The internet of trees makes smart birdhouses using Arduino Yùn

The connected birdhouse is a project prototyped during a workshop ran by Massimo Banzi at Boisbuchet, last August in France.It was developed using Arduino Yùn, by Valentina Chinnici, who shared with us the project,and two other students taking part tothe week of learning-by-doing around the theme oftheInternet of Trees. Theyredesigneda traditional object, a wooden birdhouse []

New Project: Open Source Bluetooth Door Lock

Ever been looking for your keys, and wanted to call them, before you realize that they are hideously analog pieces of metal? Or wanted to let someone into your house when youre not at home, without having to lend them your keys? Lockitron was the solution that descended from hardware […]

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Orlandos Maker Magic

Orlando’sgot Disney’s Magic Kingdom and the Magic NBA team, and this past weekend Orlando had makers doing their own magic at a two-day Maker Faire at the Orlando Science Center. A collaboration between the science center and the community-based Maker Effect Foundation, the Orlando Maker Faire is the first […]

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Using an Arduino to charge a DS lite

This instructable is for charging a ds lite using an Arduino and two wires. This is also my first instructable, so it may not be as good as possible. :) NOTICE: I am not responsible for any damage done to your ds, please work carefully and check to make sure all is as supposed to be. What you'll ...By: JfieldcapContinue Reading

How To Solder

The purpose of this instructables is to teach someone how to solder, to make the soldered joint an example of good soldering, and to solder very safely. You might think that there is an excessive amount of steps for soldering, and while I agree, the goal here is for you to solder safely, not rapidly...By: IkjooContinue Reading

30 Years later TED finds his voice: A Commodore Story Part II

[Continued from30 Years later TED finds his voice: A Commodore Story Part I]

Like parents standing on the porch waiting to see theirchildren off to their first day of school we waited for what comes next in a release to production. Among our children: The C116 ($49 Sinclair killer), the C264 ($79 office computer), and the V364 The computer with an interactive desktop that could speak(courtesy of [John Fegans] who gave us the lions share of what made the C64 software great).

Something happened then, and by something I mean nothing. Read the rest

Afroman Demonstrates Boost Converters

If you need to regulate your power input down to a reasonable voltage for a project, you reach for a switching regulator, or failing that, an inefficient linear regulator. What if you need to boost the voltage inside a project?Its boost converter time, and Afrotechmods is here to show you how they work.

In its simplest form, a boost converter can be built from only an inductor, a diode, a capacitor, and a transistor. By switching the transistor on and off with varying duty cycles, energy is stored in the inductor, and then sent straight to the capacitor. Read the rest

Low Cost Lab Frequency Reference

[Mark] wanted an accurate frequency reference for his electronics lab. He specified some requirements for the project, including portability, ability to work inside a building, and low cost. That ruled out GPS, cesium standard clocks, rubidium standard clocks, and left him looking for a low cost Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO).

The Low Cost 10 MHz Frequency Referenceis based around aMorion OCXO. These Russian oscillators are available from eBay second hand at about $40 a pop. With a stability well within the requirements, [Mark] order a few.

The next step was to stick all the components in a Read the rest

Hack ‘n’ Slash – a hacking video game

Hack n Slash. Hack n Slash is a puzzle action game about hacking reprogram object properties, hijack global variables, hack creature behavior, and even rewrite the games code. The only way to win is not to playby the rules! This is really cool.

Arduino Phone Book Tutorial

Check out this tutorial and learn how to make an arduino powered phone book! From Gigi Butbaia on instructables: Ever wanted to have a Phone Book, controlled using a microcontroller, which is very easy to use, and you can use it while talking on phone, and is saving data on SD Card? then this instructable []

Building Pulse & Bloom: an interactive biofeedback installation at Burning Man 2014 #BurningMan2014

Thanks so much to Sam for sending in info about this awesome burning man project! Its truly impressive. He writes: Pulse & Bloom is a 2014 honorarium art installation at Burning Man 2014. We built 20 interactive lotus flowers made out of steel and rowlux. Each lotus flower ranges from 8 to 18 feet tall, []

Microsoft will acquire Mojang for $2.5 billion

Microsoft will acquire Mojang for $2.5 billion. Microsoft Corp. today announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Mojang, the celebrated Stockholm-based game developer, and the companys iconic Minecraft franchise. The Mojang team will join Microsoft Studios, which includes the studios behind global blockbuster franchises Halo, Forza, Fable and more. Microsofts investments in cloud and []

Googles Autonomous Car Passes Self-Driving Test #drone #droneday shares how googles self driving cars passed the U.S. State Self-Driving Test: What has not been revealed until now, however, is that Google chose the test route and set limits on the road and weather conditions that the vehicle could encounter, and that its engineers had to take control of the car twice during []

Using an Arduino to get iOS notifications #Ardunio

Thanks to Luke for sending in his useful project! View more info on it over at his blog. One of the few things I really like about my Blackberry was the red blinky light that let me know if anything new happened. The iPhone is a great device, but it is easy miss that you []

Pokémon Scyther Costume

Cosplayer Shayna Polomchak, a.k.a. Termina Cosplay, has been a fan of the Pokémon Scyther since generation one. The bug-like creature looks a little like a cricket, and Polomchak came up with a creative design to translate the bugs look to a human costume. She made the armor and blades from Worbla, and the wings were []

One PCB to Ruler Them All…

It was at the mouth of the Thornwattle Caves that Greylon found the ruler. He was chasing a rabbit through the forest when he stepped outside the Beckinswallow limits and stumbled upon the abandoned mine. He remembered stories from his childhood about a Martlenancer emerging from the caves and putting an end to the regions []

Electronic 2013 Advent Calendar

Conrad Electronic 2013 Advent Calendar from via Star. Forget those boring chocolate-filled advent calendars! Why not opting for brand-new and innovative experiments instead that make the build-up to Christmas 2013 great fun? Every day, behind one of these little doors, theres an electronic component waiting which comes with full instructions and doesnt require any []

From the Forums: RGB 7 Segment LED backpack and library

boxysean shared an RGB 7 Segment LED backpack and library on the Adafruit Forums: I wanted to share a little backpack PCB and library I made for the RGB 7 Segment, see my quick video. Here is all the source! Thanks Adafruit! Read More. RGB 7-Segment Digit 1 Tall Digit: That photo isnt a []

MIT Robotic Cheetah (video)

MIT Robotic Cheetah (video). MIT researchers have developed an algorithm for bounding that theyve successfully implemented in a robotic cheetah. The key to the bounding algorithm is in programming each of the robots legs to exert a certain amount of force in the split second during which it hits the ground, in order to maintain []

Software Creates One Picture That Says It All

SmithsonianMag published a story on new software developed by researchers at UC Berkeley that averages image collections into one result: Last month, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley unveiled new software, AverageExplorer, that will allow users to see the average image that represents what theyre looking for. Rather than a picture worth a thousand []

Full size Dalek robot made with Arduino and Adafruit Wave Shield #DrWho #arduino

Thanks to Andy for sending in this awesome Dalek project! Read more on his blog here. Soon after finishing my one-fifth scale Dalek Robot, I started work on a full size Dalek. This one is made from a combination of plywood, cardboard, PVC plumbing and acrylic Christmas decorations plus a good deal of duct tape []

ASK AN ENGINEER 9/17/14 8pm ET – Special guest – Mike Barela author of Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket (video)

Special guest Mike Barela! Author of Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket 15 Projects with the Low-Cost AVR ATtiny85 Board. Arduinos ubiquity and simplicity has led to a gigantic surge in the use of microcontrollers to build programmable electronics project. Despite the low cost of Arduino, youre still committing about $30 worth of hardware []

Artist Kevin Weir Creates Ghostly Animated GIFs Using Archival Photos from the Library of Congress

(via Colossal) Art director and designer Kevin Weir uses historical black and white photographs forgotten to time as the basis for his quirkyand slightly disturbinganimated GIFs. His path to online GIF superstardom began when he was in high school. He tells us that my parents boss bought me a copy of Photoshop and I decided []

New book about Ada Lovelace claims she foresaw the computer age #WomenInSTEM #ALD

Express has a piece on a new book on Ada Lovelace. Read the full article here. Lord Byron never knew his daughter, Ada. Born in December 1815, she was a month old when the poets wife Annabella (neé Milbanke), left him. Not long after he fled the country to escape his debts yet he immortalised []

The engine for the original “Doom” is being used to design buildings

Doom is the gift that keeps on giving. The original 1993 game rendered a 3D space from a 2D floor plan, and thats what ICE does as well. ICE works with industry-standard design software like AutoCAD, and allows engineers to create a virtual mock-up of a room, including underlying building features such as pipes and []

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