a raspberry pi to raise awareness for housing reform! Inflate a ballon with helium by a push of a big red button or over the internet, in real time! 1000 [¦]

Make An Interior Purse Light With LED Sequins #AdafruitWeekendProject

Trying to find something in your purse at a dark restaurant or party? What a pain! Make it easy to see what™s in your bag with LED sequins, GEMMA, and conductive hook & loop (aka Velcro). This beginner level e-textiles project has you sewing with conductive thread and loading a simple Arduino program onto the [¦]

Adafruit distributer spotlight from this week ” Europe

   Watterott Electronic ” Germany Proto-Pic ” United Kingdom Flikto Elektronik” Germany  Play-Zone” Switzerland MC Hobby - Belgium Pimornoi ” United Kingdom  Makersify ” UK Lextronic ” France These are just some of our distributors in Europe, make sure to visit the Adafruit distributor page to view them all! We will be spotlighting Adafruit resellers from around the world on a regular basis! Would you like to be [¦]

Making Belle’s Ball Gown is a Tale as Old as Time

Belle™s yellow ball gown is one of the prettiest and most elaborate dresses in animation. It has a lot of tricky pieces, but Meow About Cosplay rose to the challenge “ after she felt her skill level was high enough to make the bodice and ruched skirt. She worked on the dress for about a [¦]

The Issue | LED Tricks: Gamma Correction

The Issue LED Tricks: Gamma Correction @ The Adafruit Learning System. You™re trying to program some cool LED effect but keep getting these weird not-quite-right colors. Maybe you™re trying to mix orange (say 100% red, 50% green) but the LEDs show yellowinstead. What gives? An LED driver IC ” the œsmarts inside NeoPixels and other [¦]

NEW PRODUCTS РNinja Pibow / Timber Pibow / Pibow Coup̩ / Rainbow Pibow РEnclosures for Raspberry Pi Model B+

NEW PRODUCTS “ Ninja Pibow / Timber Pibow / Pibow Coupé / Rainbow Pibow “ Enclosures for Raspberry Pi Model B+ Clad your B+ in Ninja Black, Timber elegant wood, Coupé™s hot-chili red, or Rainbow with these Pibow Enclosures for the Raspberry Pi Model B+! The Ninja Pibow is a night black case for your [¦]

WS2812 and WS2811 Comparison

The WS2812 are addressable RGB LEDs. They are easy to use when creating a huge LED project. Here are some things that you should know about them before proceeding with your project. Difference The WS2812 neopixel has 6 pins and six internal pads while the WS2812B neopixel has 4 pins and 4 i...By: yhtomitsyContinue Reading »

Right to Repair

Ten years ago, I started iFixit, the world™s free online repair manual. Our goal is to teach everyone how to fix the stuff they own ” whether it™s laptops, snowboards, toys, or clothes. And we™re not alone. iFixit is part of a global network of fixers trying to make the stuff we own last forever.

Read more on MAKE

Game of Drones Flying at the Faires

Game of Drones co-founders Marque and Eli will be presenting drone combat and related aerial sports at World Maker Faire in New York.

Read more on MAKE

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